How can I hire someone to develop an Android app?

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How can I hire someone to develop an Android app?

Applications for the Android operating system are programs that may be used with it. You can either download and install them yourself, or they already come pre-installed with Android OS. Everything depends on the app and device in question. Smartphone apps come to mind as soon as you hear the phrase "Android applications." That makes perfect sense, but not all Android applications are designed to run on mobile devices. Up till now, Android has expanded its wings quite a bit. Given that it debuted back in 2008, that is hardly surprising. Currently, Android is available in many versions. Now, the next innovative application is in your head. You've decided to pursue your goal and realize your dream with desire and passion. You've now decided to employ an Android app developer to help you realize your vision for a breath-taking app. How can you tell Android developers are true professionals when you hire them for these jobs? Even if you lack technical or programming experience, you still want to choose the best candidate for Android app development. Can it be done? Yes. Let's continue reading the article to learn more.

Qualifications of Android developers


Qualifications of Android developers

Here is a quick rundown of the qualifications you should seek in independent Android developers: 

1. Creating native apps using the Android SDK 

2. Strong foundation in UI/UX design principles 

3. REST and SOAP APIs 

4. Version management tools like Git 

5. Methods for managing projects like Jira 

6. Frameworks for developing cross-platform mobile applications like React Native 

7. Consulting firms for Android development assist companies in building competitive mobile applications for the Google Play Store. 

Why hire developers for mobile apps?


Why hire developers for mobile apps?

Identifying your needs is the key to hiring top mobile app developers. Are you updating an existing iOS app to the most recent version? Or do you require assistance building a brand-new Android app? The amount it will cost to complete your project will mostly depend on its scope of work and the specialized talents required. 

List of scenarios to avoid while employing new employees

There are a lot of mistakes that one can make. Here is a list of scenarios you can avoid when hiring an Android developer. 

Employing a developer who lacks a solid understanding of product behavior

 Android app developers should have a solid understanding of product design until they can help them without assistance from a product manager. Working with Android developers with experience can save you a tonne of time and money because product behavior is a critical component of the Android development process. Experienced Android developers create applications that function well and are easy to use. Your app's UX may feel less developed if you hire an Android developer with less experience. In that case, you might require additional development cycles to create a good version. 

Choosing a developer who lacks extensive UI and Material Design experience

Graphics alone are only one component of a user interface. Yes, it should appear lovely. But it must also be easy to comprehend. The assistance of a designer may be helpful while developing an Android application. Still, it is typically insufficient to guarantee your app's high-quality UI. That's because the software changes while it is being designed, and you might need to modify the UI since the product changed or got new features. 

Hiring an Android developer without prior experience with app release and Google Play publication

The average Android app developer has launched many apps on Google Play. Your applicant must have experience with the tasks that must be done before an app can be released. Another thing is that you must sign an application before you distribute it. You must utilize a hash key file to protect and establish your ownership of this program. When publishing to Google Play, this file is necessary. 

Employing a Developer Who Doesn't Have at Least One Attractive Google Play App

You probably want to see examples of their work when you interview potential Android app developers to gauge how experienced they are with the platform. But that's insufficient. Check the Play Store for the developer's apps, not only ones they've created as work for customers, to make a better decision about your future developer. It is essential to notice because it demonstrates that the developer is creating Android applications for the love of the platform rather than only for financial gain. We said previously that the developer knows how to publish an app to Google Play. And your main goal should be dealing with an Android developer who enjoys their work. 

Selecting a developer without considering the entire stack

 Suppose you hire an Android developer without database management experience. In that case, you might need to bring on another developer just for that task. Sometimes a job can be so complicated that hiring a different developer is worthwhile. However, given your database will likely be quite simple, you won't often require that in the early versions of your software. Android developers should have some database management knowledge, even just straightforward ones. A developer can use a variety of services with the help of an easy API to manage databases. 

Employing a developer that gives inaccurate time estimates

When the applicant applies for the android developer job, they may need some time to complete the task. This time might have been estimated depending on how long it would take them to complete it. Usually, the ETA should be precise while carrying out a little task. Additionally, you should give your candidate minor tasks to accomplish during the trial that they can finish. You should check if they finished the assignment by the estimated completion time. If not, you should receive adequate justifications—again, not typically the case for little projects. However, giving a precise ETA for large undertakings can be challenging because, frequently, there may be more product modifications, features, and unexpected bugs along the road. 

