How to outrank similar sellers on Etsy?

Updated On: March 2, 2023

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Numerous Etsy sellers complain about not getting enough customers and decide to shut up shop. The reason is the competition they face on the platform from similar sellers on Etsy. Do you find yourself to be in the same situation? If yes, you should know that you need not close your Etsy online store; you need to beat your Etsy similar sellers instead of running from them.

Etsy Similar sellers: What does it mean?

When you find yourself in a situation where you are selling the same products/ services, you should know that it is a big market, something that is in high demand. Many people are willing to buy your product; all you need to do is attract them to your Etsy shop.

When people have several choices, they eventually discard those they find limited in quality; it is the case with Etsy shops. There is no need to switch to other business types; if it had not been a high-selling category, shop owners would not be selling it.

It leads to one thing that you should try to outrank competitors on Etsy instead. We list ways to beat similar sellers on Etsy below.

How to outrank competitors on Etsy?

Do not copy 

It is alright to have a few trendy items on your Etsy store, but you should sell things that make you unique and stand out from the crowd. Besides selling unique items, you should let your customers know it through your Etsy About Page, Shop Announcement Section, and Item Descriptions. Another thing that attracts buyers is your origin story, how you prepare your products, and what inspires you to do what you are doing.

The purpose of doing these things is to create a brand for your shop. There is no difference between a Samsung tv and an unpopular tv company except for their brands. 

Etsy SEO

As a seller, you should be aware of the long-tail keywords shoppers use for your products. It helps you increase your reach since these keywords should be present in your title, tags, the first paragraph of the description, shop sections, announcement, etc.

Therefore, you need to do a little research into which keywords are beneficial for your shop.

Etsy shop setup

Etsy gives you a few spaces to tell your customers your story, which sellers do not use properly. As said, you should use all the spaces in your titles, use all five picture slots, use all the shop Categories, complete your Policies in full, populate your About page and keep it current, etc. These things help you connect with your target audience.

Use pictures

Besides setting up your shop and getting your SEO on point, you need to use pictures that are bright in color and appealing in nature. The reason for it is that we are in a visual world that gets attracted to beautiful photos; buyers are no exception.

Build your stock

There is no magic number to it, but you should always keep your stock full. You might prefer to keep it small if you sell original items since it is hard to restock them in time and meet the high demands. You should always relist your items since Etsy moves them up in the search rankings. 


You can attract buyers by offering various price points. Your prices should not be low since your labor, time, and invested money should get acknowledged. It means you should try to decide on prices suitable for you and your clients.

Social Media

Over 3.6 million people were using social media globally in 2020, and the number might rise to 4.41 billion in 2025. In a world full of social media users, you should promote yourself on these platforms to get their attention. The 80/20 rule always comes in handy; 80% content and 20% self-promotion, which applies to all the social media platforms.

You should focus on one platform instead of promoting your Etsy store everywhere with no use.

Customer Service

Customer service is of utmost importance. You should always reply to conversations and queries regarding your products quickly. Your landing page, policies, etc., should be crystal clear to your shoppers for a smooth buying experience.

Besides these, a follow-up also earns you brownie points from your customers.


It can be scary to see sellers selling the same products and services on Etsy, but following a few things can help you beat the competition and outrank them. Here we provided you with a list of things you should do to outrank your competitors on Etsy.

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