How much does it cost to hire a iOS developer?

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Businesses have moved online in recent years, and with the rise of smartphones and tablets on the market, mobile devices now account for a large portion of data traffic. Having a dedicated developer to make your company idea into reality is critical, and being aware of the costs of hiring an iOS developer is vital. This data has been compiled exclusively for customers looking to determine the best price and make a decision rapidly. You won't have to waste time doing various searches because this blog will take care of everything. We can also directly assist you with app development, particularly if you need to employ an iOS-App developer. AppsRhino provides outstanding, dependable developers for hire, but first, let's look at some of the most critical factors in hiring mobile iOS developers.

Essential Recommendations to Look For When Hiring an iOS App Developer? 

When you've decided that your company expects an iOS app, you should start looking for an iOS app developer to hire. We've compiled a list of six essential recommendations to consider when hiring an iOS app developer. 

1. Get to know a candidate better

 You should review a candidate's CV and investigate their social presence before inviting them to an interview (for example, teaching courses, podcasts, interviews, Stack Overflow, etc.). Examining the GIT repository and the code's quality is also crucial. 

2. It is critical to comprehend the theory

Ensure the candidate understands programming theory and the technologies/frameworks used in development before examining their practice skills. 

3. Examine your reasoning skills

After you've gone over the theory, you'll need to review their practice abilities and ability to use various tactics in different scenarios. 

4. Try your hand at live coding

To make a final judgment, it's sometimes vital to evaluate how the applicant handles programming challenges in live mode. 

5. Only assign test tasks if you're sure they're required

 Gone are times when completing a test task was a requirement for any job. The use of test tasks in today's world is obsolete. You can still give the candidate a test task if you're not confident they've demonstrated all their knowledge or skills. 

6. The conclusion clarifies everything

The project manager should assess the candidate's soft and hard talents at the end of the interview and make a final selection. 

Roles and Responsibilities of iOS Developers

Depending on the candidate's level, the list of duties and responsibilities for an iOS developer will fluctuate. Similarly, the talents necessary will vary.

 Junior iOS Programmer

  1. Maintain the application's responsiveness by writing quality code. 
  2. Recognize the software ecosystem and application codebase that already exists.
  3. Ability to learn new concepts, business models, and technologies and apply them. 

iOS Developer at the Mid-Level

  1.  Information about how to publish an app on the App Store.
  2. Can effectively use iOS databases 
  3. Experience creating user interfaces using an IDE for iOS programs, such as XCode (UIs)
  4. Ability to improve app functionality via APIs and third-party libraries 
  5. Performs or automates unit tests using version control tools such as GitHub or BitBucket

 iOS Developer at the Senior Level

  1. Create complex applications for the iOS platform.
  2. Interaction with Customers 
  3. Work with cross-functional teams to define, design, and import new features. 
  4. Wireframes are created.
  5. Develops, tests, and implements an iOS application and continues to build new versions of the app.
  6. Creates solutions on their own 
  7. Unit-test code for robustness, edge cases, usability, and overall dependability 
  8. To fix bugs 
  9. Improve the performance of the application.

Factors that influence the cost of hiring iOS developers

The following are some of the most crucial factors: 


Knowing where the developer acquired their education, natural talents, and other factors might aid in cost estimation. The higher the cost, the more skills or knowledge required. 


Hiring an iOS designer with years of expertise in mobile app development is more than the cost of hiring a developer who is just out of college with no experience. While expertise may not be directly proportionate to the quality of work produced, it significantly impacts the cost of hiring mobile iOS engineers.


 The developer's location is an essential element that directly influences a candidate's employment. It is influenced by the country's level of life and cost of living, and labor market saturation. Suppose you compare the cost of hiring iPhone app developers in the United States to a third-world country. In that case, you'll notice a significant difference because American developers are significantly more expensive. 


Specific tech stacks can also influence the cost per hour. Because the IT sector is adaptable, programmers can quickly find high-demand niches. Hiring an iOS designer specializing in a unique technology, such as a programming language or framework, is usually more expensive.


 The cost is decided by the project's intricacy and the hourly rate. Some developers prefer to stick to well-known patterns and avoid stepping outside their comfort zone, while others prefer a challenge. It usually has an impact on the rates. 

There are a variety of ways to employ iOS developers.

