9 Mistakes To Avoid While Looking For a good Swift Developer

Updated On: February 7, 2023

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How bad does it feel to have your buggy app rejected by the App Store? 

It is almost impossible to recover from one-star reviews once they start rolling in. As a result, companies lose money, and developers lose their jobs.

Currently, iOS is the second-largest mobile operating system in the world. More than 85% of users use the latest version, which also has a high adoption rate.

Users with high engagement have high expectations - if your app or update isn't flawless, they'll tell you.

The Swift programming language is widely used in mobile and desktop computing, which includes iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS.

With the growing demand for Swift developers, many engineers are turning to mobile development. More than 1,000 apps are submitted to Apple daily. 

However, Swift's expertise goes far beyond basic coding. Is your company in need of Swift developers? 

Recruiters commonly make a few mistakes when hiring candidates, so you need to be aware of them.

In this article, we shall define the top 9 mistakes recruiters make while seeking a dedicated swift developer!

Keep reading to learn more.

Swift Developers: A Brief Overview

Swift is a programming language that has drawn influences from C, Objective-C, and other popular programming languages.

Swift was created and introduced to the market in order to replace Objective-C, which has been around since 1984.

Apple technologies like the iPhone, iOS, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch, and Apple TV can all be easily integrated with Swift.

Swift maintains a clear and contemporary syntax while combining the best elements of several established programming languages.

A Swift Developer often writes and maintains iOS and OS X apps and focuses on iOS development. 

In addition to developing applications, they also incorporate them into the back-end systems.

All competent Swift developers must be proficient in both Objective-C and Swift.

Swift developers create applications for macOS and tvOS in addition to iOS projects.

Some Swift developers might also be experts in web frameworks like Server-Side Swift, Kitura, and Vapor.

An inventory of businesses that make use of the Swift programming language are as follows:

  1. Apple
  2. Uber
  3. Slack
  4. Lyft
  5. N26
  6. 9GAG
  7. Asana
  8. Robinhood

9 Mistakes To Avoid While Looking For A Good Swift Developer

Listed below are the top 9 mistakes you must avoid while hiring swift developers for your project:

1. Neglecting The Importance Of Outsourced Developers

Neglecting The Importance Of Outsourced Developers

The ancient perception is that it is safe to find employees nearby.

Regardless of what you hear, this is just a myth. When you have not restricted your search, it gives you more aspects to consider. Talent is more abundant in a vast area. Discovering can therefore be helpful.

Companies often make the mistake of only seeking swift developers within proximate distances of their offices. Rather than looking only at one place, you should look everywhere.

There are endless possibilities, just don't limit your search to a particular area. 

Our aim at AppsRhino is to fulfill your dreams through our agile development process and with the help of our team of dedicated developers. With AppsRhino as your outsourcing partner, you can be assured of delivering your projects on time and with the highest quality possible. 

If you are considering hiring outsourced swift developers, AppsRhino should be your #1 choice! 

2. Unable To Upgrade The App

Businesses encounter this issue most frequently when they hire swift developers and are unable to upgrade the software.

They don't comprehend that the changes are inevitable with time and that the software needs to be upgraded on a regular basis.

However, the error of occasionally being unable to update an app can cause it to stop functioning.

As a result, the chosen remote swift developer should be able to upgrade the swift application promptly.

3. Not Checking Testimonials

Not Checking Testimonials

When hiring a swift developer, a background check of their qualifications is always mandatory.

Companies frequently make the error of not doing enough due diligence on prospective employees. 

They merely consider the services they are prepared to provide, and on the basis of those, they immediately recruit them.

Hiring Swift developers is difficult as a consequence of this. 

Additionally, validating their testimonials is tricky, resulting in unsuitable candidates being chosen.

For this reason, recruiters should try to check each and every piece of information they offer you, no matter how much time or effort it takes.

4. Not Understanding That Speed Comes With Limitations

It is best to avoid quickly developing apps from remote swift developers if they offer you to do so in a very short timeframe.

This type of offer seems very suspicious. If someone you have not met and with whom you are only communicating via other mediums offers you something like this, you may be unsure of their intentions. 

The reason is that a fraudster can make a false identity without even revealing their real name or appearance.

Hence, hiring an unknown remote developer merely to get the work done early is absurd.

Avoid hiring people who offer such distrustful promises.

5. Avoiding Technical Discussions With Developers

The easiest way to determine the swift developer's benefits and drawbacks is to have a technical discussion with them. 

The company can determine whether a swift developer is a good fit for its requirements by looking at its capabilities. 

The developers' abilities determine the caliber of the quick app development services it offers.

6. Choosing Price Over Proficiency

Choosing Price Over Proficiency

Taking advantage of low-cost swift app development services to develop a low-quality app is never a good idea. 

When seeking swift development services, there should be no compromise on skills. 

Hiring swift developers with top skill sets is always recommended. 

Otherwise, a company might jeopardize its strategy by compromising on expertise, talent, abilities, or resources during the swift app development.

7. Lack Of Communication Skills

The swift developers' ability to express concepts effectively is crucial. 

Businesses should be aware of their requirements when hiring quick development services from a swift developer. 

Therefore, assessing the swift developer's communication capabilities is usually best before hiring them to work on your projects.

8. Awareness Of Security Aspects

Lack of attention to cybersecurity vulnerabilities will result in subpar rapid application development services. 

Additionally, it raises the possibility of cyberattacks and data leaks. It is important for all businesses to employ swift developers that include security considerations in their development services. 

This will assist the app in staying clear of issues in the future.

9. Not Considering Product Life Cycle

Not Considering Product Life Cycle

The delivery of swift application development services is continuous. 

From the analysis stage to deployment, swift services require constant testing and maintenance. 

It is important for swift developers to be aware of this software life cycle as they provide their development services. 

A swift developer's role extends beyond the final product to include every stage of its lifecycle.

Cost Of Hiring Swift Developers

It is reported that swift developers earn a salary of $94,360 on Glassdoor, while Indeed reports that they make a salary of $119,585 a year. 

According to Dice, high-paying jobs are located in major tech hubs such as San Francisco and New York City. According to ZipRecruiter, Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island all fall under this category. 

It is important to define one's requirements before determining how much swift developers will cost. Many factors affect rates, including expertise, location, and market conditions.

Here are the average hourly rates of swift developers:

  1. Basic swift Developers: $16+
  2. Intermediate swift Developers: $35+
  3. Senior swift Developers: $50+


It is safe to conclude that Swift developers will be able to find a market for their products and support the growth of businesses as the world becomes more digitalized.

Nevertheless, finding Swift developers that support a company's goal and strive to make it a reality can be perplexing.

Swift developers can be found on a variety of freelance websites and at tech events, but none of them provide the same possibilities for collaboration as—AppsRhino.

This market-leading platform provides a high level of flexibility and transparency to its clientele—thanks to its agile development technique.

Swift developers at AppsRhino go through a pre-screening process, an interview, and additional training to become actual software professionals with the ability to handle challenges inside and outside their primary area of expertise.

AppsRhino developers are held to a higher standard. You can be guaranteed their tremendous potential and exceptional abilities if you hire Swift developers from our organization.

By working with AppsRhino, you can benefit from a full-time developer and project manager at a lower cost.

So what are you waiting for? 

Contact us today and get started on your dream collaboration!  


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