The Advanced Guide to Doctor Appointment App Development 2022

Updated On: February 7, 2023

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Guidance is what we need. In the olden times, there have been countless accounts of protégés mastering concerned skills because of the effort of their patrons. Even today, the significance of guidance is unwavering. From the sports, education, and medicine to the engineering and entertainment industry, you will find out that many times, a now celebrated figure was once under the tutelage of an erstwhile experienced member of the field. Or, if not under the guidance of a seasoned person, they sought to learn from various seniors in the area. Undeniably, the healthcare field also requires one to learn from others to avoid bungling. New trends and practices have become an integral part of the healthcare system. And one such new trend is the usage of a doctor appointment app. A doctor appointment app provides patients and doctors with a convenient way to participate in seeking and giving treatment. As a medical organization, your doctor appointment booking app must cater to your patients' needs and be child's play to operate the app. And a survey revealed that precisely 80% of the participating physicians had used feature-rich medical apps regularly. Thus, if your organization needs a better medium to interact with patients, getting a doctor appointment app is that medium. Read this Doctor Appointment App Development Guide 2022 to know why to develop such apps and which features to include.

Let us go through the advantages of a doctor appointment app before finding out how to create one! 

What are the benefits of developing a doctor appointment app for a healthcare-providing organization? 

Such perks include: 

1. Simpler processes and enhanced efficiency. 

2. Better management of staff-appointment. 

3. Easier management of administrative tasks. 

4. Prevents overbooking 

5. Keeps human errors at bay 

6. Insights into productivity and performance. 

What are the benefits of developing a doctor appointment app for patients?

Such advantages are: 

1. Constant access to healthcare services. 

2. The freedom to schedule and reschedule appointments anywhere and anytime. 

3. The freedom to contact their care team in real-time. 

4. Patients can also pay bills securely, place medicine orders and save their medical history in the app if provided. Let us now read the features you need to add to your doctor appointment app. 

What are the features to include in a doctor appointment app?

Here is the list of features to include in your doctor appointment app. These features are the common ones you will find in any doctor appointment app, and an exemplary Doctor Appointment App Development Guide always stresses the point of incorporating more elements unique from your rivals. Giving a new feature makes your app stand out from the crowd and helps attract people's attention. 


Since it is a doctor appointment app we are talking about, it is mandatory to include a scheduling feature. After seeing all the free slots, it lets patients book a doctor's appointment. 

Patient Profile 

The second feature of an excellent doctor appointment app is the one letting patients create a profile for themselves. And the app should ask patients to upload their personal information and documents. These things help doctors prepare treatment for their patients before meeting them in person. Also, this app assists them in reviewing patient health and demographic data. 

Doctor Profile

The third feature to integrate is the one that requires doctors to set up their profiles. These profiles in a doctor appointment app let patients examine which doctor to consult based on their location, specialty, patient reviews, etc. Another thing that plays a pivotal role in selecting doctors is the amount they charge for an appointment under various insurance providers. Besides a primary profile-creating feature, your doctor appointment app can also give real-time analytics for doctors and reports on their medical care status. 


The fourth feature that every doctor appointment app has is a review section where users, particularly patients, write their views and experience with your healthcare system. This review feature allows other patients to make sound decisions based on the experiences of their peers. Moreover, if your facilities always receive good reviews, positive reviews will incite new users and patients to give you a try. 


A doctor appointment app should have a calendar feature to let patients check doctors' availability. 

Reminders & Notifications

You should endow your doctor appointment app with fully functioning appointment phone, call or reminders and push notifications to remind patients of their appointments. 

Live chat with support

Another outstanding feature to add is the live chat with support one. And to make it better, you can have your physicians available on HD video platforms and chat access 24/7. 

Payment integrations

Since your patients will be booking appointments online, adding payment gateways such as Klarna, PayPal, Stripe, etc., makes sense. Besides, adding the provision to pay via credit cards, debit cards, or e-wallets is also recommended.


A doctor appointment app should also have the Telemedicine feature for patients living in rural areas. Thus, online consultations via video-calling or built-in chat are significant features of such apps. 


