How Can Same Day Delivery keep you Ahead in the Competition?

Posted On: May 11, 2022

Posted By: appsrhino


In May 2015, when Amazon launched its same-day delivery service in the major 14 cities of the U.S., it was adorned and welcomed by mass consumers. The same-day delivery concept that is the delivery within 24 hours has fit well into the consumer's expectations. It integrates online retail stores with brick and mortar stores. In recent years, major companies like DFL, DPD, FedEx have started working on the same-day delivery model keeping in view the sharp surge in the consumers' demand. According to a study, 61% of online consumers are ready to pay more money to access goods immediately, and 51% of retailers are inclined to offer in the next 2 years. On top of that, 80% of surveyed shoppers expect to deliver their goods and services to the buyers within one day, whereas 61% showed the willingness to deliver their packages to the buyers in 3-4 hours. These stats highlight a golden opportunity for brick and mortar stores and the logistics industry.

Here are the solutions that can help you stay ahead in the Game.

Customers want same-day delivery

As the consumer's lifestyle, preferences, and taste evolve, the hectic work schedules have inclined the buyers to gratify their demand the fastest. The online retail marketplace's limitation over brick and mortar stores is not on the spot delivery of products. Usually, a parcel/courier is delivered after 24 hours at the doorstep, unlike instant access to the product. According to a survey, 74% of the consumers are likely to shop again after receiving same-day delivery of goods and services. Online retailers will benefit from the same-day delivery model with immediate product access. Their position increases as compared to stationery retailers. Brick and mortar stores can broaden their sales by integrating their infrastructure with the e-commerce channel. This approach is a win-win deal for the businesses as the consumers are increasingly focused on same-day delivery. With the disruption of the on-demand platform, the logistics and supply chain industry is constantly re-innovating to gain a competitive edge. Thus, the same-day delivery model embedded with GPS, Cloud Computing, and the latest technologies is the future of logistics or pick up and delivery businesses.

Offer Same Day Delivery to Build Brand Loyalty

Building a brand is challenging for small businesses, especially with constantly changing customer expectations. Brands are experimenting with creative digital experiences, transforming consumer loyalty dynamics. Today consumers feel loyal to the brands that provide them with personalized offers and discounts and interact with them through their preferred communication channel. On top of that, same-day delivery instills great confidence in consumers' buying experience. And the purchase conversion rate can increase up to 20-30%. The survey results of Amazon claim that more than 50% of people would frequently buy the products if same-day delivery were offered. Thus, a good delivery experience is an important aspect of keeping the customers loyal, encouraging repeat purchases, and helping to build a loyal brand.

Offer Upfront Pricing


Upfront Pricing lets consumers aware of the exact price that the company will charge for the immediate delivery of goods. The delivery price increases when the demand for the immediate delivery of products rises. The system will calculate the price based on the time and distance traveled, including any toll charges. The customer will have complete information about the cost. In the Uber for Taxi business, there is a great increase in the number of requests to avail cab service because their customers have full control over the price and love upfront pricing. Offering Upfront Pricing in a same-day delivery model will aid in more deliveries per day and thus more earnings.

Real Time-Tracking


Real-time tracking is another prominent aspect to gratify the immediate needs of consumers. The real-time tracking allows the organization to have direct control of the fleet en route, allowing them to make better decisions and improve customer service. Real-time tracking furnishes productivity and customer satisfaction. An organization can smoothly deliver goods and services without hindrance to customer experience. If any fleet or driver is not working efficiently, an organization can easily overcome the glitches. Live tracking system furnishes the customer's satisfaction. From a GPS tracking system, a company's revenue can increase up to 16.4%. Further, a business organization can reduce fuel costs which is one of the highest expenses of an organization. Real-time tracking allows planning and monitoring the shortest, efficient, and fastest routes which saves both the time and money of the organization.

Hire Professional Drivers


According to a study, around 57% of consumers won't purchase the product again if the delivery person is unprofessional. 70% of Consumers can instill more confidence in the brand if the delivery person is dressed in a uniform. Quality delivery is measured not only by the on-time delivery of the product. It should also be ensured that the goods are guarded against any theft or damage, tracked in real-time, and handled with care. Thus, professional drivers are vital to an organization because delivery experience leaves a lasting impression on the consumer's mind, affecting their loyalty towards a brand in the future.

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