A Beginner's Guide to PHP: The Popular Web Dev Language

Updated On: April 29, 2023

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As the backend language for web development, PHP is widely recognized. That does not imply that PHP is required for backend development. Backend development is done in various languages, but PHP web development has produced several top-notch websites like Facebook, Wikipedia, and others.

PHP has to be one of the best decisions you can make if you want to advance your career as a full-stack Web developer or backend developer. Even if you are a WordPress developer, PHP is a requirement.

What steps should you take if you've decided to begin a career in PHP web development? Allow us to support and mentor you as you learn to construct excellent PHP websites.

Is learning PHP worth it?

You may wish to learn PHP immediately, but after some study, you discovered that many developers dislike it and prefer something more modern, like JavaScript or Python. For newcomers, this polarizing viewpoint within the developer community could be discouraging.

Despite all of these beliefs, the most popular backend language is still PHP. It was created in C specifically for the web development industry. The world's biggest content management system, WordPress, and some of the world's biggest businesses operate on PHP.

As PHP is simple to use, new developers, can learn it quickly. Developers are constantly improving upon the system to maintain it current.

The PHP backend code is constantly being reviewed and improved by a team of developers. Making PHP an object-oriented programming language was one of the significant changes.

You should have no issues running PHP on a widely used database like MySQL, so you should anticipate a faultless PHP experience. Because PHP is one of the more established programming languages, many community members can assist you if you encounter any problems.

Essential skills required for a PHP developer

1. Front-end languages

Do you know the many languages PHP developers use while creating front-end code? Websites and web pages can be made using these computer languages.

You must employ a PHP programmer conversant in the languages listed below.

  • HTML(Hypertext markup language): Create websites with the appropriate structure and content.
  • CSS(Cascading style sheets): To design websites and make them user-friendly
  • Javascript: For backend tasks and database maintenance!

2. Database languages for PHP

PHP developers make websites, including databases using this programming language. Employers looking to hire a PHP specialist must confirm their coding and implementation knowledge of database languages.

Are you familiar with the various PHP database types? These types include, among others, centralized databases, graph databases, no-SQL databases, operational databases, and object-oriented databases.

3. Software for graphic designing

Your business wants to make websites for clients. As a result, you want to employ a PHP developer online who uses their imagination to create appealing pages. These PHP developers ought to be familiar with various design software and how to use it.

Also, they must be familiar with design patterns to decipher codes and resolve other program-related issues. The following list includes a few design pattern platforms.

  • Strategy
  • Singleton
  • Factory

4. Communication skills

You can assess the communication skills of the PHP programmers you hire for your team. These applicants must effectively articulate their positions and be willing to listen to others.

PHP developers will present their suggestions for improving the project. Before hiring a dedicated PHP Developer, you can cross-examine the prospects throughout the interview process. You can decide whether or not to hire these developers with the assistance of the responses.

Some must-know technologies and frameworks for PHP developers

1. Laravel

Laravel is the best choice if a PHP Web Developer wishes to construct and customize Websites efficiently!

The essential built-in utilities for user authentication, customization, caching, etc., are included in this Framework.

Moreover, PHP developers can add a Laravel Debugbar, a toolbar for the application, to assist them in debugging code.

Do you know that a PHP web developer can design web applications even if they don't have the PHP software installed on their system? A Vagrant Box on the Laravel Homestead enables client-side development using a virtual machine.

Laravel also features a vibrant developer community that aids novice PHP developers in their learning and efficient code execution.

2. Phalcon

Programmers that use the Phalcon Framework can work as PHP developers. A full-stack framework built on the C language is called Phalcon.

Despite having a program written in C, PHP developers can be fluent in something other than that language. PHP classes and namespaces are available to programmers.

One of the quickest and lightest PHP frameworks is Plalcon. Moreover, it utilizes the MVC Architecture. To work with Phalcon, PHP programmers might need additional tools.

3. CakePHP

The most recent release of this Framework was introduced by PHP with an intriguing caption. Cleaner, quicker, and tastier than usual

CakePHP 4.1 Strawberry is the name given to it by PHP programmers.

CakePHP is regarded as the greatest Framework for PHP programmers. Moreover, this is PHP's first Framework. To use CakePHP, PHP developers must adhere to specific coding standards.

It has a large selection of libraries with parts and capabilities for better program association.

When hiring PHP developers, make sure they are familiar with the necessary Slack Channels and support sites, such as Stack Overflow.

4. CodeIgniter

It is commonly known that the Codelgniter Framework has the smallest footprint. Employ PHP programmers that need a short, beautiful, and valuable toolkit, such as Codelgniter!

This PHP Framework, which is 1.2 MB, is relatively small, similar to Phalcon. Codelgniter provides speed but leaves a trace on your website after use.

Working with MVC and non-MVC design patterns that Codelgniter supports may be something a PHP web developer wants to do. The security capabilities of this Framework, such as scripting, content security policies, context-sensitive text escaping, etc., can be used by PHP developers.

5. Yii

Being pragmatic and flexible simultaneously is one of the best qualities of the Yii Framework.

Yii makes it simple to set up and use by offering the comprehensive documentation and starting guide that any PHP Web Developer needs.

This Framework gives Phalcon competition. Yii may have a lot of powerful features, but PHP programmers can integrate them with extensions to make the process go faster.

Some of the security features of the Yee Framework include user authentication and protection against SQL injection.

6. Zend Framework

Choose the Zend Framework if you want to engage PHP programmers to create enterprise-level apps and websites!

The following things won't be lacking if you use this PHP Framework.

  • Extensibility
  • Performance
  • Integrity
  • Security
  • Authentication of Tools and services

Zend Studio IDE is one of the Zend Framework's most outstanding features. Most PHP developer jobs are for programmers confident in their ability to build exceptional websites and applications with the fewest features possible.

Zend Framework offers a quick development method ideal for enterprise and rapid websites.

7. Fuel PHP

Who argues that integrating new technology with existing ones is a good idea? One of the latest frameworks for PHP development is called Fuel PHP. It possesses the necessary components for efficient web development.

Fuel PHP also supports HMVC (Hierarchical Model View Controller). With the aid of this functionality, PHP developers may quickly test various Website components while using several controllers.

In addition, Fuel PHP Framework has seven security features that go above and beyond the highest level of protection offered by other PHP technologies and frameworks.

8. Symfony

Who doesn't enjoy simple programming syntax? Make sure the PHP programmer you employ is familiar with Symfony!

Twig, which employs less syntax and offers smoother services, is used in this PHP framework.

The company's web development project will use over fifty PHP components, which PHP developers can choose from. The modular component structure in the Symfony Framework is responsible for this feature.

Learning Symfony, which requires more time to comprehend and utilize than other Frameworks, may be necessary for PHP developer jobs.

9. Laminas project

There are a ton of different PHP Frameworks and technologies that are accessible to PHP Web Developers. Well, we've come to the end of the list.

PHP programmers see Laminas Project as a Zend Framework extension. If you hire PHP programmers using the Laminas Project as a framework, they should know the following project description.

  • Laminas Components and MVC
  • Mezzio
  • API Tools

This object-oriented Framework is popularly used for business development initiatives!


Are you interested in hiring a PHP developer for your group online? You can hire a PHP specialist who is employed full-time, part-time, or as a freelancer. However, the hiring procedure will take a while for these positions. Hiring a committed PHP developer may take days or even weeks.

You should outsource if you want to hire the best PHP programmers for your team in less time.

Which is the ideal location to outsource employees? Get in touch with AppsRhino! For you, we have a committed team of PHP developers! They put forth much effort and possess the necessary training and expertise.

To learn more, contact us right away!


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