How are QA Engineers an asset for my company?

Updated On: February 22, 2023

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Do you know why the purportedly most innovative initiative, the Mars Climate Orbiter Spacecraft, failed so utterly? Just because someone needed to utilize the proper units.

Seriously? Yes, when little mistakes that could have been easily avoided by quality testing are ignored, this is what happens. Even when a project is well-documented, completed on schedule, and adheres to business objectives, these simple mistakes can result in excessive financial or reputational damages.

Having quality assurance experts on your development team is now essential for successful software organizations. This article discusses what a QA engineer does and why you need one on your team.

What is Quality Assurance(QA)?

What is Quality Assurance(QA)?

Quality Assurance (QA), as the name suggests, is a systematic procedure that ascertains whether a good or service complies with a list of requirements. 

Quality assurance is the fundamental component of quality management that concentrates on giving assurance of the extent to which the quality requirements have been met.

Software quality assurance seeks to increase productivity and efficiency, allowing businesses to gain the trust of their clients and enhance their credibility. A QA system, which is preventive, finds any defects in the strategies, approaches, methods, techniques, and procedures intended to finish a project.

Tools required for Quality Assurance testing

Tools required for Quality Assurance testing

Functional test tools

These are testing tools for the software's various functions. The appropriate staff will be alerted if any errors are discovered. Sauce Labs and Selenium are two significant utilities.

Performance test tools

There comes a time when the performance begins to decline, just as with other software. These tools can assist you in determining when this might occur and whether the program is trustworthy enough to be released to the public. LoadRunner and LoadNinja are two standard tools.

Test management tools

These are the tools a QA engineer uses to create test cases for the specifications of the software. These tools will run the test cases and track any problems compared to the software's specifications. The Zephyr Scale and XQual are two common instruments.

Benefits of QA Engineers

Benefits of QA Engineers

Improving the quality of product/service

Suppose there are no QA Engineers on a project team. In that case, the program must be tested by someone else who may need to do it appropriately (developers, analysts, or project managers). Instead of delivering the content itself, a QA engineer concentrates on approving delivered content. They adopt a slightly different strategy than a coder as a result.

QA engineers are more skilled at spotting defects and odd behaviors in the program since they spend more time testing than developers. A QA engineer invests time in market and consumer demand research to determine the application's proper purpose. This is why you should definitely hire a QA engineer.

Saves time and money

The application is tested with the help of a skilled and experienced QA Engineer, saving the business time and money. Simply put, the organization will spend more time and money to repeat the entire process if inconsistencies and problems are not addressed earlier.

You can speed up the entire process if a QA engineer supports the project's launch because the customer knows what to supply. Now you got another reason to hire QA engineers for your project.

Great User Experience(UX)

The need to perfect the user experience is more crucial than ever, given that many competitors offer comparable products and that user experience is now given greater weight. 

Frustration over a poor user experience frequently leads customers to switch to a rival. A QA engineer who continuously monitors and enhances the UX of each software project can prevent this.

Prevents breakdowns

The business can reduce costly repair and maintenance work for upcoming application development by conducting a test process. How much is it, you ask? Take NASA as an example. In 1998, they committed errors that resulted in the loss of the Mars orbiter. 

The simple mistake was caused by the orbiter's software sending all the data in metric units while the engineers were processing it in English as non-metric. A $125 million loss was brought on by this mistake!

You can prevent such huge mistakes if you hire a QA engineer for your company. You will also be able to preserve your image as a brand when no bug is found in your product. 

Ensures long-term profit

We can see from the instances above how the software quality impacts the cost of your projects. By making QA investments, we create a brand of quality and trust for our company, allowing us to reinvest the money that would have otherwise been lost due to early error identification.

Retained image means retained customers. More customers lead to more profits, so your company will continue to earn big. Hire a QA Engineer to ensure everything functions smoothly when you put your product on the market.


A QA Engineer is needed whether a business is product- or service-based. Software development companies that work with clients are more likely to employ QA Analysts, QA Specialists, or QA Engineers to guarantee the overall quality of the final product.

Development organizations with strong and capable QA programs can draw in more customers. The fact that it has a skilled QA staff boosts its standing as a high-quality provider with its clients and increases employee loyalty.

If you are looking to hire a QA Engineer for your next project, you need to look no further! You can outsource QA engineers from AppsRhino on part-time or per project basis. We will provide you with the most proficient QA engineer based on your requirements.

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