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Food delivery applications have become extremely popular among the masses due to their ability to deliver food ordered conveniently to their customers in their homes. You can attribute the increase in mobile-friendliness among the people as one of the primary reasons for its boom.

People are now getting comfortable in the online spaces and with the idea of ordering online. Food is an integral part of people's lives that can be left unseen. Consumers now do not like to compromise their valuable time.

As per the recent reports in Food Delivery news, 70% of the customers prefer online ordering and want it to be delivered. Pizza, a cult favorite, is very much in the food delivery game and its related business.

A pizza delivery app lets its users order a pizza, customize it according to their taste and liking, and is delivered at their doorsteps. Want to learn more about the pizza delivery application? Continue reading.


A Pizza delivery app might just be what your business may need to get to the next level. Here are the top features for a successful pizza delivery application

Why you should invest in a pizza delivery app

  1. Expansion in the global food delivery market
  2. Food and its related business are expanding globally
  3. Increase in mobile-friendliness among the people by USD 200 4. billion by 2025.
  4. Better data management
  5. Easy processing and faster procurement of data.
  6. A better understanding of their customers and their related information
  7. Using apps and technology to show the demographics
  8. It helps businesses understand their customers better
  9. Delivery service to doorsteps attracts more future potential customer
  10. More scope to attract potential customers when delivered to their doorsteps
  11. Simplifies the process of ordering and delivering pizza
  12. You can manage digitally hence better processing
  13. It simplifies the tedious process of maintaining the numbers and data

Best features in a pizza delivery app for customers

  1. Real-time order tracking
  2. Liberty to choose the pizza of their dream
  3. Scheduling of orders
  4. Loyalty coupons
  5. Payment options

Best features in a pizza delivery app for restaurants.

  1. Reports and analytics
  2. Feedback and reviews from customers
  3. Integrated content management system
  4. Promotions and marketing

Why should you invest in a pizza delivery app (if you haven't already!)

Expansion in the global food delivery market

Food delivery and its related business are expanding globally with an annual average of 27.9%. Ever since the boom on the internet and the people getting comfortable in the online spaces, the food delivery business has been ever-growing. In 2021, 2.14 billion people ordered food online. As per the recent reports of Forbes, online food orders will increase by USD 200 Billion by 2025. Isn't it a mind-blowing and sufficient fact for you to jump into this venture right away?

Increase in mobile friendliness among the people

People are getting comfortable with smartphones and their usage. Technology no longer scares but excites the common mass. At any given time, 64% of mobile users have installed at least one food delivery app.

Better data management

Since every process, from ordering a pizza to its successful delivery, is done digitally and online, data management has become extremely easy and convenient. Business owners no longer have to go through piles and heaps of registers to procure a small amount of data.

Given that all information is stored digitally, it's much easier for companies to understand their customers and improve the actual performance of their products. They can see which product performs the best among its customers and failed. Product analysis becomes easy when all of this happens on an app.

Delivery service to doorsteps attracts more future potential customers.

It's normal human behavior for people to get influenced by people around them. People seeing food being delivered at the doorstep of their neighbors make them order and try it out too. Many people are still skeptical about the online ordering situation. If they see a reliable live example, it probably will change their minds.

Simplifies the process of ordering and delivering the pizza

Introducing technology to a business has always turned out to be a blessing for the company. Gone are the days when people wrote orders manually. There are more chances of error when manually done while handling tonnes of information. Technology has now replaced simple manual data collection tasks with 0% error. Data storage also becomes very easy for companies.

Making a mobile application for pizza delivery isn't enough for the business to be a success. Standout and practical features that cater to customers' needs, couriers, and pizzerias make out for the perfect functional pizza delivery application. The app created must fit into the ecosystem of the enterprise. The must-have features include a sound user experience module, real-time order tracking, scheduling of orders, a range of payment options, and instant chat for communication with customers and drivers.

Must-have features for your pizza delivery app

For the customers

Liberty to choose the pizza of their dream

Customers should be free to choose pizzas of their liking and as per their taste. The app should include options to select the base, toppings, and add or remove ingredients, along with the standard pizzas for less adventurous customers. The app should cater to the needs of primary and experimental customers.

Real-time order tracking

Customers should be able to track their orders in real-time and precise information about their order and delivery should be shown in the app.

Scheduling of orders

Pizza delivery could also work like you set a reminder for someone's birthday and pre-book gifts for them. One should be able to pre-book pizzas at any given location.

Loyalty Coupons

Regular and loyal customers should receive incentives in the form of loyalty coupons. It will not only benefit the customers but will also promote the restaurant.

Payment options

You should integrate flexible payment options into the app for a smooth user experience. You can introduce payment modes like cash on delivery, online payment, and in-app credit coins for the customers.

For the restaurants

Reports and analytics

There should be a section in the app for restaurant owners to analyze their sales and growth. It can include details like the sales, the number of pizzas delivered, best-selling pizzas, worst performing pizzas, etc. It will help the restaurant immensely in its growth.

Feedback and reviews from the customers

After receiving their orders, customers should be encouraged to write a review and give their valuable feedback. It will enable the consumers to write the study as they will receive in-app credits, which will help the company understand the market and its trends.

Suggesting dishes based on the past order history of consumers using push notification.

You should have a feature that suggests pizzas to customers based on their past order history via notifications on their mobile phones. There are high chances of them ordering it when they are notified of their favorite dishes versus when they are not.

Integrated content management system

You can effortlessly integrate new dishes, menus, etc., into the existing system.

Promotions and marketing

You could use apps to launch promotions and promo codes when shared with friends. IT will create a chain and, in turn, will help the restaurant expand its business.


Pizza and restaurant owners are now seeing a significant rise in sales when integrating technology into their business through delivery apps. The pandemic has moreover contributed to the same. Day-by-day people are now preferring online ordering and its delivery rather than the traditional way of eating out. Online spaces are no longer alien to the common masses. Companies need to adapt to the growing market to be relevant and grow exponentially.

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