How to hire the Right MEAN Stack Developer in 7 Easy Steps!

Updated On: February 9, 2023

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Developers have traditionally been expected to work on either front-end design or back-end coding, as well as other cross-discipline responsibilities.

However, as technological stacks advanced, being limited to mastering only one programming language didn't encourage fervent developers.

Gaining an overview of the principles of technology in various software disciplines was prompted by the need to refine new tools, languages, and protocols.

Today, increasing numbers of businesses and organizations are establishing an online presence as the digital era progresses.

JavaScript scripts may manage server-side and client-side execution using the MEAN stack architecture.

Developers that are proficient in both front-end and back-end web development are widely sought after by both businesses and brands.

The demand for knowledgeable and talented MEAN stack developers has dramatically increased due to the web development industry's explosive growth.

Do you wish to know the 7 easy and simple steps to hire a MEAN stack developer? Let this guide help you. Keep reading to learn more!

MEAN Stack Development: A Brief Insight

The "MEAN Stack" is a collection of JavaScript technologies used to build online applications. JavaScript is utilized across the whole system, from the client to the server and the database.

Quick and dependable web apps are made using a full-stack development tool called—"MEAN." MEAN is an ideal stack for building dynamic applications and websites due to its user-friendly nature.

This free and open-source stack can be used to quickly and effectively prototype web-based applications.

Four different technologies combine to become MEAN:

M: MongoDB express—a NoSQL database system.

E: Express JS—a framework used to create web applications in Node.

A: AngularJS—a JavaScript framework environment.

N: Node. js—a server-side JavaScript execution network.

7 Easy Steps To Hire A MEAN Stack Developer

Here are the 7 easy steps you should follow while hiring a MEAN stack developer:

1. Make A List Of Your Requirements


Make A List Of Your Requirements

Write down your project's requirements and success metrics before hiring MEAN stack developers. 

It is essential to narrow your search to find a talented developer with the required expertise. 

With MEAN stack web development, for instance, you can speed up project delivery, allow MVP development, and govern an application's client and server sides.

2. Choose A Hiring Model Of Your Choice

Keeping in mind the importance of developer cooperation, let's look at it in-depth. Software development offers many options to consider when planning your business's future. 


By definition, in-house software development is creating a software development team within the company's structures without seeking outside assistance. 

An in-house team engages full-time employees in the software production and development process. 

In order to create your own team of developers, recruiting is one of the biggest challenges. 

While the labor market is dynamic, it remains challenging to identify real talent and skilled developers in the market for full-time programmers. 

Hiring can also be a costly process. It is estimated that the IT market is growing faster than the pool of developers willing to cooperate. 

This causes additional costs, such as training, learning, and additional courses, to be incurred when nonspecialized developers are employed.


Undoubtedly, outsourcing development services has several benefits, one of which is the relatively low cost of collaboration.

Working with an external software company gives you access to skilled specialists, allowing you to avoid spending time and money on hiring new developers or financing their training.

The use of outsourcing development is ideal if you have complex processes or utilize a variety of technologies. 

The cost of application production can be optimized by outsourcing some of the projects to a software house.

As a result, working with a software house has many advantages over employing full-time employees.


Working with a freelancer makes it simple to have access to a software development market specialist.

By seeking recommendations from prior customers, you might create a productive partnership with a professional in their area of programming.

Nevertheless, freelancers might not be as committed to a long-term partnership as employees who work in-house or are outsourced.

Due to the fact that they work on multiple projects at once, freelancers may not offer you the attention your project requires.

3. Choose An Outsourcing Firm


Choose An Outsourcing Firm

For the reasons outlined above, outsourcing would be the best way to hire MEAN stack developers.

Known as one of the leading global outsourcing companies, AppsRhino strives to fulfill its clients' dreams using its agile development process and dedicated developers.

With AppsRhino as your outsourcing partner, you can be assured that your project will be delivered on time and with high-quality products. 

In addition, they will be there to help with maintenance and bug fixes even after the project has been launched!

4. Must-Have Skills Of The MEAN Stack Developer

The outsourcing firm you choose will guide you in every step of analyzing the right MEAN stack developer for your project. 

