7 Mistakes to avoid while hiring dedicated React Native Developers Online

Updated On: January 10, 2023

Updated By: AppsRhino


React Native is a popular framework for mobile app development. Some individuals prefer React Native as an app development framework because it allows them to run their apps on multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows. 

Everyone, whether an entrepreneur or a developer, likes it because of the benefits it brings!

Furthermore, there has been an ongoing debate about which platform businesses should use: Android or iOS. That is why developers use React Native worldwide to create cross-platform mobile apps that operate well on iOS and Android.

Because of its simple process, this framework is rapidly gaining popularity. However, one must consider several factors before hiring React Native developers.

Unfortunately, frequent mistakes in hiring reactive native developers might be catastrophic to your organization. However, this does not have to be the case. You can harvest the riches of the framework and reap great returns on your investment in this technology if you hire react native developers who are experts.

This blog will guide you through your react native app development journey, considering seven mistakes you must avoid while hiring React Native developers online.

What is React Native?

React Native, developed by Facebook, is an open-source JavaScript framework for developing mobile applications. Based on Facebook's React framework, used to construct web-based user interfaces, React Native allows mobile apps produced with it to run on both iOS and Android. It saves a significant amount of time, money, and resources.

It's a safe bet that mobile app development isn't going away anytime soon. Access to quality React Native developers can take your organization to the next level. It will help you earn more business, increase customer loyalty and engagement, and, ultimately, stay relevant while remaining top-of-mind for your customers.

Who is React Native Developers & What do they do?

React Native Developers work with the React Native framework to create user interfaces for various platforms. Front-end developers use JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to create user interface components.

React native developers essentially combine JavaScript and native platform expertise. They work on the app's front end, but they also need to know about API services, cross-platform compatibility, and the application's architecture for integration.

Why do you need to hire React native developers in 2022? 

There are many frameworks available for app development, then why go for React Native? What is so special about it? Why is hiring react native developers a wise choice? Your mind is flooded with such questions. Below are some figures about reactive Native that would explain its relevance in 2022.

  1. There are 24.5 million active software developers worldwide, with React Native accounting for 40% of app development.
  2. Over 9000 prominent global brands, including Facebook, use it.
  3. The size of the React Native community is quite large.
  4. In terms of most desired frameworks, it ranks first among the top ten mobile app development frameworks in 2022.
  5. It is the industry leader in employment availability, as there is a high need for React Native developers.

These numbers demonstrate that this framework is the best for app development in 2022 and that hiring React Native developers for mobile app development is beneficial. A company can capitalize on this trend by developing a professional, cost-effective mobile app.

7 Mistakes to Avoid while hiring React Native Developers online

Hiring React native developers necessitates closely examining every aspect of the individual. If the correct candidate is hired, it will undoubtedly save the organization from future embarrassment. The creation of an easy-to-use, bug-free App necessitates the employment of expert hands. 

Before hiring React Native developers, assessing their soft and technical skills is critical. They will attend client meetings in addition to working as React Native developers with your software team. React Native developers with the required soft and technical abilities will be able to answer all of your clients' questions. Simultaneously, they can point other React Native developers on the right path.

Below are the mistakes you should avoid while hiring React Native developers.

1. Not looking for someone who is an expert at time management.

Most React Native developers have to work under time constraints. That is why you should look for a React Native programmer who is good with time management. A thoughtful way to test this is to assign a small project to React Native developers with a strict deadline. They will be a suitable fit for the organization if they can submit the same within the project's timeframe.

With remote work becoming the norm, many businesses use time-tracking solutions to monitor the efficiency and output of their React Native developers. They can check how long it takes an individual to accomplish a particular project. It also allows them to inform the clients about the time it will take, allowing them to create a good relationship. As a result, you must hire React Native developers with solid time management abilities.

2. Not assessing their communication skills.

A React Native developer might not be the finest orator in the room, which is understandable. However, it is essential to have communication skills for this position because they will be a part of your team interaction and some customer interactions. As a result, if React Native developers cannot express their worries using the appropriate language, things will take longer than necessary to complete. Companies that hire React Native developers with solid communication skills can speed up the process of implementing the modifications that the client and company desire. They can also double-check what they understand after giving them the initial brief to ensure they are both on the same page.

3. HTML and CSS are must-haves. Please don't ignore them

HTML and CSS are essential abilities if you are trying to fill the position of React native developer. The candidate's understanding of these client-side technologies demonstrates their ability to design and work with value-laden, visually appealing, and highly intuitive user interfaces (UIs). Given that user interfaces are increasingly important in establishing an application's perceived worth and quality, the React native developer skill set can indirectly impact this.

At a high level, the candidate should be able to work with and write HTML tags and CSS selectors and comprehend the box model. Basic React native developers' abilities such as CSS reset, responsive web principles implementation, and reverting to border-box is also required.

4. If they don't know everything about Java, you make a mistake in considering them for the role.

One of the primary skills necessary for React native developers is JavaScript. You must assess their understanding of JavaScript principles like code structure, variables, data types, functions, loops, switch statements, primitives, boolean, arrays, and more. It is critical to emphasize these ideas because the fundamentals of JavaScript will also apply when working in React native. As a result, if their basic understanding is solid, their React native developer abilities will follow suit.

5. Don't forget about testing their JSX Knowledge.

JSX is a JavaScript syntax extension that enables more ergonomic coding. React native developers with JSX abilities may easily code and embed HTML/XML elements in React. With this understanding, React native developers can create applications that use React APIs, which would otherwise be a time-consuming effort. JSX improves app scalability without complicating the code, accelerating and streamlining app development.

6. Don't forget to judge their problem-solving abilities.

The developer's logical thinking, reasoning, and comprehension all help them solve problems. In reality, how they transition from identifying the problem to postulating a solution impacts the project's success. Each stage depends on the individual's problem-solving methodology and capabilities.

Similarly, this competence is tested when unintended errors occur during development. The developer must manage such difficulties while inventing and discovering appropriate solutions. As a result, you require someone who is not scared to think outside the box and willing to make mistakes and learn from them.

7. Not realizing how important it is to be a team player

Teamwork is one of the most fundamental characteristics that developers must possess. Software development is a team sport since it involves different inputs at different stages and the accomplishment of tasks at the same time. Companies should hire React Native developers eager to share their skills, accept responsibility for their work, and provide feedback. These characteristics contribute to team cohesion and overall productivity.

Where can I hire dedicated React Native Developers Online?

There are three main approaches to working with React Native developers. You can engage an in-house developer, a freelancer, or an app development company.

In-house developer

Suppose you currently have an in-house development team and a large enough workplace. In that case, an in-house developer is an excellent option.

Traditional employment board websites such as Glassdoor, Indeed, Technojobs, and Monster.com are the most common venues to hunt for dedicated react native developers.

Freelance developers

Working with freelancers has the considerable advantage of allowing you to locate specialists with vast expertise and experience on practically any budget. This collaboration is advantageous when you don't have your in-house team or have a tiny, one-time work for React Native developers. Look for a freelancer in React Native networks such as Reddit's /r/reactnative and groups on Slack, GitHub, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Development Company

The development company is the ideal alternative if you have a mid-sized or huge project but don't have your staff. The main advantage of hiring a development company is that they may take over the entire project, eradicating the need to engage additional professionals.

Final Words: Why choose AppsRhino for hiring React Native developers?

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