Seven Things to Know About the Food Ordering App

Updated On: August 24, 2022

Updated By: AppsRhino


With the technology entering every nook and corner of the e-commerce sector. The emergence of the on-demand app was seen. The first industry to be carried away by its flow was the food industry.

Now, all that deliciousness can be quickly delivered to your doorstep within minutes of you ordering it. These apps have fulfilled the user's demands and convenience and brought the local businesses to a higher level. With the investments in these sectors increasing every day, the company owner must be organized and ready to mold his business strategies with the changing trend. He has to have out-of-the-box ideas for his app to have a hold among the customers.

The food ordering app has given countless benefits to the food industry. Read our blog to know7 benefits of food ordering apps in today’s world. Let's now discuss some of the most important features to know in the food delivery business.

  1. Easy app login:

    Easy login plays a critical role in every app. When the customer is in a hurry, he finds it way too long to register after downloading the food app. He may not even want to consider signing up for it again. To avoid such situations, you have to have easy access. This process can be done by just asking them to register by using their name or mobile number. The customer can also be asked to sign up by linking through other social media platforms like Facebook and Google.

  2. Push notifications:

    Push notifications are one of the game-changing features in an app. It helps the service provider stay in touch with the customers and improve the app engagement rate. Using this feature, the service provider can send alerts for different information such as discounts, offers, rewards, sales, etc. But while sending notifications, service providers need to ensure that the messages sent are short and informative. The customer should be interested in reading them.

    The service provider should try using this feature to build his customer base by notifying loyalty programs and new subscriptions from time to time so that the customer's interest stays in.

  3. Loyalty programs and discount sales:

    A survey noticed that the customer downloads approximately 40% of food delivery apps to find deals and discounts, and 20% use it to receive loyalty points.

    If looking at these statistics, we can see the value of these loyalty programs. These programs help in attracting more customers and develop a better customer base. This will help in building a better brand for the company.

  4. Real-time tracking:

    One feature that helps the service provider solve frequent calling or queries about the customer's order is by introducing tracking. By submitting this feature, the service provider can help the customer know his order's progress. Secondly, it will help the delivery person locate the route and address where the delivery has to be made. Also, it is of great help to the service provider and helps keep a check on the order's status. This helps in maintaining transparency throughout the whole process.

  5. Easy payment options:

    One of the primary aims of introducing food delivery apps is to provide convenience to the consumer. And one comfort that the customer gets is the ease of not standing in long queues. And this had been possible due to the easy payment methods provided by the food delivery apps. With this facility, the service provider can keep the customer hooked to his app. For this, he should try keeping onboard as many payment methods in the app. For example, credit or debit cards, PayPal, Google pay, Amazon pay, net banking, cash on delivery, etc.

  6. Personalization and chatbots:

    Personalization has become a crucial feature in on-demand mobile apps. This feature helps the mobile app track and analyze the user's activities and suggest products based on his preferences on what they may want or are likely to buy. It helps in the retention of the customer and building a trustworthy bond among them. With the app's personalization, we support the customer to reduce his time wastage or the inconvenience he has to go through while reading the menu again and again.

    To add a better personalization experience to the customer, a new feature that has started to be incorporated is the chatbots. Chatbots are an artificial intelligence-based computer program that helps answer customers' basic queries, earlier a work that was done manually. These chatbots can help the customer get what he is exactly looking for. Through this feature, the service provider can make his app stand out among the competitors. Here are various benefits of Chatbots for Customer and Business.

  7. Reviews and ratings or feedbacks:

    Getting a review of the services the service providers give to the customers is one of the best benefits you get with this food delivery app. Also, it is essential to view the feedback and update the app services according to customer demand. This will help in achieving almost customer satisfaction.

    Apart from these main features, to set your app unique from others. The following features can also be added.

  8. Reservation of table:

    Imagine your customer wants to go on a romantic date with his partner. For this, he would have to book a table at the favorite restaurant of their choice. To have this done with ease, you can introduce this feature. The customer can easily book a table of their choice and enjoy their time.

  9. Self-pickup facilities:

    This facility will provide the customer with the convenience to pick his order after having put a request for the same through the food ordering app. This helps them in saving the delivery time.

  10. Restaurant profile:

    The restaurants need to have a little control over what they want to show to the customers about maintaining customer loyalty. The restaurants can provide detailed information on their menu, the number of tables available, direction to their restaurant, and reviews.

  11. Know what your fellow customers are eating:

    The customers can view what the famous food bloggers and what their friends are eating and from where. Their valuable feedback can help the customers to decide where they would love to dine.

    The excellent industry is full of new opportunities and better ideas; more entrepreneurs are investing in it. To get the upper hand in this market flooded with options for customers. You need to have an app that stands out, among others. And this can happen if you provide the customers with the best solutions to their problems.


Whether you are fresh to the food industry or planning to launch a food delivery app for your business to get better sales, or building a brand of your own, launching an app with the features above will make your dream come true. And we at Appsrhino can help you achieve the same by providing you with the best solutions in the market and working on your ideas to enrich your business and take it to newer heights.

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