7 Mistakes to avoid while hiring CSS Developers

Updated On: March 2, 2023

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The world is going digital. Type something on your search bar, and you will see hundreds of links and pages. 

Websites and apps have become “must-haves” for a business to expand and be successful in the long run.

You realized this, didn’t you? And that is why you are here, looking for a web developer. To stand out from the rest, you need a website that makes an impact and has something special to offer.

You must have seen hundreds of websites. Some websites are feature-laden, while some are simple. Ever wondered why? CSS developers create the former while the latter is made using HTML.

Though HTML and CSS are connected, the two have a definite distinction. Both use different syntax and code but note that every design uses the same HTML code. Then why do websites look different? It's because the CSS code for every design varies.

CSS Developers code and decide how your website would look. So, you know you want CSS developers but don't want to commit any mistakes, right?

If yes, read on to discover the mistakes to avoid while hiring CSS Developers

What is CSS: An Overview


What is CSS: An Overview

CSS, Cascading Style Sheets, is a programming language responsible for the look of a website. CSS is the reason behind the attractive designs and layouts we see everywhere on the Internet.

Before World Wide Web Consortium developed CSS, programmers relied on HTML. If we were still using just HTML, the websites would turn out to be simple and plain web pages connected. If you have seen what websites looked like earlier or used HTML to make one, you would know how basic it was.

There was no layout, just simple text, images, and pages linked through hypertext. CSS developers have created vivid possibilities by using this comparatively new and better language. CSS has enabled programmers to

  1. Choose a font face, size, and style per the need
  2. Use different colors for text and links
  3. Apply background color matching the brand needs or purpose
  4. Add elements other than text, colors, and images
  5. Position HTML elements anywhere
  6. Create and update designs simultaneously for various webpages
  7. Develop adjustable web pages (the ones that adjust according to the screen size of the user)

A Quick Fact: The latest version of CSS is CSS3. 

7 Mistakes to avoid while hiring CSS Developers

Mistakes happen. It's true. But one mistake can result in a hundred losses when you are in business. Especially when creating a website, you should always be sure of what you want. You should know what kind of layout and design you want. Based on these factors, you can decide who would be the right fit for your web development process.

Hiring CSS developers is tricky as you must know a thing or two about the processes and skills they must know and have to be your ideal hire. 

So what are the mistakes you must avoid while hiring CSS developers? More than anything, it is based on must-have skills and general employment tactics. 

Let's have a detailed look at them.

HTML is the base. Don't forget about it.


HTML is the base. Don't forget about it.

The thing about CSS is that it cannot exist on its own. It needs HTML to make sense. Without HTML, CSS is nothing.

In simple terms, HTML is the structure, while CSS is how the structure would look after it's decorated. 

Ensure your CSS developers can write clean and duly organized HTML code. They should know the language by heart. Your ideal candidate should know when to use semantic tags and attributes and understand the importance of setting the correct doctype, meta tags, language, etc.  

Remember, if the first brick is not fixed accurately, the building may fall! So, make sure your CSS developers are proficient HTML coders.

CSS Tools, Techniques, and Principles keep them in the game. Don't miss that.


CSS Tools, Techniques, and Principles keep them in the game. Don't miss that.

CSS developers not knowing the CSS tools, techniques, and principles sound odd. Does it?

Of course, every CSS developer would know them, but what we meant here was, the more, the merrier! 

There are many CSS properties and additional tools, but one cannot know everything, and you, too, should understand that! However, it wouldn't hurt if they knew more than the others.

Like every other developer, your CSS developers would counter problems while coding. There is nothing like a "perfect code." What matters is they know how to solve it.

A tip: Here are some jargons to make your candidate believe you know about the faults and tools: Bootstrap, Floating Problem, z-index, Cascade Feature, CSS-in-JS. Remember these for now! xD

CSS coding Standards are a must-know. You don't want your pages to show errors.

Someone once said, "rules are meant to be broken." However, your CSS developers should respect coding standards when writing codes. 


It is because they are essential to the maintainability and scalability of the project. 

Another important thing your ideal candidate should do is select the naming convention to be used throughout the project. Developing a naming convention early on can assist developers in producing better and more ordered code. It can also help everyone participating in the project grasp the component structure and relationship between components and elements by reading HTML code alone.

Ignoring their communication skills is a big NO!


Ignoring their communication skills is a big NO!

Have you ever wondered why you understand a particular statement by someone? Or why do you understand what is written here in this blog? It is because it is being communicated well!

Communication is the key! If your CSS developers don't know how to say something in a way everyone involved can grasp, they cannot be your ideal candidates.

We know that their technical and hard skills are of utmost importance but remember, they will have to work in a team; a team that cannot communicate well cannot produce the desired results. 

So, don't settle for a poor communicator, ever!

Don't know your budget? Well, that's the biggest mistake!

It is a common mistake that employers make. Failing to set a budget can lead to issues later in the development process. And believe us, these are the issues you want to avoid!

Before jumping into the talent pool to look for your ideal candidate, you should know about the hiring cost of CSS developers. 

If you don't know the average cost, worry not! Scroll down to the next section! We have it all answered for you!

Expecting the best when you are spending less 

No! We were not trying to rhyme it; it just happened!

However, we know that you would hate this point! Because, just like every business owner, you want to get the best possible candidate at low wages. 

Though you are not entirely wrong, you should also understand things from CSS developers' perspectives. 

Suppose you want a website that no one has ever seen, but your budget is low. That budget would bring you an entry-level programmer. Now an entry-level programmer cannot give you your desired results alone.

The hiring cost of CSS developers varies on the grounds of qualification, experience, proficiency, and skills. Want to know the CSS developers' fees based on these factors?

Scroll down!

Ask for work samples! Never skip it

When your HR gives you the list of the shortlisted candidates, they look at the skills mentioned in their CVs.

That's not enough!

It would be best if you asked for their portfolio to look at their work samples. The work samples would give you an idea about your potential CSS developers' approach, skills, and way of thinking. That way, you could easily decide if they will be a fit for your organization.

How do I hire CSS Developers at a reasonable rate?

See! We heard you!

Isn't this the question that was doing rounds in your mind?

Before we give you the details, we will discuss the average hiring cost of CSS Developers, just as we promised!

The average hourly rate in the market is $15 to $30 per hour!

The cost varies based on project requirements, experience, and location. However, you cannot compromise on scope and experience, but you can make some cost-cuttings when it comes to location.

You can outsource CSS developers with AppsRhino! Outsourcing is beneficial and can save you time, stress, and, most essentially, money!

In a Nutshell,

We know you need CSS developers, and you know we can provide you with some!

Then, what are you waiting for?

Contact AppsRhino today for the best CSS developers. With us, you can be in charge of choosing the right candidate, interviewing them, and even negotiating the salary. 

What all services do we offer?

You can hire CSS developers full-time, part-time, and even on a project or hourly basis. You need not worry about the quality as we dive deep into the talent pool to fish out the best CSS developers in the market.

Contact us today to get started!


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