No-code platforms: What does the future hold?

Updated On: March 15, 2023

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If you go on the internet, you will find numerous programmed platform categories. You will find websites and applications with no code, low code, or code development. Do you know what these platforms mean and what the future holds for them? Do web applications, websites, and the generation of other platforms without code have the possibility for the future?

You will find non-ending advantages of low-code no code like automation, fast response time, fewer errors, and more. With this blog, let's discuss the benefits of no-code platforms and understand why companies and developers will employ them in the future!

You will understand the drawbacks of low-code and no-code platforms as well. If you continue reading this blog, you are in for a ride!

What are no code platforms?

Let's understand the meaning of no-code development as our first step to understanding its future. 

Developers can create no-code platforms like software applications with little to no code. The developers do not need understanding or expertise in programming to develop no-code platforms. They can drag and drop pre-built components, integrations, and templates.

Platforms for no-code development frequently have visual interfaces that let users create applications with a graphical user interface.

You may find numerous steps in the development process, like database administration, user authentication, data integration, and others.

People who need more technical knowledge engage in developing specialized applications suiting the requirements of the company, application, and target audience! Companies get improved speeds, fewer resources, and error-free outputs with no-code platforms and development!

No code vs. low code

No-code and low-code software development methods streamline and speed the development process by minimizing the amount of programming necessary. The two strategies do vary in some significant ways, though. Let's understand no code vs. low code with this section!

  1. The developer requires no coding experience with the no-code platforms. These platforms have pre-made integrations, templates, and other components for categorization and modification. 
  2. However, let's talk about low-code platforms. These websites and places are for users and developers who understand coding to some extent. Low-code platforms streamline programming and automate user authentication, database management, and integration tasks.
  3. No-code platforms save significantly more time when compared to low-code platforms for developing custom applications and websites. 
  4. In conclusion, no-code development is better for users with no coding experience who want to develop platforms quickly and effortlessly. On the other hand, experienced developers can create better and more sophisticated platforms with low code!

Companies can decide between no-code and low-code platforms per their requirements, skills, projects, and target audience needs. The methods we discussed for development save time and are better for accessibility, speed, and efficiency.

No-code builder

Here is a list of no-code builder platforms to create websites, applications, and software. You can take references from them and create your own!

  1. Bubble: Bubble is a platform that does not require users to write code to create and run web apps.
  2. Webflow: Webflow is a no-code website builder that lets people create responsive websites from scratch.
  3. Adalo: Adalo is a no-code platform for creating iOS and Android mobile applications.
  4. Google Sheets: Users can build mobile apps using the Glide no-code platform.
  5. Airtable: With the help of the no-code platform Airtable, users can design unique databases and processes.
  6. Zapier: Zapier is a no-code platform that enables users to link various apps and services to automate workflows.
  7. Wix: Wix is a drag-and-drop website builder allowing users to make websites without writing code.
  8. Appy Pie: Appy Pie is a no-code platform that enables people to create.

No-code platforms transforming the future

Are you wondering why companies prefer no-code platforms these days? You may find multiple reasons why no-code platforms are the future. Let's get to some examples!

Improved productivity

According to a report by Forrester, companies and developers are saving an estimated 50-80% in development time. They can achieve better innovation plans with increased efficiency. 

Development democratization

A company develops and deploys applications without hiring a dedicated IT team of front-end or back-end developers. This practice leads to faster deployment, reduced costs, and a steady market!

Growing demand

According to a report by MarketandMarkets, the no-code development industry estimately reached 21.2 billion dollars. Moreover, a larger number of companies are investing their time and resources in no-code development.


The Great Resignation, a trend where a number of employees voluntarily leave their jobs due to a combination of factors accelerated the low-code no code development technologies, according to a report by Entrepreneur. The no-code platforms emerged as a solution for businesses needing more developer talent, facilitating the creation of websites and apps without requiring in-depth technical knowledge.

Entrepreneurs and IT leaders increasingly adopt low-code, no-code tools to promote an innovation culture. Do you want to develop a no-code platform? Well, AppsRhino is here to answer all your queries! You can contact our team and tell us about your idea. 

Companies know us for our unmatched client support and expert developers. With our team by your side, you will face no worries or hassles about the app or web application development!

Please don't wait, and connect with us today. We are looking forward to your partnership!


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