7 Things No One Will Tell You About IOS Developers

Updated On: January 4, 2023

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Do you know about Apple? Of course, you do! Who doesn't? There's a strong chance you're reading this on an Apple device or have one nearby. Perhaps you're doing it on a MacBook Air while listening to an iPod touch and periodically checking the newest Apple Watch for iPhone alerts. 

Isn't the world laden with apple products? Yes, it is! Apple Inc is the largest technology business by revenue (totaling US$365.8 billion in 2021). It is the world's largest company by market capitalization as of June 2022. 

With more and more people adopting Apple products, the demand for iOS apps has increased. Some entrepreneurs entirely focus on iOS development as it is known that an iOS device user is likely to start using other Apple products too. It is due to the Apple Ecosystem! The Apple Ecosystem is Apple's system-wide integration that makes for a better and more enhanced user experience if people have multiple Apple products in their possession. 

The Apple store only makes apps available when they pass all the required testing equipment. As a result, you must ensure that you develop a bug-free app in one go itself. 

You can achieve this feat by hiring competent iOS developers. Read this blog to know what to take care of while recruiting them!

Why is iOS App Development on the rise?

iOS-powered devices have become dominant in the application development world and attract new customers. People love to purchase iOS devices for various reasons. A few tempting factors are their sleek looks and unparalleled designs, immersive functionality, well-integrated devices, and customer-oriented approach. 

As a result, iOS app development gives companies a higher return on investment than other mobile platforms on the market. Thus, iOS app development helps companies earn more profits in a short span. It is a primary reason companies have started to dabble in iOS app development and look for iOS developers. 

Why are iOS Developers important in 2022? 

Since iOS app development is in demand owing to more and more people developing a penchant for iOS devices, hiring iOS developers has also become important. This section tells you why they are essential in 2022. 

1. iOS development is no child's play. The Apple store makes iOS apps available only if they pass all the necessary testing. Thus, to get your app approved in one go and launch it in no time, you will need to hire only competent developers. 

2. You can quickly shift your app from a phone to a tablet only if your iOS developers know Xcode well. Thus, another reason why developers with a proper skillset are in demand is the fact that they know Xcode. With the knowledge of Xcode, they can shift your apps from a phone to a tablet effortlessly. 

3. The security level that comes with iOS apps enamors their users. As a result, more and more people have started using such apps. Now to tap into them, you can roll out an iOS app to solve a genuine problem that users face. And for that, you require proficient developers to ensure that your app is bug-free and secure. 

7 Things No One Will Tell You About iOS Developers 2022 

If you plan on hiring iOS developers, you need to know what skills you should look for in your candidates. Here we list the seven things no one will tell you about iOS developers while looking for them. 

1. Swift

The first thing that your potential candidate should know is how to code in Swift. It is a programming language that Apple rolled out significantly to develop its applications. Thus, this language is integral to the future of iOS app development. Numerous experts have termed Swift a not-so-small language. Therefore if you want to hire a junior iOS developer, you need to ensure that your candidate knows the following things: 

1. Optional

2. Basic syntax 

3. Classes, inheritance, and initialization 

4. Control Flow 

5. Objective-C interoperability 

6. Error Handling 

2. Spatial Reasoning

The second thing recruiters look for in iOS developers is Spatial Reasoning. It is the ability to think in three dimensions and visualize the spatial relations between entities. We can also explain the term with the help of a simple example. When a user interacts with the Apple Watch, iPhone, or Apple tv, there exist possibilities of how they interact with the concerned app. And developers need to understand and deduce these interactions to develop a user-friendly app. Therefore, your potential iOS developers must: 

  1. Comprehend the various inputs/controls available for the platforms we have today. 
  2. Use the devices or know about the machines they intend to target. It is essential as it helps a hired dedicated iOS developer to reason about them. Thus you can ask your candidates a bit about spatial reasoning to check their uncomprehension of this field. 

3. Design Guidelines

iOS apps are famous for their sleek designs and intuitive user interface. Adhering to the official design guidelines is advisable to achieve these two things. Also, there are specific ways in which user data is handled, stored, and displayed on the screen. Therefore, evaluate your candidate's understanding of the following things: 

1. Apple's Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) and Network requests. 

2. Sandbox, data persistence, the iOS file system, and simple persistence. 

3. Swift 

4. Apple's front-end framework, UIKit, develops robust and fast web interfaces.

4. Networking

 No app exists that does not interact with the web at all. And if there happens to be one, it will take you considerable time to think of which app it is. Since all the apps we have today interact with the web to some extent, it has become mandatory for your potential developers to know how to send and receive data from the network. 

Therefore, assess your candidates on how well they use JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).

5. Core Data

 The fifth thing no one tells you about iOS developers is that they must know core data by heart. It is the essential framework that helps them store data on Apple devices. Thus, before finalizing any recruitment, see whether your candidates have the basic knowledge of core data. 

6. Grand Central Dispatch

The sixth thing iOS developers need to have a sound grasp of is Grand Central Dispatch. With this skill, they can add concurrency to their apps, thus, making it possible to run multiple tasks simultaneously with utmost ease. 

Thus, checking your iOS developer candidates for this skill is a must. 

7. Git and GitHub

 Effectively using version control is a crucial and beneficial skill for iOS developers who work on medium-lived or long-lived projects and is vital when working with teams. Therefore, if you are looking forward to hiring developers for a medium-lived to a long-lived project, ask your candidates a few things about Git and GitHub. 

What is the average salary of iOS developers?

 There is an increase in demand as numerous companies are eager to hire them due to the benefits of iOS app development. Here we talk about the average salary you can expect your potential developers to demand: Let us consider the salaries of iOS developers working in the United States of America. We see these vary greatly, as different websites point out. A website named Glassdoor states that the average salary of such developers in the United States of America is $94,360. In contrast, another website called Indeed asserts that their average salary is $119,585 annually. Also, the salaries of iOS developers working in large tech hubs given below earn higher than their peers: 

1. New York City

2. San Francisco 

3. Rhode Island 

4. Massachusetts 

5. Hawaii 


Currently, 5786 iOS developers alone are present in the United States of America. And every day, we see new iOS development companies forming in hopes of making it big in this industry. And the most significant thing they need is iOS developers. 

Not everyone in the field of iOS app development can do justice to their roles. Thus, hiring iOS developers without proper skills can jeopardize your company's reputation. 

A good developer can make the development process faster and use all the available resources optimally. Therefore, every organization wants to recruit excellent iOS developers to eliminate failure. 

Suppose you are an organization that wants to know which skills to evaluate when hiring a dedicated iOS developer. In that case, this blog serves as a guide for you. However, you can save yourself from the grueling process by contacting AppsRhino. Contact appsRhino right away to begin creating a fantastic iOS app together!