7 Mistakes to avoid while hiring a dedicated team of .NET developers online

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They say one learns from mistakes, which lets one achieve better results. However, abiding by this saying while hiring your ASP.NET Developers can cause unnecessary trouble.

Hiring developers for your project is something you can not afford to treat carelessly. The reason is that it weakens the foundation of your app development from the get-go itself.

Almost every employer knows they must assess their candidates' hard and soft skills. And in doing so, they tend to fail to recognize a few possible mistakes they might unknowingly make.

We know how much trouble can befall you if you make those mistakes. 

Therefore, we have devised an ASP.NET Developers recruitment guide for entrepreneurs like you to bring to your notice the seven mistakes you should avoid while hiring ASP.NET Developers.

Let us dive in!

What is .NET?

Today, it is the most prevalent platform as it offers excellent features and tools conducive to building reliable apps and software using different programming languages.

Thus, entrepreneurs and companies can get an array of mobile apps and websites of different scales and complexity developed using this development framework. They can also look forward to digitizing their processes, reducing expenditure, and boosting efficiency and convenience.

What skills must ASP.NET Developers have?

What skills must ASP.NET Developers have?

ASP.Net developers must have the following skills in order to cut the mustard.

  1. Coding skills.
  2. Soft skills.
  3. Client-side Technology.
  5. Programming languages.

As much as these skills are essential, a few things matter more than the ones listed above. When these skills are coupled with those pointers, you only get the right ASP.NET Developers you can trust blindly.

We list those pointers in the next section.

What are the seven mistakes you should avoid while hiring a dedicated team of ASP.NET Developers?

It is good if you know the hard and soft skills you want to target while assessing your candidates. However, it will be better if you keep a few mistakes in mind that you should avoid at any cost. 

Using Freelancing Platforms

Suppose you think hiring from these sites will land you highly professional and qualified ASP.NET Developers. In that case, you are in for a rude shock!

Generally, here you will find developers with mediocre skills who lack experience. And handing over your project to someone with no required skills and expertise is disastrous. Hence, when you look for developers, ensure you delegate the task to a professional agency!

Overlooking the fit cultural aspect

Overlooking the fit cultural aspect

Getting a developer with all the required skills is desirable, but overlooking whether they can fit in your workplace is a massive mistake. 

Thus, you should try to ensure that the candidate you have picked will be able to be a good team player and share the company's goals and vision easily.

Choosing the ones with the lowest salary

You ought to make wise investments only as an entrepreneur or a company. It is tempting to go for developers with not-so-high rates, but you need to be mindful that their salaries reflect their competence, level of commitment, and experience. 

Hence, you must consider everything before hiring a developer and not just get swayed by their low rates!

Conducting tech interviews hastily.

Maybe you are in a hurry to quickly get ASP.NET Developers onboard and start the development of your app. But you need to be wary, as too much haste can lead you to waste your resources.

Therefore, being calm and composed while hiring developers is advisable, and you should prepare a list of technical and soft skills to evaluate. 

Moreover, you need to compile a list of questions pertaining to these skills and ask them every related query to make a sound decision.

Limiting your access to developers

Limiting your access to developers

Many entrepreneurs and companies prefer to hire local developers for several reasons. Sharing a common language to working in the vicinity are a few reasons. As good as people think it is, this preference has a few pitfalls.

The number one disadvantage is voluntarily missing out on talented developers located elsewhere in the world.

Thus, we suggest that you should always be open to hiring ASP.NET Developers from any part of the globe!

Preconceived notions from reading the resume

It is no doubt candidates' resumes can be fancy and tempting, but you should avoid getting influenced solely by their resumes. Many times, candidates exaggerate their achievements or write false information on their resumes to leave an impression on recruiters. 

Therefore, you must use your discretion while forming any opinion before meeting them personally. Better than this will be to refrain from creating any view of them before the interview.

Giving too much importance to hard skills

We know hard skills matter, and for some, they outshine a candidate's soft skills. But solely forming your decision on their hard skills is folly. 

Imagine snagging a proficient developer who can not communicate their thoughts properly to stakeholders, teammates, and clients.

What if your choice can not perform well under pressure or just can not bear the load of an app development endeavor?

Therefore, you must assess them on the basis of their soft skills competence too.

Let us now see what factors affect the cost of hiring a good developer!

What are the factors affecting the cost of hiring ASP.NET Developers?

There are a few things you need to see before hiring developers for your project, as these factors play an essential role in determining the cost of hiring.

  1. The size and scale of your project
  2. The level of complexity your app or website has
  3. What level of commitment do you expect from your Developers

Your project can be small, medium, or enterprise-level, and the varying sizes affect how much money you need to spend.

As far as complexity is concerned, a Minimum Viable Product costs less than an advanced app. And as a result, it also plays a significant factor in deciding the amount of expenditure!

Talking about the level of commitment, you will find a freelancer, in-house, or outsourcing firm in its ambit.

What are the costs of hiring ASP.NET Developers?

According to Upwork, these developers have the following rates:

  1. A beginner asks for $20 per hour.
  2. You can expect an intermediate developer to ask for $32 on an hourly basis.
  3. $90 per hour is something an advanced-level developer will demand.

What are a few popular applications developed using ASP.NET?

You might not have even realized that some apps you used or came across were actually developed using ASP.NET. 

Let us take a look at the popular apps that utilized this framework in their development below:

Stack Overflow

This website is the right place for professional developers and programmers to ask questions and find the answers to their coding-related problems. The said framework is responsible for easy scalability, which was required since the website enjoys over 16 million page views a month!

Visual Studio

Visual Studio

It is an integrated development environment that solely depends on the framework in the discussion.

This IDE or Integrated development environment lets one develop computer programs for Microsoft windows in addition to regular web services, mobile apps, websites, and web apps. 

People use it as it allows them to write correct and efficient code.


It is a website known for showcasing financial information in the form of business news, stock market data, and analysis while handling more than 16 million visitors every month! 

ASP.Net has enabled this website to be highly structured, efficient, and competent in managing massive data and colossal content without a single glitch.


This website is where several job seekers and hirers meet for their respective interests. And without any guessing, .net is used to build it. 

The framework is pivotal in updating the site quickly and without hassles.

Besides the one listed above, many more applications are developed using the said framework. Ancestry.com, Dell, GoDaddy, Microsoft, Code Project, and Code Plex are a few more examples of the apps made using ASP.NET.

These are a few applications that are built using ASP.Net and are thriving. You can also replicate their level of success by hiring only the apt ASP.NET Developers as discussed above!


Although hard and soft skills matter, the pointers above are essential and helpful in the long run. As a result, these are the things you should never overlook while hiring ASP.NET Developers for your project.

The good news at this juncture is that several ASP.NET Developers are a perfect cut out for their role. The ASP.NET Developers you find at AppsRhino are definitely one of them.

Our ASP.NET Developers know the ins and outs of their field and are a reservoir of knowledge. 

Contact AppsRhino to get in touch with them today!


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