How to Develop Food & Restaurants apps?

Updated On: February 10, 2023

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 There you are, the talk of the town, thanks to the legendary Food and Restaurants apps you have launched. Wherever you go, whomever you hear or talk to, it is you and your food and restaurant apps. Your revenue keeps on increasing, and so does your customer base. 

As you see an increment in your customer influx, you see the more popularity your restaurant or food establishment witnesses. It sounds good. However, you must burn the midnight oil to carve excellent food and restaurant apps. No one denies that functional food and restaurant apps increase your revenue, but they do more. They enhance your customers' user experience, improve your payment process, let you give better responses to the bookings you receive, and give you better and transparent customer feedback and strong customer loyalty. 

All these things help you expand your business and reach a broader range of audiences. And the best part to achieving this feat is that you do not need to possess expertise in Food & Restaurants apps Development. Yes, you read it right. You only need a competent mobile app and web development company to manage your app development process! Read this Food & Restaurants app Development tutorial to learn how to develop legendary food and restaurant apps.

What are the different types of Food and Restaurant apps and their features?

 Let us look at the different types of food and restaurant apps below. 

Find Your Restaurant App

If your business revolves around helping people locate nearby restaurants, you will require a locator app to find restaurants within geo parameters. Such food and restaurant apps let people see a list of restaurants according to their cuisine choices, dining area, food items, popularity, occasion, etc. Suppose you have decided to develop such food and restaurant apps. In that case, it will be better to incorporate a comprehensive database of diners, cafes, restaurants, etc., in the vicinity and neighborhood. You will require Google places to API to compile your databases and later use geo-location to enable users to locate eating joints near them.

 Examples: OpenTable 

Integral Features of Find Your Restaurant App

1. User Profile

2. Restaurant listing and map views 

3. Ingredients selection 

4. Photo/Video upload 

5. Push Notifications 

6. Restaurant button/ link 

7. Restaurant Search or filters 

8. Restaurant information/ menu customization screens 

9. Photo gallery 

10. Review and ratings 

11. Activity stream 

12. In-app messaging/ calling 

On-table Order and Pay App 

The next type of food and restaurant app is the on-table order and pay app, which gives users an automated system to place orders and make payments from the restaurant table without interacting with the concerned restaurant staff. Food and restaurant apps can take orders from the available menu and generate a check for orders collected by a kitchen display system. From here on, the order is completed through payment or tip POS is created, which an individual can close on function fulfillment by the consumer. 

Essential Features of On-table order and pay app

1. Menu 

2. Reordering 

3. Loyalty programs 

4. Paying at the table/ counter 

5. Automatic tipping and tip addition 

6. Email/ print receipts 

7. Order form and details 

8. Order Ahead 

9. Bill spilled 

10. Mobile wallet integration 

11. Email/ print receipts 

Online Ordering and Delivery App

 The third type of food and restaurants apps is an online ordering and delivery app. Such food and restaurant apps are developed with end-to-end operation feature providing sound business support. Furthermore, they let users come across restaurants and diners in their vicinity, track their delivery, pay for the order, etc. The two types of such food and restaurants apps are as follows:

Delivery aggregator or service apps: 

Such food and restaurant apps allow restaurant owners to reach out to a dedicated service provider to deliver meals from their desired restaurants to customers' locations. 

Full-service Application:

Such food and restaurant apps are created without support or features incorporated from the outside. Developers code food and restaurant apps' features, and the complete operation is independent of third-party APIs. Numerous third-party integrations such as push notifications, order tracking, reviews, or feedback let people improve the restaurant's services in tandem with the delivery team towards a more effective food delivery. 

Example: FoodPanda 

Crucial Features of Online ordering and delivery app

 1. User profile 

2. Menu 

3. Automatic payment 

4. Order booking 

5. Notifications 

6. Real-time chat 

7. Restaurant search and listings 

8. Card registration 

9. Order details/ history 

10. Delivery status 

11. Ratings

Loyalty Program App

 Another type of food and restaurants apps is the Loyalty program app which is created to share details on upcoming and ongoing restaurant or food deals. Food and restaurant apps are developed to send timely notifications, reminders, and alerts to customers and users. Moreover, such food and restaurant apps let restaurants track how many new and old consumers have come due to the campaigns and offers introduced by respective restaurants. Also, it helps them chalk out further plans for their activities based on the help of user response. 

Example: Chick-fil-A One 

Significant Features Loyalty Program App

1. These apps offer rewards such as gifts, discounts, and complimentary beverages. 

2. Incentivized last-minute bookings on your app 

3. Configuring conditions for user rewards at the backend. 

4. Offers and schemes on customers' birthdays. 

5. In-app menus. 

6. In-app survey texts for star awards 

7. Gives updated periodically 

8. Complimentary appetizers such as free drinks and other hampers and goodies 

9. Notifications lead to free-in-store refills 

10. Mobile order and payment. You need to determine the need and type of food and restaurant apps you want to create. 

The other questions that might grip you are how to develop them, where to start the process and how to proceed with your vision. Read this Food & Restaurants app Development tutorial further to find answers to such questions. 

Steps to developing Robust food and restaurants apps 

When a restaurant owner decides to roll out an app for their food business, the first challenge they encounter is developing food and restaurant apps with the right features and functionalities. The best way to build your app is through a proficient on-demand app development company. However, there are a few things you need to bear in mind to commence the process the right way and save time and energy. 

1. Your food and restaurant apps should solve the challenges you and your users face or the industry faces in general. 

2. The Food & Restaurants apps Development should be efficient considering your investment of time and money. 

3. Your food and restaurant apps should be simple to run and give more convenience to users. 

4. Since your food and restaurant apps act as an interface between various stakeholders, they should be capable of providing uninterrupted connectivity to deliver and perform online ordering activities. 

5. It would be best to strive to perform a good design reference while developing your food and restaurant apps. 

Even though new ideas can revolutionize things, it is always better to take references at the start to help you get clarity in thoughts as your business moves ahead. 


This Food & Restaurants app Development tutorial has mentioned the various food and restaurant apps you might need according to your business needs. Choosing one from these given types is the entirety of your call. But to make such a decision, you must ensure that you fully understand what you need. 

Once you know the type of food and restaurant apps you require, you must include the functions your selected app type offers. And to make it unique, you can always add new features that your rivals do not offer. 

Well, you must consider and list the features you need to include. And as far as the Food & Restaurants apps Development is concerned, AppsRhino is here to take care of that. Contact us Today!