Practo's Handy Guide: short, quick tips & tricks for doctors

Updated On: August 24, 2022

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Practo App's Handy Guide

If there is one sector among all others that are benefiting most from the on-demand economy, it is healthcare. This specialization is the most significant and responsible since it provides immediate medical care to those in need. On-demand healthcare services can make it possible to set up a doctor's appointment right away without leaving the house for someone who is ill but unable to go to the hospital. So this explains why the growth of this industry is happening so quickly. Although there are other industry titans at the forefront, the Practo healthcare app, an Indian healthcare company, will be the exclusive subject of this blog.

The top online doctor consultation app in India, the Practo app, provides complete telemedicine solutions for your family's medical and health needs. Practo healthcare app allows you to

Access doctors for video consultations Find a local doctor, and schedule an appointment online. Prescription drugs online Schedule diagnostic exams and complete physicals. Purchase economical family health insurance View advise and articles on healthcare.


Practice online is referred to as "Pract-o." Doctors frequently use the word "practice" to describe their line of work. Taking all methods online is Practo's mantra.

With the help of the Practo healthcare app, you can ask a doctor any question about your health for free and receive knowledgeable responses. Practo services users across India, including all major cities and Tier 2 cities like Lucknow, Surat, Kanpur, Ludhiana, Nashik, and Ernakulam, and has the most incredible network of physicians and healthcare providers from premier clinics and hospitals.

How did the Practo Healthcare app start its business?

A SAAS program called Practo Ray was introduced to simplify information access for all users. Because all patient and hospital data are far too sensitive, the software had to be strong, powerful, and, most importantly, honest. Additionally, the business introduced its healthcare search engine, Practo Search, where patients and clinicians could conduct online research on healthcare.

How does the Practo healthcare app work?

  • Patients
  1. Consultation on health
  2. Practo search
  3. Talk to a doctor
  4. Purchase medicines
  5. Medical articles
  • Doctors
  • Hospitals and clinics

Practo app’s revenue model

  • Acquisitions
  • Practo services

Practo app for doctors

  1. Practo Consult
  2. Practo Healthfeed
  3. Practo Profile

Practo app’s other offerings

  1. Practo Reach
  2. Practo Tab
  3. Delivering medicines
  4. Practo Ray

How did the Practo Healthcare app start?

When a doctor was set to operate on Shashank ND's father in 2008, he ran into a predicament where he could not locate enough information about the doctor. It marked a turning point when he and his classmate Abhinav Lal began working for Practo Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in Bangalore, one of India's most successful healthcare businesses. Contrary to other companies in this market, Practo did things slowly. The platform had amassed more than 10 million patients in just a few years.

A SAAS program called Practo Ray was introduced to simplify information access for all users. Because all patient and hospital data are far too sensitive, the software had to be strong, powerful, and, most importantly, honest.

One of the critical elements in Practo Ray's success was that it did not employ any third-party software or tools to store its data on physicians, medical centers, and hospitals. Therefore, before being uploaded to the database, Practo first checked all that data. Doctors may handle prescriptions, schedule appointments, view patient records, and manage other healthcare services with this program.

Additionally, the business introduced its healthcare search engine, Practo Search, where patients and clinicians could conduct online research on healthcare.

How Does the Practo Healthcare App Work?

Practo app for doctors is a one-stop shop for any patient's healthcare needs. Practo's platforms are seamlessly connected, and it has three different stakeholders:


In simple steps, patients or users can ask, find, or consult about healthcare with the Practo app.

Consultation on Health Patients can use the Practo healthcare app to inquire about any health issue by providing the necessary information, which does not include any user's personal information.

Practo Search

Patients can look up physicians, clinics, hospitals, and laboratories everywhere. Additionally, consumers can search for neighboring possibilities. Based on experience, specialization, and availability, filters aid in the refinement of the list of physicians, clinics, or hospitals.

Talk to a doctor

Patients can have a free or compensated consultation with a doctor on different health issues. Every inquiry on the site receives an answer; if it doesn't, users get their money back.

Purchase medicines

Patients who order their medications online avoid visiting several pharmacies to obtain them. Under this section, you can quickly tag any drugs that are only seldom sold.

Medical Articles

An informed patient will always be familiar with his health status before seeing a doctor. Practo app has health articles on every subject to increase public understanding of healthcare.


It is simple to manage daily appointments and indicate availability to see patients with Practo's solutions for doctors. With the help of mobile and web solutions, doctors may increase user engagement and keep coming back with new promotions and health advice.

Hospitals & Clinics

Practo Ray and Practo Search are the two main SAAS products from the Practo app. Any hospital or clinic may handle daily hospital activities efficiently, thanks to Practo Ray. Any hospital may install the program, and staff members can use it to plan appointments, maintain patient information and histories, manage doctors, and more.

You can use Practo Search to research any hospital, clinic, or doctor to ensure you are consulting the appropriate individual. Hospitals can use Practo Reach Ads if they wish to be listed at the top. Additionally, the Practo Pro App allows the staff to manage their schedules and hospital visits directly within the app.

Practo's Model of Revenue


An excellent strategy to expand services into more industries and make that extra cash flow is through acquisitions. Many businesses, including Qikwell, FitHo, Genii, and InstaHealth, have been acquired by the Practo app.

