9 Must-Know Technologies and Frameworks for PHP Developers

Updated On: January 24, 2023

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Do you know the meaning of Frameworks?

Frameworks refer to the outline and structure of any program. Developers created every Framework to support Website and Application Development. 

When we are talking about the Frameworks for PHP, they play a vital role in PHP Web Development. 

According to Geeks of Geeks, PHP is used by more than 244 million sites on the internet today. Therefore, PHP Developers must have used comparable Frameworks per website Development requirements. 

Imagine a situation where you have to create a castle using sand. If you start from scratch, you'll have to spend time and put in unimaginable efforts for perfect results. 

Instead, if you have a mold and other necessary tools, your beautiful castle will be ready shortly and look better! 

Frameworks and Technologies do the same for a PHP Web Developer. Let's learn about the Must-Have Frameworks you shouldn't miss while Hiring PHP Developers and performing Website Development.

Who are PHP Developers?


Who are PHP Developers?

Rasmus Lerdorf, a Danish-Canadian programmer, developed PHP. The word "PHP" is an acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor!

PHP is a scripting programming language for client-side Development. 

Can you believe PHP Developers first used this language for Web Development 27 years ago, on 8th June 1995? 

PHP is open source, and every PHP Web Developer can download and use it for free. Moreover, PHP files contain written code from HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP Code. 

A PHP Web Developer creates websites using numerous Front-end languages and saves them using the extension ".php." Here are some tasks PHP Developers can perform with this language. 

  1. Perform data encryption
  2. Edit, add, change and remove data from the program and database
  3. Establish control over website user access
  4. Modify files on the server
  5. Create dynamic page content

Let's look at some examples where PHP Developers created Websites using PHP Programming language. 

  1. Social Media Sites like Facebook and Digg
  2. Blog creating and CMS Websites like WordPress
  3. E-Commerce sites OpenCart
  4. Informational sites like Wikipedia 

9 Must-Know Technologies and Frameworks for PHP Developers

Do you want to Hire a PHP Coder for your next Web Development project?

How do you find if candidates looking for PHP Developer Jobs understand these Technologies?

After you shortlist the resumes, you can examine their skills through assignments, projects, and interviews. 

If the candidate shows you examples and former projects, ask them questions about PHP Development, related functionalities, and code functions. 

Here is a list of the essential Features, Technologies, and Frameworks every PHP developer should know

Laravel: A study on the most famous PHP Framework

If a PHP Web Developer wants to create and customize Websites effortlessly, Laravel is the ideal option!

This Framework has necessary built-in functions for user authentication, customization, caching, etc. 

Moreover, PHP Developers can add a Laravel Debugbar that helps them in the code debugging process with the help of a toolbar for the Application. 

Do you know a PHP Web Developer can create Web Applications without installing the PHP software to their system? Laravel Homestead has a Vagrant Box that allows client-side Development through a Virtual Machine!

Additionally, Laravel has an active coder community and helps new PHP Developers learn and execute code smoothly.




Programmers can have PHP Developer Jobs that require using the Phalcon Framework. Phalcon is Full-stack Framework based on the C language.

Although PHP Developers have the program in C, they don't require knowledge of the same language. PHP Coders can use PHP namespaces and classes. 

Plalcon Framework is lightweight and fastest among the PHP Frameworks. Moreover, it works on the MVC Architecture. PHP coders may require additional resources to work with Phalcon. 


PHP launched the latest version of this Framework with an interesting caption. "Cleaner, Faster, Tasty than usual." 

PHP Developers name the new version CakePHP 4.1 Strawberry. 

PHP Coders claim that CakePHP is the best Framework available. Moreover, this is the first Framework for PHP. PHP Developers have to follow coding guidelines to use CakePHP. 

It has a broad set of libraries with components and functions for improved program association.

While you Hire PHP Coders, you should ensure they know support forums and platforms like Stack Overflow and required Slack Channels for help when needed. 


The Codelgniter Framework is well-known for having the smallest footprint. If you want to Hire PHP Coders that require a simple, elegant, and functional toolkit, they should go for Codelgniter!

Like Phalcon, this is a super light PHP Framework with a size of 1.2 MB. Codelgniter provides speed leaving a footprint on your Website after use. 

A PHP Web Developer may want to work with MVC and non-MVC design patterns that Codelgniter allows. PHP Developers can enjoy the security features of this Framework, like text context-sensitive escaping, scripting, content security policies, etc. 


One of the best features of the Yii Framework is being pragmatic and flexible simultaneously. 

Yii provides the required elaborative documentation and starting guide for every PHP Web Developer, making it effortless to set up and function. 

This Framework provides competition to Phalcon. Yii may have numerous robust features, but PHP Developers can integrate it with extensions to speed the process. 

User authentication and SQL injection prevention are some of the security characteristics of the Yee Framework. 

Zend Framework: Framework for the best PHP Web Developer

If you want to hire PHP Coders to perform enterprise-level App Development and Web designing, you should go for the Zend Framework!

You will not face a lack of the following things by using this PHP Framework.

  1. Extensibility
  2. Performance
  3. Integrity
  4. Security
  5. Authentication of Tools and services

One of the best features of the Zend Framework includes Zend Studio IDE. Most PHP Developer Jobs are for programmers that know they can create great Websites and Applications using the least feature number. 

Zend Framework allows a speedy Development process perfect for Rapid and Enterprise sites. 

Fuel PHP

Who says new technology is the addition of experienced technologies? Fuel PHP is one of the latest Frameworks in the PHP Development field. It has the essential features for effective Web Development. 

Moreover, Fuel PHP supports HMVC. (Hierarchical Model View Controller) This feature allows PHP Developers to have multiple controllers and test different parts of the Website effortlessly. 

Additionally, Fuel PHP Framework provides seven security features exceeding the protection level to the maximum compared to other Technologies and Frameworks in PHP.


Who doesn't love short syntax for programming? If you hire PHP Coder, make sure they know about Symfony!

This PHP Framework uses Twig, which provides smoother services with lower syntax use. 

PHP Developers can select from more than fifty PHP components for the company's Web Development project. This feature is due to the modular component system in Symfony Framework. 

PHP Developer Jobs may require learning Symfony, which takes longer to understand and use than other Frameworks.

Laminas Project


Laminas Project

You may find numerous other PHP Frameworks and Technologies available for a PHP Web Developer. But, we have reached the end of our list.

PHP Developers consider Laminas Project as an extension to the Zend Framework. If you Hire PHP Coders that use Laminar Project as a Framework, they should understand the following characterization of Laminas Project.

  1. Laminas Components and MVC
  2. Mezzio
  3. API Tools

This Framework is object-oriented and used widely for enterprise Development projects!

Final Words

You must be wondering about the process for hiring a PHP Coder for your upcoming project. 

How to find the ideal team of PHP developers? How do we examine and interview them? And many other questions related to hiring a PHP developer may occur to you. 

After you make necessary decisions like Website planning, outlook, and audience, you should start looking for your PHP Developers. 

You may post Job requirements on online sites like LinkedIn and Indeed. After you receive applications from candidates, consider phone interviews and assignments. 

You can judge the candidate's theoretical and practical knowledge about PHP and its implementation through multiple screening rounds. 

Finally, through direct interviews, evaluate Problem-Solving and Soft-Skills before hiring a PHP Coder. 

Hiring is a lengthy procedure and may take weeks before you can start your project. Instead, you can outsource PHP Developer Jobs to another company and save the hiring and training period. 

AppsRhino is proud of its highly skilled team of Developers and Engineers. You can connect with and hire PHP Developers effortlessly per agreeable terms. 

Contact us today to know more!

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