For top-notch web development services, they should possess some MEAN stack developer skills, including:

  1. NodeJS & Express. js—npm, REST, CRUD, Gulp, Grunt,, and Node.js multiprocessing.
  2. AngularJS—Bootstrap Grid System, Typescript, Dependency injection, SPAs, Pipes, and testing knowledge.
  3. MongoDB—a NoSQL database that enables sharding, replication, and ingestion.

Additionally, they should be familiar with the following:

  1. CSS & HTML
  2. GIT and DevOps
  3. Fundamentals of JavaScript

5. Understanding Of Technological Advancements

A MEAN stack developer must be well-versed in the current and growing technological trends. 

As technology advances, these programmers must respond to consumer demands and expectations. 

They are responsible for keeping consumers up to date on the newest trends and technical advancements and incorporating them into their work.

6. Evaluate Their Soft Skills

Developers working on MEAN stack projects will be involved in various projects. 

Therefore, they must understand business needs and be familiar with them. 

In addition to communicating project details and progress to the stakeholders, they must provide technical guidance to the team when needed. 

Working well within a team requires excellent interpersonal and collaborative skills.

7. Finalize And Recruit

It's finally time to hire MEAN stack developers to propel your organization forward. 

Hire MEAN stack developers who are highly experienced and knowledgeable about all technical aspects of the development process to prevent commercial hazards.

Role And Responsibilities Of A MEAN Stack Developer


Role And Responsibilities Of A MEAN Stack Developer
  1. Create, test, and deploy quick and scalable web applications.
  2. Prompt cloud deployment of web applications.
  3. Administration of servers and cloud-based infrastructure.
  4. Set up and incorporate development tools as necessary.
  5. Deploying apps to the cloud and resolving to debug problems.
  6. Collaborating with the IT team, researchers, and designers to create powerful apps to support business objectives.
  7. Designing features for applications using a responsive mobile design.
  8. Application testing, bug fixes, and data security and protection feature.
  9. Make decisions about the code design that will facilitate scaling and effective performance.

Cost Of Hiring A MEAN Stack Developer

Full-stack developers are in high demand in today's IT industry.

According to a recent Forbes article, software development opportunities in 2022 have received the most interview requests from individuals with full-stack experience.

Nevertheless, how much would it cost to hire a dedicated MEAN stack developer?

MEAN stack developers may earn more or less revenue based on their location, skill level, and technological stack.

According to statistics, the highest rates are paid by Swiss and American programmers, whereas a MEAN stack Java developer's salary surpasses $110,000.

MEAN stack developers are the most in-demand in Canada and command salaries of over $146,000 annually.

MEAN stack development wages in the UK seemed to vary from $44,000 to $71,000.

Germany, Denmark, and Sweden have higher starting salaries, ranging from $57,000 to $62,500 annually.

The Future Of MEAN Stack Developers 


The Future Of MEAN Stack Developers

MEAN stack development appears to have a bright future, with significant room for expansion and enticing remuneration.

A developer that is skilled in DeVos development, as well as MEAN-stack programming, might be a valuable asset to any organization.

Since generalists are in greater demand than specialists, businesses continue to prioritize hiring MEAN stack developers.

Companies that embrace technology are increasingly widespread, and even those that aren't particularly tech-savvy still need web development in some form.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, full-stack developers' cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR) is expected to rise by almost 13% through 2026.

This rise is much greater when compared to other professions in the software development industry.

In conclusion, MEAN stack developers have a promising future!


While there are many different types of developers on the market, hiring MEAN stack developers who understand their business requirements and fit their culture can be challenging. 

By using the successful hiring strategies described above, companies can hire dedicated MEAN stack developers and acquire cost-efficient solutions for their websites, single pages, applications, and software systems. 

However, there is no one-size-fits-all recruitment cycle. 

Your recruiting cycle may vary based on the complexity and needs of your project. You should analyze your company's MEAN stack development needs before choosing a developer. 

There are many outsourcing companies out there. You can find hundreds online today, each with different rates and scope of services. 

But unless you want to get lost among all this variety, you must make sure that the one you choose has all the necessary skills to become a true business partner. 

If you are looking for a developer or a team of developers to work on a project for your company—AppsRhino would be a wise choice. 

The industry-leading platform offers its clients a highly flexible and transparent development process. 

To hire the best web developers, contact appsrhino today!


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