Top 5 Features of Bottle Rover Clone App

Updated On: April 26, 2023

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"Today I'm throwing a party! I placed a food order from one of the most popular food delivery apps. But I should get my friends some alcohol! Do you know of any apps that deliver alcohol?"

Before parties or whenever they want a drink, customers chitchat among themselves about these topics! Would you like to develop an application to aid with their problem-solving? Develop alcohol delivery apps like Bottle Rover, and get involved!

Are you familiar with the Bottle Rover app for alcohol delivery? Customers seek the convenience of receiving all services in their homes. They could now purchase food, maintenance, and any other service and have it delivered right to their door, thanks to growing technology!

Applications for on-demand delivery are booming with new integrations. They offer a large variety of goods and the highest ease.

With revenues of USD 222,098M in 2022, alcohol delivery services led all other services on the market.

It can be thrilling to create a mobile app like Bottle Rover to deliver alcoholic beverages to give investors access to the most valuable industry in 2022 and the years to come. So let us read about some features and advantages of Bottle Rover clone app.

Top 5 features of a Bottle Rover clone app


Social login/ registration

The registration process for your Bottle Rover clone app needs to be quick and easy.

It must allow users to sign up with social networking profiles. The easy signup procedure will help you attract more users.

Uploading documents

Users can use this facility to electronically upload the required papers to verify their eligibility to buy alcoholic beverages. (If you operate an app that distributes alcohol, you must follow specific regulations.)

As a result, it is novel and essential to have this option in your alcohol delivery app.

Verification of documents

If you operate an app that delivers alcohol, you should know that several guidelines must be followed.

To ensure the user's age and other important information, this function will help.

Online chat

If users need help or have inquiries about your services, they can contact you or leave a note.

Additionally, clients can use in-app chat to receive timely assistance and answers to their queries.

Real-time tracking

Customers can follow the delivery agent's progress, which aids them in locating the customer's address. This benefits the delivery team as well.

Some other features:


Internal navigation

Customers can use this service to check the delivery agent's location and the anticipated arrival time of their order.

This in-app navigation function must be present in any app that delivers alcohol.

Push notifications

When the app receives new updates, let your users know and alert them of it.

You can alert your users to sales, limited-time offers, and other events with "Push notifications."


By including particular product offerings to a product catalog, the seller will be able to display their enormous stockpile. This feature makes it easier for users to keep track of their inventory, which saves them time.

Why develop an alcohol delivery app like Bottle Rover


Advantages for business

  1. Make the maximum money possible by using a base of potential and devoted clients.
  2. With the incredible capabilities that these apps offer, they increase revenue.
  3. Manage and entice more customers to increase sales.
  4. Effective stock management is made possible, reducing the need for manual labor.
  5. Higher ROI

Advantages for customers

  1. Enables customers to refill the bottles of their favorite brands easily.
  2. No need to leave the house is required. Choose the best store, then get your preferred beverage with ease.
  3. It allows businesses to benefit from discounts and deals that drastically cut costs.
  4. By eliminating the need to wait and stand in line, time is saved.
  5. Select your desired payment option from COD or online channels.

How to create a Bottle Rover clone app?



The first phase of the software development life cycle is strategic planning (SDLC). As a team, decide what the goal of the Bottle Rover clone app development process will be. Additionally, you have control over the app's investment, recruiting, and marketing budgets.

You must exercise caution and consider all relevant factors and outcomes when making a strategy.

Make mockups and wireframes

Your Bottle Rover clone application's design must aim to produce a satisfying and trouble-free user experience.

Every mobile app's success depends on how well it works and how it interacts with user preferences.

The primary responsibility of UI/UX design for your product is to ensure that the user interface is straightforward to use, that excellent user experiences are offered, and that all functions are dynamic, accessible, and user-friendly.

Wireframes are a common technique to establish and verify the design when creating and sustaining an on-demand Bottle Rover clone app.

Engage the firm or specialist development team

In any case, you'll need a technical team to make your ideas a reality.

When recruiting a development team to develop a Bottle Rover clone app, you must look for the essential experience and a strong track record.

To help you develop an alcohol delivery application like Bottle Rover that considers your target market, business objectives, financial limitations, and budget, AppsRhino is available.

Your app development aspirations could come true with the aid of this industry leader!

Appropriate monetization strategy

We've listed some of the most well-liked ways to monetize an app that delivers alcohol below:

Commission: This is now the simplest and most widely used revenue method in delivery apps. For each transaction made through your application, a commission is subtracted from a predetermined amount of money.

Within-app marketing: By including in-app advertising, you may draw consumers' attention when they express interest in your app. These promotions are widespread because they enable investors to increase their capital by incredible sums.

Offer a premium version: This is currently a common strategy for generating revenue from apps. A fantastic way to increase revenue is to provide customers and merchants the choice to buy a premium edition. Only the advantages of the new edition—like free shipping and no transaction fees—need to be considered.

Testing the app

Okay, now that everything has been completed, let's think about quality assurance.

Testing is essential in developing mobile apps since it guarantees that the program is dependable, secure, and functional.

Your QA team will check for the following things:

  1. Functionality
  2. Performance
  3. Usability
  4. Security
  5. User encounter

Cost of developing a Bottle Rover clone app

Enough with the drum rolls! Let's now talk about the price of developing an alcohol app. Although the actual cost depends on your tastes, you will need to spend between $40,000 and $50,000 to create a fantastic application to deliver alcoholic beverages. Note that developer fees may vary depending on the development's location, the platforms used, and other elements. The total price, though, will be within the specified range.

These days, apps like Bottle Rover and others that transport alcohol is becoming more popular. Indeed, this is the ideal time to invest in creating a platform to deliver alcoholic beverages and quickly satisfy customer demands. You must evaluate your needs, start a business plan, and create a risk-free approach to monetize the application.

Nothing can stop you now once you've laid the groundwork! Visit an innovative mobile app development business, such as AppsRhino, to outsource top-notch services for your business. Why do you wait, then? Plan your spending and get in touch with the best app development business, AppsRhino, immediately!


Despite the enormous advantages of the online liquor business, many industries, including the beverage industry, have seen their entire trading environments change due to modernization. 

To keep up with the demands of the expanding market, liquor, and wine retailers are moving from offline to online trading. The need for on-demand apps that deliver alcohol is yet untapped in many countries. As a result, your Bottle Rover clone alcohol delivery app has a better chance of success if it offers a distinctive selling proposition.

For all of your questions regarding application development, contact AppsRhino!

For your Bottle Rover clone app, we have a skilled team of designers, alcohol delivery app developers, and QA testers. These workers are qualified and experienced as needed. You can hire our developers on an hourly or project basis. We will support you throughout your journey and give you the much needed support.

We are here to guarantee results for both your business and you! Contact us right away to begin developing your alcohol delivery app!


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