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Updated On: April 26, 2023

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Imagine enjoying yourself immensely with friends and family late at night when your favourite bottle of whisky, wine, or beer runs out.

So what do you do? Do you rush between all those gatherings to the closest or even the farthest liquor store to purchase extra stock?

With living liquidz, you might not need to do this.

Today, online businesses are becoming more and more popular.

Applications for on-demand delivery are booming with new integrations. They offer a large variety of goods and the highest ease.

With revenues of USD 222,098M in 2022, alcohol delivery services led all other services on the market.

To give investors access to the most valuable area of the business in 2023 and the years to come, creating a living liquidz clone app can be thrilling.

The methods to making a living liquidz clone app, how to differentiate yourself from the competition with cutting-edge features, and other topics have all been covered in this blog.

What is living liquidz?

Living Liquidz has more than 50 liquor stores throughout Mumbai, Vashi, and Thane also provides delivery services via its website and mobile app. Beer, wine, and spirits come in a wide variety, and delivery is made on the same day. While clients can select wines by location, grape varietal, brand, and many other factors, whiskies are categorised into Scotch, Irish, Bourbon, Tennessee, Rye, and so on. Even sake is available for those who crave Japanese brew and mixers, Breezers, and cider for casual drinking. Additionally, the app allows users to buy home bar supplies and book a sommelier or bartender.

Must have features of a living liquidz clone app

Engaging theme and easy search

Would anyone want to open a boring app with dull colours and monotonous themes? The description of your app clearly states that it is the most awesome alcohol delivery app available.

A positive and inviting atmosphere might persuade people to utilise your alcohol delivery app more frequently. Your target demographic will influence the theme of your app as well. It would be best to consider that you sell to consumers in general, restaurants, alcohol vendors, etc., when creating the theme for your app.

Additionally, it should be simple for your customers to locate the alcohol they desire. You could offer simple search choices. You can add filters and sorting options to help your consumers locate the drink they want.

Imagine longing for whisky but being unable to recall the flavour you prefer at the time. Your customers will easily select the ideal drink thanks to the numerous alternatives provided by a single-word search! Thanks to this feature, more clients will order from you and spread the word about it.

Accurate time tracking and delivery

Allow your consumers to follow their order from the neighbourhood shop to their door after placing an order for their favourite drinks. They can call the delivery driver if there are any questions or delays if you give them the driver's contact information.

You may allow the integration of the Alcohol Delivery app with Apple Maps, Google Maps, etc., so they can track the route their order takes to get to them! Order tracking would improve indirect sales while fostering consumer trust.

Multiple payment methods

Your list of perks should include giving your consumers more payment alternatives. What if your app only accepts cash, but your consumer only has one payment option (say, a credit card)?

It will help if you give your consumers the option to choose whichever payment method they prefer. Cash, credit/debit cards, Gpay, and other forms of cashless payment should be accepted.


The product catalogue is an easy-to-use, eye-catching method of showcasing the provider's beverages. The merchants can put all their products in a catalogue, along with their costs and descriptions. It makes it easy to update on shortages of particular drinks and keeps track of the supply levels.

Smart filters

Smart filters make it simple and convenient for users to choose their drinks from the many categories listed in the application, thanks to the most recent application development skills. This wide range of liquor categories makes it easier to determine their costs and offers customer reviews and in-depth descriptions of the glasses.


Today's industries operate very differently because of the online business paradigm. Significant industries, including those in the food, apparel, electronics, and even the alcohol industry, have switched to the internet delivery method to reach a wider audience. It also increases their presence in various geographic areas.

As technology advances, new possibilities are opening up for businesses and consumers to build an online marketplace that is user-friendly, practical, reachable, and affordable. The characteristics of a living liquidz clone app make them well-liked among millennials. The blog lists all the features you'll need to include in your living liquidz clone app if you're thinking of making one. 

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