 When considering how to hire iOS developers, you have three options: 

  1. Do it yourself. 
  2. Hire through staff augmentation firms. 
  3. Collaborate with a recruiting agency.

 Recruiting a freelancer on your own

 Freelancers may be the most excellent option, especially considering the cost. They seem more cost-effective than other solutions, with freelancer prices ranging from $15 to $120 per hour. With such a wide selection of options, you can hire iOS App developers to fit your budget. However, the hourly rate should not be the only consideration. It would help if you also thought about the cost of hiring a mobile iOS developer. It includes the inevitable recruitment and hiring headaches that come with hiring independently.

 Hire an iOS developer through a staffing firm

This option will save time and money because the recruiting firm will perform all legwork and provide a streamlined pool of candidates to choose a coder. In this example, the average cost would be the hourly rate of a developer plus the cost of an agency's services. The agency's absence of deep technical experience is a significant downside of this strategy, which may not be very beneficial.

 With the assistance of a staffing firm, you can hire an iOS developer

This strategy, like agencies, may not appear to be very cost-effective. Still, when you choose an out-staffing firm, you are selecting a trustworthy, high-quality partner who will help you identify and recruit iOS app developers for your company and assist you with technical challenges. How much does an out-staffing business charge to hire an iOS designer? It all relies on the price policy, of course. You can hire a seasoned developer without the headaches of a hiring process, and the developer can be quickly fired after the task is completed

Four suggestions for finding a low-cost iPhone app developer

Understanding how much iOS developers charge per hour is critical for small businesses on a tight budget and medium-sized companies looking to get the most out of their money. Knowing only the hourly rates may not be ideal in this situation. As a result, we've put together these pointers on hiring iOS App developers and getting the most out of them. 

Tip 1: Conduct a thorough market analysis to identify how to hire mobile iOS developers and the going pricing

When you get to the interview stage and the developer names their desired salary, you'll want to see how it compares to market prices. Knowing the ideal salary range might help determine the project's preliminary budget.

Tip 2: Determine the best technology stack to utilize

 Because technical talents and degrees of expertise greatly influence hiring costs, it's best to decide early. It will guarantee that you are aware of the expense of a given tech stack and do not overspend. Additionally, choose the platform on which your program will run.

Tip 3: Consider outsourcing if you want to save money on hiring iOS app developers 

As costs vary widely from country to country, offshoring is a good alternative for companies to save money without sacrificing their product quality. Firstly, you must hire a developer who is more qualified. You'll be able to employ an iOS designer for a more extended amount of time. In general, it's a terrific bargain! 

Tip 4: Make use of staffing services

Staff augmentation services can be a viable alternative if you only require a developer for a short period to design an application. An hourly price can be slightly higher, but the benefits are evident when leaves, vacations, and the necessary equipment are considered. As a result, the average cost is cheaper in the long run. 

iPhone App Developer Cost

 These pointers should assist you in establishing how much an iPhone app developer should cost 

Hire iOS developers according to your budget and skill set

Make a list of the target geographies where you might be able to meet your staffing objectives. You can choose particular geographic regions you wish to hire an iOS developer or iPhone app developer, provided you have produced a detailed and comprehensive document of your iOS app development project. They should choose the venues to satisfy your talent and financial needs efficiently.

Consult with a reputable talent agency to find trustworthy individuals

 These talent agencies enable you to employ iOS developers quickly and cost-effectively from your preferred geographical areas. Discuss your project's main requirements, such as budget, duration, number of professionals, tech stacks, and other relevant information, so they can best assist you. 

Examine portfolios and make assessments of developers who have been chosen

To completely authenticate the capabilities of the iOS developers identified by the talent sourcing business, their portfolios will need to be examined and checked. The assessment should include interviews, sample work, group discussions, and other review techniques. 


In 2022, a mobile app will become increasingly important for organizations; therefore, if you're considering developing one, how much it costs to employ iOS developers will most certainly come up. We strongly suggest you collaborate with AppsRhino if you are on a tight budget or want to gain the most out of every unit of money spent on development. AppsRhino is a fantastic place to employ iOS developers. You may use the AI-powered intelligent talent cloud to find, engage, and manage mobile app developers from anywhere. You can use the platform to employ an iOS developer in as little as 3-5 days by tapping into a broader pool of expertise.

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