How is ReactJs different from React Native Library?

Updated On: January 4, 2023

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Do you know the difference between React js and React Native? Consider the distinction between cashews and almonds. Both cashews and almonds are dry fruits. However, they differ in texture, taste, and cost! You can consider the same for React javascript and React Native!

Therefore, React (React js) and React Native may seem similar to new Developers due to their names. However, they are different technologies developed by Facebook!

React js is a JavaScript library for building the user interface of Web Applications. On the other hand, React Native is a JavaScript Framework for Android, iOS, and Windows Application Development. 

Do you wish to understand the distinction between the two in detail? Why are we waiting, then? Let's read this blog and understand the features, benefits, and limitations of React js and React Native!

Individual Introduction

Let's understand the meaning, definition, and use of React js and React Native separately. These technologies have been contributing to the Development world in different ways. By the end of this blog, you'll understand the difference between websites and web applications with the knowledge of React javascript and React Native!

1. React


In one sentence, React or React js is a Front-end Development library from JavaScript. What is the use of this library? If a Developer wishes to engage in the development of single-page websites, webpages, and user interfaces for web and mobile applications, they can go for React!

Why is React js helpful? There are numerous features available in this Front-end library. Developers can use the components from React to automate the designing process. Moreover, they can integrate with plugins and other libraries to develop scalable and swift web applications. 

Facebook created the backend of React javascript in 2011. 

You can integrate the bootstrap frameworks into the React library instead of JavaScript. This is one of the features of this library to create React bootstrap to combine all bundles and plugins for effective website development!

2. React Native

React Native

If a new Developer hears React Native, they might wonder if it is an extension of React. However, it is a framework for Mobile Application development. 

Facebook created the React Native framework to meet customer demands. Using this framework, you can use one codebase to develop hybrid Applications (For iOS, Android, and Windows). 

How does React Native work? Developers can use JavaScript to create the Mobile Application framework and render it for hybrid platforms. 

React Native uses the abstract base of React js. However, these technologies are different in multiple ways. 

Differences between React js and React Native 

We understand the abstraction between React javascript and React Native. Let's understand the difference between the two by knowing their features and benefits together!

1. The working procedure for React and React Native!

The working procedure for React and React Native!

A. React

Do you know about Document Object Model(DOM)? This feature allows the Developers to arrange the program and its essential components in one format. The presentation of frameworks & libraries is influenced by their ability to manage DOM.

React uses the Virtual DOM to create and update dynamic websites. DOM helps in improving the performance of the website and gives a better experience to the users. 

B. The use of Native APIs in the React Native library

The use of Native APIs in the React Native library

Developers use Java APIs to render components for Android Applications and native APIs and Objective-C for iOS Applications. 

You can hire JavaScript Developers to create the framework for the Application and use the same code for hybrid Application Development! 

Hence, the code is reusable and saves time and effort for the programmers. 

2. Efficiency

React and React Native prove their efficiency to the Developers in different ways. 

Developers use React js to create interactive user interfaces for web and mobile applications. React helps Developers efficiently run on the client-side while rendering on the server side. 

Developers can integrate Java, Swift, Objective-C, and other Native codes into the React Native Framework to enable customization, providing better efficiency. 

Final Words

There are other differences between React and React Native. How to choose between the two? You can select between these two Frameworks based on your requirements. If you want to create single-page websites or web applications, you can use React javascript for the best results. 

However, if you want to engage in Mobile or web application development, React Native will be perfect for you!

Do you require assistance in Mobile or Website Application Development? Contact AppsRhino! We have the best team of React and React Native Developers for your upcoming project! 


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