Selecting a Developer Who Doesn't Provide You With Updates Frequently Enough

It's crucial to check that your candidate updates you on significant changes, typically at the expected frequency, even when giving out modest assignments. Your developer may update you frequently or just when something crucial happens. Whatever it is, you should check to see if your candidate is providing the updates you were hoping for. Working with a developer who updates you too frequently or seldom can slow down your collaboration and reduce its effectiveness. If you expect updates, whether they are often or not, Android developers should be simple in dealing with and working. 

Working with a developer that frequently delivers buggy builds

 After giving your candidate a task to complete and receiving an update from them with the build, you should test thoroughly to check for any potential flaws. And the rationale is that it ought to provide light on the developer's capacity to identify and correct bugs—or, to put it another way—to test their products. Hence, you should pay attention to the initial build your candidate gives you, test it properly, and look for any errors that seem simple to duplicate. 

How to shortlist Android developers?


How to shortlist Android developers?

Creating a shortlist of the independent developers you might wish to interview is always helpful. At the same time, you look through the accessible Android development consultants. You can evaluate profiles using criteria like: 

Expertise:You should look for a specialist if your software needs GPU programming, game design, or accelerometer control knowledge. 

Prior work: A developer's past projects or speeches showcasing their accomplishments are sometimes displayed on their profiles. Good code is also thoroughly documented. Feedback: Past reviews are a fantastic place to look if you're curious about what it's like to work with a particular Android developer. Identifying and knowing your needs is the key to finding top Android developers. Is this application designed to be a secure user account portal? Will the app need particular functionality, such as document scanning and text reading? The amount it will cost to complete your project will primarily depend on its scale and the specific abilities required. 

How to craft a compelling job posting for an Android developer?

Now that you have a distinct image of the ideal Android developer in your head, it's time to create that job posting. Try to be specific so freelancers can decide if they are the proper fit for the job. A successful job posting for an Android developer should include: 

Work scope: Include all necessary deliverables, such as user chat rooms and authentication. 

Project size: In your job posting, you should specify whether this is a small or large project. 

Background: Convert your requirements for an Android developer into a candidate profile. Mention any specific sectors, software, or marketing channels. 

Budget: Create a budget and indicate whether hourly rates or fixed-price agreements are what you prefer. 

Cost of hiring a mobile app developer

The cost of hiring that mobile developer and your project budget are likely to be your top priorities. You'll need an expert with the right skill set for your specific project, whether working with a native operating system, using cross-platform software, beginning from scratch, or adding new integrations. Let's examine the cost considerations while hiring a mobile app developer. 

Native, web, or hybrid mobile platform of choice?

 Are you looking to develop a hybrid, online, or cross-platform mobile app, whether it be for Android, iOS, or Windows, or do you require a native app? For several reasons, this may impact costs. First off, developing a native app ties you to a single platform. You are developing a codebase that is written just for that mobile platform. Adding a native app for each platform automatically lengthens the project's duration and increases its cost. 

App project deliverables and complexity

 Establishing your requirements for your mobile app will enable you to estimate deliverables, phases, and the time needed to accomplish it. Depending on the style, functionality, and integrations you require, a mobile app development project could take a week, six months, or even longer. A real-time messaging app, for instance, needs back-end integrations and database support. In contrast, a straightforward utility app might not need any server-side integrations. 

Location, experience, and cost of developers

 The price of developing mobile apps has been extensively discussed in writing. The most affordable and efficient solution is an app-building website like Build fire or Apps Builder. App developers can be highly cost-effective with tiered subscription plans ranging from $10 to $150 per month if you only need a simple layout with the barest minimum of functionality. But if you're serious about integrating a mobile app into your company and want complete customizability, you'll need a developer.


 Find an Android developer with experience who gets along with you. The most popular mobile OS is Android (OS). An Android developer can assist you in realizing your mobile project, whether you're trying to build an Android app from the start or migrate an existing iOS app to Android. Confirming that any Android developers you contemplate working with are true experts who can produce your app at the best level possible is critical. Working with the proper Android developer will save you both time and money, and you could find them suited for more projects in the future. Although the hiring process might be complex, if you stay away from the traps described below, you will locate the appropriate candidate more quickly. Contact appsRhino to know more!

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