The essential guide to hiring Android Developers!

Updated On: January 10, 2023

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There is a greater need than ever for Android developers due to increased rivalry among development businesses to produce high-quality Android apps for users. Given the widespread use of mobile apps, you can anticipate a continued increase in demand.

It's now simpler to discover Android developers globally because so many people are pursuing careers. Still, you might need help finding a skilled developer who meets your company's objectives.

How can the finest Android developer be located and employed?

We've gathered all the information you need to hire the best Android developers. This blog will describe what Android developers do, who they are, and the essential technical and soft abilities they need.

We'll also talk about their working conditions, pay, where to find them, and the best hiring advice.

Who is an android developer?

Android developers are programmers who create apps for the Android operating system and make them available to Android users on the Google Play Store. For the millions of people who utilize various Android gadgets and smartphones, they have developed applications.

These programmers often work for software development firms and create apps for Android users using their programming and analytical skills.

An Android developer's career often begins at the entry-level and progresses as they gain expertise toward senior positions.

Without prior experience, Android developers can take on entry-level positions and frequently hold undergraduate degrees in software development or related industries.

What does an android developer do?

To create practical apps for Android users, developers use popular programming languages like Java and Kotlin. Core duties that Android developers perform daily to include the following:

Design and build apps for android

Design and build apps for android

Most of their working hours are spent creating and maintaining Android apps by Android developers. They create code for Android smartphones using JavaScript, C++, Kotlin, and other programming languages and resources.

Because a single error in their code might cause the entire software to crash, developers must pay close attention to every last detail. They might collaborate with other app developers or create apps independently, depending on the project's difficulty.

Collaborate with cross-functional teams

To design and develop new features for users, Android developers work on product development, user experience, and other development activities. They discuss ideas for creating practical features that address user issues.

Troubleshoot and fix bugs

Troubleshooting and bug fixes in both new and old apps fall under the purview of Android developers. Even after an app is created, developers keep track of it to find and fix any problems they may have missed during development.

The top programmers pay close attention to user complaints and react rapidly to their problems. Throughout the entire software development cycle, they also test modules and quickly produce software patches to fix any issues that may arise with their apps.

Find and implement new development tools.

Android programmers keep up with the most recent developments in mobile app consumption. They experiment with new tools to see whether they can increase output. To produce the greatest Android goods, they regularly need to react to changes in the marketplace and the wider globe.

Work with outside data sources and APIs

Work with outside data sources and APIs

Using external data sources and APIs by Android developers is also quite common to produce more effective and responsive apps. They need excellent critical thinking skills to comprehend and use these resources in their project.

Skills to look for in Android Developers

Java Proficiency

The most popular programming language for creating Android apps is Java. Having a working grasp of Java alone won't make one a top Android developer, it's fair to say that having this knowledge is crucial in the field.

By asking developers their thoughts on the Java Native Interface and the best Java data type to utilize in certain circumstances, you may assess their level of Java expertise. Any successful Android product requires advanced Java debugging capabilities, and the best Android developers constantly improve their Java abilities.

Expertise in Android SDK

Any top Android developer should be able to use Android Studio and other Android development tools, including layouts, views, and the activity lifecycle. To troubleshoot code errors, they should also be able to use the integrated development environment debugger.

API Knowledge

Skilled Android developers can use any API to connect apps to third-party digital services. Asking an Android developer about XML/SOAP and JSON/REST APIs can allow you to gauge their proficiency with APIs.

They can also locate consumers using Google APIs, then assist them in using the app's map or local business search functionality.

Backend skills

A web app's back end, which consumers cannot see, manage how it functions in the background. Android developers build strong networks that can support numerous concurrent user requests and manage data changes triggered by the front end using their knowledge of the back end.

Practical experience with database

Expert Android developers needs to have enough practical database experience. They should be familiar with using SQLite databases to share data among linked devices. They can also store data in the cloud using Firebase, another popular database.

Work Environment of Android developers

Android developers can work for big businesses, start-ups, governmental organizations, and individual contractors, among other places. They may work alone or in a team, depending on the client's requirements and the nature of the project.

Even if they work during regular business hours, they could put in extra time in the evenings, weekends, or even holidays to complete pressing chores or significant projects. To meet with clients, Android engineers could also travel.

They frequently work under pressure and sometimes oversee numerous projects at once. No matter their work environment, they need creative thinking and problem-solving skills to recognize problems and discover answers.

Steps to hire an Android developer

Check customers' references

Check customers' references

Suppose the business is not brand-new and you are not its first customer. In that case, you will likely find feedback from previous (or current) clients. You may then determine whether most evaluations are positive or negative. If this business (or a particular developer) is your greatest choice, you will then be able to decide.

Experience comes first

You don't want to hire an Android app developer without prior expertise in creating mobile applications. Therefore, you must locate a seasoned business with a sizable portfolio of developed apps and websites. You can check out the open-source projects many software development companies have created on GitHub to see how experienced the company is. You can engage the company and proceed if it has all the experience indicated in its development experience.

Add a human factor

Keep in mind that you hire humans, not machines. Because of this, you should feel at ease working with a certain business, since It cannot eliminate the human element. Depending on whether you intend to work with a freelancer or a business, you should get in touch with the project manager or an Android developer directly. Make sure that your conversation flows easily and naturally; this is crucial. Naturally, everything is up to you, though.


It's critical to confirm that any Android developers you contemplate working with are true experts who can produce your app at the best level possible and with whom you will get along.

You can save a tonne of time and money by working with the proper Android developer, and you could find them suited for more projects in the future. 

Although the hiring process can be difficult, if you stay away from the traps described here, you will find the right candidate more quickly.

With the right hiring strategy and a clear understanding of what to look for in an Android developer, you can easily find the perfect candidate to bring your Android project to life.


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