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Let's start with a summary of Android app development and cover other bases on our way. Developing applications for mobile phones and other connected devices like smartwatches using the Android operating system is called Android app development. 

Mobile devices have become increasingly common in our everyday lives. Android app fever has been increasing with millions of people, becoming the most popular smartphone operating system worldwide. Countless daily applications are developed for work, games, health, social media, messages, and other tasks one can name. 

Android app development steps include planning, interface development with designs, testing plans, development with Android app developers, quality assurance testing, launch, and marketing. Moreover, redevelopment, bug checking, and other steps continue even after the Android app launch!

Let's understand the numerous Android app development languages, the pros and features of Android, multiple platforms for development, tools, and popular Android applications.

This blog is your one-stop solution to the question of Android development!

Popular Android app development languages

What languages do developers use for Android development? Do you know about Android development technologies and programs for mobile applications? Let's start reading!


Kotlin is one of the newer Android app development languages. It has become famous among Android app development companies in recent years. 

Android developers know this programming language as modern, concise, safe, and more expressive than Java. Moreover, android app development projects can use Java and Kotlin together. 

Here are some features of Kotlin you want to remember. 

  1. Null safety
  2. Concise syntax
  3. Extension functions


When you talk about the most popular language among Android app development platforms and companies, Java is your answer! It is an object-oriented programming language for developing an Android app. Java has a rich collection of libraries and tools for programmers that help to create ideal applications. 

Java can work on multiple operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux in addition to Android. Features of Java include:

  1. Memory management
  2. Security
  3. Robust libraries and tools


One of the app development technologies includes JavaScript, a well-known web programming language. Android development companies can create mobile apps and frameworks like React Native and Ionic with JavaScript. 

You can create cross-platform apps with this programming language. Here is a list of advantages of JavaScript:

  1. Server-side scripting
  2. Large community and ecosystem
  3. Easy to learn and use


If you want to create an Android app for gaming or multimedia programs, C++ is your answer! C++ is a low-level Android app development language providing authority to the programmers of hardware and other resources. 

The Android Native Development Kit allows for the use of C++ in the creation of applications. 

  1. Standard library
  2. Portability
  3. High performance

These features make C++ popular!

Features of Android app development

Let's talk about the features and advantages of Android app development. Here you will understand why companies prefer creating, and clients prefer using these platforms. 

Hardware features access

Android applications can access hardware devices like cameras, microphones, and Global Positioning System (GPS). The network between these devices allows developers to create immersive and interactive applications using the components and features of each device. 

Android as an Open source platform

The platform we are talking about here is an open-source platform. Developers can find the source code for the Android studio for free and modify it as per requirement. This feature makes it a popular choice for developers who want to create custom apps or make changes to existing ones effortlessly. 

Unmatched compatibility

You will find that you can create an Android app for cellphones, tablets, smart TVs, smartwatches, and other digital gadgets. Your company can reach a wider user audience with this platform. 

This characteristic is one of the reasons why Android development is successful and gets millions of users regularly. Your company can generate considerable income with this user base and develop profits and popularity. 

Tools that every developer admires

Google offers several tools for developers to create Android apps, like Android Studio integrated development environment (IDE) and Software Development Kit (SDK). 

We will talk more regarding app development tools in an upcoming section of this blog. 

You will become fascinated by other features of Android development, including numerous distribution channels. You shall keep these advantages in mind while choosing Android development. 

Android app development companies

Numerous Android app development companies and technologies will be noticed, from start-ups to well-established organizations. We will look at some of the best platforms and companies here. 

You can consider factors like experiences, customer support, employee education, and others while choosing a company for application development. 


Unmatched customer support, dynamic pricing, and custom app features are some of the qualities you look for in a development company. Well, AppsRhino is a perfect choice!

You can tell us about the idea and characteristics you want in your app, and we will be there for you pre, during, and post-app development. 


If you want a full-service software development company, Intellectsoft is your answer! This company has been making unique Android apps for clients and customers worldwide. 

You will find a group of skilled designers and programmers to create your apps.


Fueled is one of the most popular award-winning companies for the mobile app development business. They create platforms for numerous industries and customers. They specialize in developing intuitive, user-friendly applications that offer a fantastic user experience.

Zco Corporation

Android app development is one of the many services provided by Zco Corporation, a software development firm. 

Like some of the best Android development companies, you will find talented programmers, software developers, and experts building applications for numerous markets and industries like finance, education, healthcare, and others. 

Do you know about Android development tools? 

Let's talk about Android development tools in detail and understand how they can help developers create applications and add features effectively. 

Android Studio

Android Studio is for you if you are looking for a standard Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to create an app. This Android app development tool has a code editor, visual layout editor, and other testing tools. 

Moreover, developers can use attributes for creation, testing, and debugging. You can integrate with other tools using Android Studio too!


Real-time databases, cloud storage, authentication, and analytics are just a few of the tools and services that Firebase, a mobile development platform, provides for creating Android applications.

Developers will love using this platform for Android development. 


With the help of the Chrome Developer Tools and the debugging tool Stetho, developers can examine and test their Android applications. In addition to network surveillance, SQLite database inspection, and JavaScript console, it offers many other features.

Well-known Android app examples

Let's talk about some of the most used Android app development examples. You will notice that these applications and Android app development platforms are popular among users who spend hours of their day using them.


The developers introduced this Android app in 2010 as a photo and video-sharing application. But today, users can create accounts, post pictures and videos, talk to friends, comment on reels and images, tag each other, etc.

Users can explore pages and accounts and add hashtags in captions and comments. Instagram has an additional business feature for organizations to share and grow their business. 

Moreover, they can use filters and other editing tools to improve and modify images per requirement. 


Well, who doesn't know about YouTube? You can add videos to this platform for the world to see. Moreover, you can create or watch short reels on this platform. 

People spend hours creating and watching videos on cooking, games, movies, product reviews, educational resources, syllabi, questions, general knowledge, and other topics. Name anything, and you will find it on YouTube. 

Google Maps

Another useful Android application is Google Maps. Users can download this platform on their Android phone and get locations, directions, and reviews about any place.

Customers use Google Maps to find their destinations and directions for the same. This app has a feature that allows users to calculate distance, best routes, traffic, and other necessary details according to their vehicle (cars, two-wheelers, step walk, etc.)


Users of the Uber ride-sharing program can request rides from local drivers. Customers started using Uber in 2009 after its launch. In order to make obtaining transport easier, it also offers a number of features like fare estimates and real-time tracking.

Uber is available in multiple countries and provides exceptional customer services for to and fro travel. 


Do you want to engage in Android app development? We discussed the meaning of Android development, its features and advantages, and some popular tools and applications. 

If you wish to create an app for your customers, here's what you shall do. 

First, think about your idea and develop that thought for execution. Imagine the features you want to add to your application that appeal to your target audience. 

Further, contact an app development company like AppsRhino and tell us your plans. We will work on the platform with you and help you launch it on PlayStore, and other downloadable platforms. 


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