The Best Flower Delivery Apps in 2022

Updated On: March 30, 2023

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Finding the ideal flower arrangement isn't as easy as picking between roses and hydrangeas. With so many online flower delivery services to choose from, it's critical to select one that is dependable and offers options that are both inexpensive and up to your expectations. To find the best flower delivery services that ship all types of flowers and greenery across the country, from classic roses by the dozen to live succulent plants, we've selected a few top-notch providers that offer same-day delivery for those of you last-minute consumers out there. You can begin browsing and personalizing your arrangement once you've discovered a provider that meets your requirements. Online flower shopping provides convenience and accessibility and a large selection of flower arrangements from which to choose. While some flower delivery businesses specialize in roses, others pride themselves on having a diverse selection of bouquets available for next-day delivery.

Must-have features of on-demand flower delivery apps

1. Product filtration and categorization option for Cart 

2. Search engine to look for particular items 

3. Multiple payment options 

4. Map services enabling customers to track their orders 

5. Integrated sharing options on Social Media platforms 

6. Multiple options for log-in and signup purposes 

Best flower delivery apps in 2022 

The Bouqs Co.: Flower delivery service offering a wide range of valentine-specific bouquets

 The Bouqs Company is unique for several reasons. To begin with, the business buys all of its flowers from environmentally friendly farms that evaluate everything from working conditions to water and soil quality. Its arrangements are breathtakingly lovely. The Bouqs Co. has gorgeous arrangements to pick from, whether you're looking for roses, peonies, lilies, orchids, sunflowers, or any other flower. You can even join up for a monthly flower subscription service if the person you're shopping for loves flowers. The service is available in many states across the USA while retail locations are available at LA, San Francisco, Dallas, New York, Chicago and Washington DC. 

Ode a la Rose: for users looking for customizable arrangements 

Ode à la Rose specializes in classic rose, tulip, and orchid arrangements. What makes the brand's bouquets even more appealing is that you can select how they're delivered. Need a vase? There are six options available (each of which tags an additional fee onto the final charge). Would you want to add a Sugarfina Bento Box or a box of assorted macarons to your bouquet? It also has those options. The objective is that Ode à la Rose makes it simple to purchase not just lovely basic arrangements but also small presents to add to the celebration. 

Urbanstems: perfect for unique bouquets delivery service

Fresh flowers, especially fresh roses, are a classic choice for Valentine's Day (or any other occasion), but there's something about thinking beyond the box. As an example, The cult-favorite dried flower arrangements from Urbanstems. These flowers come in various vibrant hues, fun plumes, and feathery stalks, all of which instantly add to the decor. The best part is that these arrangements are low maintenance, as they don't require any water or light to maintain their appearance. 

GlobalRose: a fantastic option for next-day roses

 Do you prefer 100% fresh roses? One of the top flower delivery providers for this classic bloom is GlobalRose. The merchant has a wide variety of bouquet sizes and colors. Aside from the traditional pink, red, white, and yellow roses, there are also black, blue, purple, green, and rainbow roses. To make shopping simple, the site indicates bouquets available for next-day delivery, so you don't have to go through the large selection.

Farmgirl Flowers: especially for sustainably-minded folks

Another excellent flower delivery service with attractive packaging? Flowers for Farmgirls. Farmgirl Flowers creator and CEO Christina Stembel set out to develop a more sustainable choice after realizing how much plastic is wasted each year by the floral business. Biodegradable burlap became the solution. Farmgirl Flowers is noted for its smaller-scale approach, built on the concept of "fewer choices, better flowers." And, if you ask us, the brand's vision appears to be working because one glance at the limited but exquisite flower selection has us ready to purchase them all. 

Why Is Buying Pre-Arranged Flowers Online Better?

If you've ever tried making a bouquet, you would know that creating a stunning arrangement is more complicated than it appears. When it comes to important occasions, it's ideal for engaging professional help, but don't worry: a hand-picked floral arrangement still leaves a lasting impression. "If you're gifting, you can personalize your gift to the receiver while also getting something painstakingly designed," Kaylyn Hewitt, head floral designer of The Bouqs Co., points out. The best flower delivery services make choosing and purchasing the perfect bouquet a breeze when it comes to online buying. When you shop online, you have access to thousands of possibilities, allowing you to find the one that best suits your budget and Valentine's style. You can also choose from well-known, big-box florists or those owned by or supply small companies that appreciate your patronage. 

How To Choose The Most Beautiful Flower Bouquet?

After choosing a floral design firm, you'll need to decide which arrangement to order. Consider the meaning of various flowers, the amount of maintenance necessary to keep them looking fresh, and whether the recipient prefers classic or trendy arrangements to limit your options. 


Examine each service's ordering process, noting whether the website was straightforward, what product selection was available, and how simple it was to make an order. Consider shipping alternatives and expected delivery times as well. 


 When the flowers arrive, note whether they came when they said they would, evaluate packing, and inspect the quality of the flowers. Testers from throughout the country compared notes and discovered that delivery times and quality must be constant. 

Quality of Flowers and Aesthetics

Look for complete bouquets of vibrant-looking flowers that match the description and images of the online-ordered arrangement. Read and follow all care instructions carefully, keeping track of how long the blooms stay fresh enough to exhibit.


 No matter where your receiver is, a reliable flower provider should deliver beautiful blossoms. To compare experiences, take photos and specific notes regarding delivery and bouquet quality. 


Consider your options. When you gift flowers to a loved one, which option do you prefer? It doesn't sound attractive to go from florist to florist until you locate the flowers you want. Wouldn't it be fantastic if you could acquire everything you need on one platform? The entire globe is becoming more mobile. Florists have benefited from this rapidly evolving technology by improving sales and client loyalty. Customers benefit from unique features in flower delivery mobile apps that prioritize ease and convenience. Customers, for example, are given delivery options. They can choose between immediate delivery and scheduling delivery at a later date and time. Such features attract a large number of users to these apps. According to an analysis by IBIS, the flower delivery sector has produced roughly $800 million in income over the last five years, and this figure is anticipated to rise. Last year, the worldwide flower industry generated a staggering $60 billion in revenue. As a result, companies like 1800 flowers, The Bouts Co., FTD, and UrbanStems have grown in popularity and profitability.