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Updated On: February 21, 2023

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In the modern world of software development, being familiar with your favorite programming language isn't enough. This is especially true when it comes to developing front-end websites.

For several years, AngularJS has topped the charts as one of the most popular frameworks for developing web and mobile applications. 

A major reason for the high popularity of AngularJS is—its ability to create functional applications with pragmatic features in a significantly shorter amount of time. Apps across various vertical markets can be developed using its robust and scalable solutions. 

AngularJS's popularity has led to many Angular developers in the market today. 

Therefore, finding a dedicated developer who fits your company's needs is extraordinarily challenging.

Are you interested in learning more about the hiring process for Angular developers?

In this article, you shall get an overview of AngularJS development, the roles and responsibilities of Angular developers, and the salary trends in the US!

What Is AngularJS Development?

What Is AngularJS Development?

Broadly speaking, AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that facilitates the creation of dynamic web applications. Although this framework was initially created as a Google project, it is now open source.

The development of AngularJS is based on linking data to HTML through Expressions and extending HTML attributes with Directives. 

To describe the components of an application clearly and efficiently, one can use HTML as their template language and AngularJS to improve the syntax.

Using AngularJS's data binding and dependency injection, developers can write less code than they usually would.

AngularJS is purely HTML and JavaScript based, so there is no need to learn another syntax or language. 

AngularJS converts static HTML into dynamic HTML. The addition of built-in attributes and components enhances the functionality of HTML. JavaScript can also be used to add custom attributes.

Who are Angular Developers?

Who are Angular Developers?

Angular developers are JavaScript developers who understand theoretical software engineering concepts.

Angular developers are primarily concerned with the client side of the software.

In addition to developing user interfaces for websites and web applications, they also provide consulting and design services.

Angular developers typically build programs by connecting components and modules.

They also create interactive front-ends for numerous web and mobile applications. Angular developers are recognized for creating high-quality software.

Angular developers also collaborate closely with back-end developers to ensure that the creation of SPA complies with the set requirements and is technically accurate.

Steps To Follow While Hiring Angular Developers

The performance of any web or mobile application is greatly influenced by the Angular developers' knowledge, experience, and expertise. 

However, one should look at a few things when seeking to hire Angular developers. For instance, it's preferable to be aware of—their proficiency with direct DOM (Document Object Model) manipulation, data binding, and developing custom directives, services, and factories.

Here are three steps that one must follow to hire the finest Angular developer for their project:

1. Creating the Project Description

The creation of the project description is the first and most crucial step. 

Finding the right talent is challenging without having a clear description—this aids in identifying the level of developer expertise you require. 

Additionally, this will help the applicant determine whether they have the requisite skills to participate in your project.

2. Choose A Hiring Model

The recruiter may choose a hiring model based on the severity of a project. 

Similarly, it's essential to carefully consider how many developers they'll require and the project's budget and timeframe. 

Full-time, part-time, and milestone—are the most popular hiring models.

3. Deciding Whether To Hire Front-End, Back-End, Or Full-Stack Developers

Entering a market before competitors can be essential to draw in more customers and boost brand recognition. 

Recruiters might consider the workload of the project and the deadline for completion to determine the precise number of developers required. 

A front-end developer cannot, however, work on the back end of your project. A back-end developer would also find it challenging to work on the visual components of an app. 

To manage all facets of the development plan, the recruiter should prepare to hire both front-end and back-end programmers or a full-stack developer.

Benefits of Hiring Angular Developers In The US

Benefits of Hiring Angular Developers In The US

The following are just a handful of the many benefits of hiring angular developers in the US:

1. Node Package Manager (NPM)

Installing various client-side web development packages is essential for any Angular developer. Thus, installing npm packages is a crucial skill.

2. Angular Command Line Interface (CLI)

It ensures that the software will follow industry-accepted best practices when the developer uses the Angular CLI to configure your project.

As a result, Angular CLI is regarded as one of the fundamental abilities of an Angular developer due to its time-saving features, ability to alter an existing app, and error-free working code.

 3. CSS and HTML 

A developer must have experience working with HTML and CSS to develop a website using Angular.

By mastering this skill, the developer can create web applications faster. It provides the building blocks necessary for creating a valuable online application.

 4. Javascript

This is the primary tool used by Angular developers. For a custom app or website that includes audio, videos, high-quality animation, and other features, Angular developers need the js tool to integrate these features.

5. Typescript

Most client-side front-end web apps are written in Javascript. Typescript is a superset of Javascript. It enables the developers to type the code accurately. A developer should use Typescript while creating the apps.

6. RxJS

Angular already contains RxJS, a library for reactive programming. Angular developers can perform typical operations such as making HTTP queries and performing other asynchronous operations via the module's observable streams.

7. Receptive Designs

Digitalization has led to an increase in web usage across multiple devices. It is, therefore, essential to create web applications that work well across various devices, including tablets, smartphones, watches, and more. 

An angular developer must have solid receptive web development skills.

 8. GIT

Git is a method of monitoring and managing source code changes. In the same way, Typescript enables code refactoring. Git helps an Angular developer experiment with new features and coding methods.

Roles And Responsibilities Of An Angular Developer

Roles And Responsibilities Of An Angular Developer

The following is a list of the roles and responsibilities that an accomplished angular developer should undertake:

  1. Leveraging the most recent front-end technology to improve the user interface for contemporary applications.
  2. Creating HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code.
  3. Executing activities involving product analysis.
  4. Enhancing Desktop and mobile performance.
  5. Creating unit tests and application code with AngularJS, Java, and Rest Web Services.
  6. Maintaining a high level of performance and giving applications assistance.
  7. Synchronization of their workflow and that of the HTML developer and graphic designer.
  8. AngularJS application design and complicated technological decision-making.
  9. With demonstrated experience in creating JavaScript applications from the front end to the back end.
  10. The ability to communicate and manage projects efficiently.

Salary Trends For Angular Developers In The USA

Payscale's salary survey found that angular developers earning entry-level and experienced salaries fall within the same category.

Front-end Developer Salary:

An entry-level front-end developer typically makes $58,752 annually and $23.22 per hour. 

Undoubtedly, an experienced front-end developer makes $87,038 annually and $50.02 per hour. 

Additionally, the salary might reach a maximum of $128,000 annually.

Software Developer Salary:

Firstly, entry-level software developers' average yearly and hourly salaries are $61,665 and $21.95, respectively. 

An experienced software engineer typically makes $90,605 annually and $48.69 an hour. 

Furthermore, they also make an annual income of $817,400.

Software Engineers:

The average salary for entry-level software engineers is $74,664 per year and $28.50 per hour. 

Software engineers with experience earn, on average, $102,435 a year and $451.04 per hour. 

The largest amount reaches an average of $148000. 

Compared to Front end developers and software developers, software engineers make a decent living.


Due to the development of the technologies we use today, the hiring practices for Angular developers have undergone a significant transformation.

Finding angular developers whose duties and organizational objectives align with your own can be difficult.

We hope that our article has been helpful to you at every stage of the hiring process for dedicated angular developers.

However, engaging with a company that focuses on talent sourcing, such as AppsRhino, may help you access the most talented workforce.

We have everything you'll need, whether you require a seasoned Angular developer to work on major projects or someone with basic Angular developer skills.

Are you interested in working with the best remote employees? Connect with appsrhino right away! 

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