 Electronic Health Record systems allow physicians to view documented patient history, increasing productivity. Another contribution of the Electronic Health Record feature is the generation of safer prescriptions. Thus, adding the HER feature to a doctor appointment app has become necessary. 


A doctor appointment app also must let doctors prescribe the needed medicine with receipts directly in the app. This way, patients can get the medications from their local pharmacy or the pharmacy at your hospital. Thus, adding the E-prescriptions features is also advisable. 

Medical tips

The feature leads you to gain the trust of your precious patients as they will be able to see their treatment progress with the help of this feature. Moreover, now they can access test results that their doctors upload to the doctor appointment app. 

Doctor Appointment App Development Guide: How to build a doctor appointment app for your hospital?

This section of this doctor appointment app development guide tells the readers how to develop a doctor appointment app in six simple steps. These six steps are in no way Silver Bullets to create a doctor appointment app. However, these usually provide the right start to the development process. 

Make sure your doctor database is ready

The first requirement of a doctor appointment app is a doctor database, as it will help you offer patients numerous competent doctors with their details. This app is your product which ultimately contains doctors as your primary product. Thus, to let users see the doctors they can consult, you need to arrange a database containing all the doctors and healthcare organizations interested in working with you. Once you have the complete database, move to step 2.

Conduct user research

Incomplete knowledge is a dangerous thing. It is also applicable to the development of your doctor appointment app. Before your designers and developers begin working on your app's prototype, procuring critical user data is crucial. The obtained data will help you comprehend your target audience's characteristics and needs. Besides this, you can also understand their geographic and psychological characteristics. Once you get your hands on this data and analyze them minutely, you can determine how your user will interact with your doctor appointment app. This way, you have a higher success rate at creating the required prototype in the first go. 

Develop and test a prototype

 The third step involves developing the visuals of your doctor appointment app. As you create your first clickable prototype, you can evaluate its features to ensure correctness. You can assess your app by taking feedback from your potential healthcare staff and users and making changes to your user interface and experience. Numerous prototyping tools exist, such as Invision, Figma, Adobe XD, or sketch, and you can use any tool to develop your doctor appointment app's prototype. 

Sketch out app functionality 

Users love apps with elegant and simple user interfaces. And you can make your interface user-friendly by thinking about the functionality and features of your app. You have a high-quality and reliable doctor appointment app considering all these things. 

Design clear navigation 

Since a doctor appointment app deals with life and death issues, it is necessary to ensure proper and straightforward navigation. You can provide clients and clinicians with convenience and speed of use to ensure they receive information quickly and easily. Having good navigation enhances the user experience. 

Choose visuals, colors, and fonts appropriately

 The last thing you need to pay attention to is your doctor's appointment app's visuals, colors, and fonts. A clean layout with a minimalist style does wonders in designing a doctor appointment app. Thus, you must ensure that your designers understand the calmness and warm color palette. Besides working on the color scheme of your doctor appointment app, Typography also needs your attention. Generally, people like fonts that are easy and quick to read and let users find the information they need immediately. These are the six steps essential to developing a perfect doctor appointment app. 

Doctor Appointment App Development Guide: What is the cost involved in developing one such app? 

This doctor appointment app development guide also tells you the approximate cost incurred in app development. It is as follows: 

Estimation, Research & UI/UX design

It takes 280 hours and is worth $8400. 


It takes 640 hours and costs $25600


 This stage requires 240 hours and costs $6480 

Creating Technical documentation

This stage asks for 40 hours and $1600/ Thus, your app will require $42080 and will take around five months to complete. 


 As this Doctor Appointment App Development Guide states, having a doctor appointment app helps doctors and patients alike. Also, it enables you to create a positive brand image and reputation for your organization. Some people who find it difficult to visit hospitals to book appointments and consultations will use your services if you offer a doctor appointment app. As one can see, a doctor appointment app has some basic features you cannot omit, as these are the features that qualify them as a doctor appointment app. However, amalgamating new and unique features with the basic ones is the key to developing a stellar product. If you want a doctor appointment app at affordable prices, come to [appsrhino]( AppsRhino will craft an app that will take the industry by storm.