9 Things No one Will Tell you about good AngularJS developers

Updated On: March 30, 2023

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 Once upon a time, mastery of a single technical skill practically guaranteed years of employment. The complexity of modern software development goes far beyond knowing your favorite programming language. The development of front-end websites is especially challenging in this regard. To create applications that people enjoy using, angular developers must possess different skills and apply them at the right time and place. In addition to their expertise in JavaScript, AngularJS developers should have some theoretical knowledge of software engineering concepts. Would you like to learn more about AngularJs development? How would you describe a great Angular developer? Read on to get a basic understanding of AngularJS development, the roles and responsibilities of an angular developer, and nine exciting things you never knew!

What is AngularJS Development?

What is AngularJS Development?

AngularJS, in simple terms, means a framework of JavaScript that enables the development of dynamic web applications. AngularJS was first developed as a Google project, but this framework is now an open source. AngularJS development takes place when it links data to HTML via Expressions and extends HTML attributes with Directives. You can use AngularJS to enhance HTML's syntax and utilize HTML as your template language to represent your application's components quickly and unambiguously. Data binding and dependency injection in AngularJS simplify the amount of code you would otherwise have to write. There is no need to learn another syntax or language since AngularJS is purely based on HTML and JavaScript. Static HTML is converted to dynamic HTML using AngularJS. Introducing built-in attributes and components expands the functionality of HTML. It also allows users to add custom attributes by utilizing straightforward JavaScript.

Who is an Angular Developer?

Who is an Angular Developer?

JavaScript developers who know theoretical software engineering concepts are known as Angular developers. The main objective of an Angular developer is to work on the software's client side. They are capable of developing a complete User Interface service for websites and web applications. An Angular developer typically creates components and modules and connects them to create the basic program. The Angular developer also handles the interactive front-end of numerous web and mobile applications. They are renowned for producing software that performs well. To guarantee that the development of SPA complies with the stated terms and technical accuracy, the Angular developer also works closely with backend developers.

9 Things No One Will Tell You About A Good Angular Developer

Here are the top nine things about angular developers that everyone should be aware of: 

1. Node Package Manager (NPM)

 Installing various client-side web development packages is an essential skill for any angular developer. Therefore, being able to install many npm packages is a necessary skill.

2. Angular Command Line Interface (CLI)

Writing code to configure your project is made simpler using the Angular CLI. It guarantees that your software will follow industry-accepted best practices. Other advantages include saving time, altering the current app, and getting error-free working code through Angular CLI. Due to this, it is regarded as one of the fundamental abilities of an Angular developer. 

3. CSS and HTML

 An Angular developer must have expertise working with both HTML and CSS, as these are the two building blocks of web development. The developer can create web applications more quickly thanks to this skill. Angular offers the fundamental building elements needed to create a valuable online application. The best web developer tool for editing HTML and CSS and seeing a live preview of the changes is the JS console, another Angular feature. 

4. Javascript

An angular developer uses this as their primary tool. The js tool must integrate all of these features if you want to create a custom app or website for your company or a customer with various features, including audio, videos, high-quality animation, and others. 

5. Typescript

The majority of client-side front-end web apps are typically written in Javascript. The superset of Javascript is called Typescript. It allows you to type in the code error-free. When developing apps, the angular developer should write their code in Typescript. 

6. RxJS

Although RxJS is a library for reactive programming, the Angular framework already contains it. The module comprises observable streams that enable the angular developer to perform typical operations like making data queries via HTTP and performing other asynchronous actions. 

7. Receptive Designs

The advent of the digital era has led to increased web usage on multiple devices. Therefore, creating web applications that work well across all platforms, including tablets, smartphones, watches, and more, is crucial. In this modern era, an angular developer needs solid expertise in receptive web development. 

8. GIT

Git is a method for monitoring and managing source code changes. Like Typescript, which enables code refactoring, Git supports an angular developer to experiment with new features and coding methodologies. 

9. Empathy

 Building flawless software requires more than just technical proficiency. Having compassion for other software developers is essential. It's challenging to be an angular developer. Keeping up with the ever-changing tools and technologies can be challenging. To produce excellent software, it's crucial for developers to dedicatedly work as a team on any project.

Roles And Responsibilities Of An Angular Developer

Roles And Responsibilities Of An Angular Developer

 The roles and responsibilities of a competent angular developer are listed below. 

1. Enhancing the user interface for modern applications using the latest front-end technologies. 

2. Developing JavaScript, CSS, and HTML code. 

3. Conducting product analysis tasks. 

4. Designing and making complex technical decisions for AngularJS applications. 

5. Developing application code and unit tests using AngularJS, Java technologies, and Rest Web Services. 

6. Maintaining high performance and providing support for applications. 

7. Developing JavaScript applications from front end to back end with proven experience. 

8. Ability to manage projects effectively and communicate effectively. 

9. Optimizing mobile and desktop performance 

10. Workflow coordination between the graphic designer, the HTML coder, and themselves. 

Cost Of Hiring An Angular Developer

The dedicated developer's main advantages to the development process are scalability, dependability, and security. Recruiting a freelance Angular developer is pretty affordable compared to other hiring strategies. In general, modest, quick jobs that call for a specialized skill set are handled by freelance developers. A freelance Angular developer can be hired for anywhere from $16 and $30 per hour, according to Upwork. However, hiring an in-house Angular developer is more expensive than using freelancers. The typical hourly rate for an Angular developer is between $15 and $100, according to Upwork. 


 The hiring fashion of  has changed immensely due to the advancement of the technologies we utilize nowadays. Finding an Angular developer whose responsibilities and organizational goals match your own can be challenging. Before hiring angular developers, you should be aware of many factors. Nevertheless, you may gain access to the best talent by working with a business like AppsRhino, which specializes in talent sourcing. Whether you need a skilled Angular developer to work on a big project or someone with basic level Angular developer skills, we have it all. Want to collaborate with the top remote workers? Contact appsRhino today and hire AngularJS developers with the specific qualifications you desire!

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