Services Practo

Doctors can manage their patient information, medications, reports, and everything else using practice management software. It resembles an ERP that medical professionals can utilize by paying a monthly fee.

  1. Practo Ray
  2. Practo Health Feed
  3. Delivery service for Prato
  4. Practo Consult and many more

Practo app for doctors

The Practo app for doctors is the new dawn in healthcare. This potent app combines technology (practice management software, among other things) to make healthcare easier for patients and doctors. Every manual and repetitive process is automated to let doctors and other healthcare professionals concentrate more on their patients.

Practo Consult, Practo Health Feed, and Practo Profile are its three products.

Doctors can register for profiles and be listed in Practo's healthcare database. There will be all the experience, history, and review information. Patients contact doctors based on their profiles to receive both consultation and treatment. Depending on the patient's situation, doctors can offer a solution. Prescriptions and reports can also be conveniently accessed at any time on the phone and are sent via application.

Practo Consult

Consult online to expand your clientele (only in India). It is a resource that can respond to all of your medical questions. Patients or other regular users can ask about any health issue, and the doctors will respond as soon as possible.

  1. Join the revolution in digital healthcare.
  2. Consult with countless patients online to expand your practice.
  3. Respond to questions from those looking for an expert medical opinion, display your knowledge, and find new patients online.
  4. You can keep tabs on your responses' views, comments, and user rankings.

Practo Health Feed

Create health-related articles and maintain contact with your patients away from the clinic (only in India). Write articles about subjects in your area of expertise to attract the attention of millions of global fitness and health fans.

Support is available in one location for all Practo services. All Practo Services, including Profile, Ray, Consult, Reach, and Health Feed, will allow you to submit questions. A social media platform that doctors utilize to inform their followers who are patients. Although the forum is free to use, it is employed to advertise the goods or services influencing consumers' ultimate purchasing choices.

Things you can do

  1. As an expert, you may impart your knowledge to millions interested in health and fitness.
  2. Every post you make to Health Feed will encourage someone to lead a better and longer life.
  3. It's a unique chance to interact with a larger audience and educate your patients.
  4. View essential data regarding your publications (number of likes, views, shares, etc.)
  5. Read articles written by other medical professionals to understand the hot themes.

Practo Profile

A single profile controls everything. It is your practice and your own internet identity. A site where patients search for doctors like you may find you and get up-to-date information about your practice.

Every doctor is mentioned in Practo Profile, where you may learn more about their background and experience. When patients have access to all the information about any doctor, scheduling an appointment is simple.

The Profile allows you to:

  1. With the help of an in-built editor, one can change and manage all information about your practice and connect with the patients you can serve.
  2. You can also update your working hours, rates, treatments offered, etc., while on the road.
  3. Develop your internet reputation with client testimonials. Listen to what clients want to say about you and discuss it with them.

Practo App's other offerings

Practo Reach

It is a solid choice to raise your internet presence via relevancy. Practo healthcare app offers other healthcare organizations the opportunity to advertise on its website and mobile application.

Using Practo Reach, you can:

  1. Boost your visibility by allowing suitable patients to see your ProfileProfile listing through online cards.
  2. Use an intuitive dashboard to monitor the functioning of your Reach card.
  3. Make connections with patients depending on their location and appropriate specialization.
  4. Ensure that your Reach card will be shown.

Practo Tab

Practo Tab permits feedback reviews for all medical facilities and clinics.

Delivering medicines

Another way the Practo healthcare app generates income is by selling medicine to different pharmacies and drug stores.

While some modules may generate direct income, others may assist in generating side income. The primary points are the company's excellent earnings and continued position as the leading healthcare startup.

While many other healthcare firms are developing innovative solutions, the Practo app focuses on making healthcare more accessible without any inconsistencies in data.

Practo Ray

It is a robust and user-friendly practice management tool to streamline your operations.

Practo Ray assists doctors with scheduling patients, creating and exchanging electronic medical records (EMR), fast billing, and much more.

Here's how you can incorporate Ray into your routine practice:

  1. View and control the appointments you have with patients.
  2. Make new patient appointments or reschedule ones that are already made.
  3. Use SMS and email to remind patients and provide appointment confirmations.
  4. Viewing and controlling patient health data.
  5. Update existing profiles or add new patients.

Utilizing the camera on your phone, you can digitalize patient health records and diagnostic findings. You may also add them to current patient records (EMR or Electronic Medical Record).

  1. You can access your practice offline when your phone isn't connected to the Internet.
  2. Quickly sync practice data between your mobile and online storage.
  3. Manage numerous practices while on the move.

Is the Practo App beneficial for doctors?

The Practo app for doctors is a fantastic tool to attract patients. It helps doctors demonstrate competence while giving patients the right direction to handle their difficulties. The software is incredibly user-friendly, and we'd suggest it to all medical professionals!

At the same time, it is a handy platform for patients. On the Practo healthcare app, wave goodbye to uncertainties and hello to the best physicians in India. Take care of everyone in your family by scheduling diagnostic tests, ordering medications online, and consulting doctors online.

Connect with medical professionals online to discuss any health issues in a private and completely secure video conference, voice call, or chat. You can schedule a lab test immediately, request a digital prescription, and post an online doctor consultation. Download the Practo app now and take advantage of its features right away.

If you want to build an app like the practo app, contact appsrhino to kickstart your journey!