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Do you know how Healthcare Apps are a trend in the market today? According to a report by Statista, there are more than 63.5 thousand Healthcare Apps on Google PlayStore. (2021 reports). This number was 20% more than the 52,565 healthcare and medical apps available in the last quarter.

With these options in the market, how to choose the best fitness and Healthcare Apps for yourself?

Healthcare has been slow to move to digital as compared to other sectors. Patients may find trusting online Healthcare apps difficult as they are habitual to visiting the doctor. The industry is growing. But you shall remember to select Healthcare Apps that support and satisfy your needs. Follow this blog to know about Best Healthcare Apps in 2022! You will also get to know what features make these apps the best and how you can create a Healthcare app too!


More than 60% of hospitals in the USA provide Healthcare apps for their patients. People across the globe have started depending on Healthcare apps to track their health and fitness. In such times, it'll be a worthy idea to build a Healthcare App that provides for the users!

With this blog, let us look at some of the best Healthcare Apps in 2022!

A Brief about Healthcare Apps Patients and Doctors can use Healthcare Apps to diagnose, track and treat diseases. You can take care of your fitness and nutrition with the help of these apps too. mHealth has been trending globally as 30% of smartphone users use Mobile Healthcare!

Need for Healthcare Apps

  1. Nutrition Tracking
  2. Doctor Appointments
  3. Ordering Medicines
  4. Early healthcare
  5. Consultation from home

Top 8 Healthcare Apps in 2022


PlayStore:4.6 AppStore:4.5 Price: Free


PlayStore: 4.4 AppStore: 4.7 Price: Free

Sydney Health

PlayStore: 4.5 AppStore: 4.8 Price: Free


PlayStore: 4.3 AppStore: 4.8 Price: Free


PlayStore: 4.5 AppStore: 4.9 Price: Free


PlayStore: AppStore: Price: Free


PlayStore: 4.7 AppStore: 4.8 Price: Free

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

PlayStore: 4.7 AppStore: 4.9 Price: Free

A brief about Healthcare Apps

According to FDA, we can define Healthcare Apps as mobile software that patients and doctors can use to diagnose, track and treat diseases. You can opt for one of the top Healthcare Apps, 2022, that provides whatever you need.

Patients can use Healthcare Apps for

  1. Reminder Apps
  2. Calendar Apps
  3. Fitness Apps
  4. Step counting apps
  5. Nutrition Apps
  6. Yoga Apps
  7. Doctor Consultation Apps
  8. BP and Glucose Monitor Apps

Need for Healthcare Apps

George Couros said, "The world is at your fingertips...." Everything that people need is available to them through the internet. Even for healthcare services, patients have been using the top Healthcare Apps to connect with doctors and keep themselves fit.

Top Healthcare Apps 2022

Healthcare Apps have been helping users maintain a healthy lifestyle since their launch. According to a report by Mobuis, more than 85 million people used Fitness Apps in 2022 (Statistics from the USA). The Best Healthcare Apps integrate Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, and other technologies to be available for the user's benefit.

As per another report, the market expects the growth of mHealth apps and websites of $148 billion by 2028.

Let us look at the Top 8 Healthcare Apps in 2022!


PlayStore: 4.6 AppStore: 4.5 Price: Free (#1 on AppStore)

MyChart is currently available to users on the Apple and Android market. As AppleStore and PlayStore gave MyChart the "top healthcare app" title, there must be something unique in this Healthcare App, right? The app lets its users take care of their health with their family's health.

Advantages of using MyChart

You can book appointments within minutes on this Healthcare App. The scheduled appointments sync with the calenders on patients' and doctors' phones. You can track your medication using the app. You can enter data and prescriptions for your medicine, and the app will remind you on time. You may let your family members track your progress by giving them access to your MyChart account. You can chat with doctors/patients using emails or messages.

Limitations of MyChart

According to customers, the signing-in process is long and contains too many steps. You may not be able to mark priority chats on the messages. There is no mention of doctors' phone numbers and details for personal scheduling.

MyFitnessPal: Calorie Counter

PlayStore: 4.4 AppStore: 4.7 Price: Free (#2 grossing health & fitness)

Users can count their calories with the help of MyFitnessPal. They may also track their exercises and daily fitness count by using this app. MyFitnessPal is available on Apple, Android, and Windows.

Advantages of using MyFitnessPal

  1. This Healthcare App's database has more than 350 exercises and 3,282,000 different kinds of foods for the users.
  2. There are calories burned mentioned along with these exercises as per their height, weight, and other details. Users can select any of these and start working out.
  3. Users can set daily goals and add fitness diets for themselves.
  4. The users of this top Healthcare app can exchange tips and tricks through the forum created on this app.

Limitations of using MyFitnessPal

  1. This Healthcare App needs continuous updating for any new exercise or food item. You may not be able to edit some food items on the app. These features make the app problematic to use.
  2. You need the internet for everything! If you lose your connection, you cannot record or keep track of anything.
  3. Counting calories may not be the best way to become healthy. Users shall know what to eat, drink and avoid to maintain a healthy life. Regular health checkups are crucial too.

Sydney Health

PlayStore: 4.5 AppStore: 4.8 Pricing: Free

The main goal of Sydney Health is to save your time in receiving medical care. You can reach out to doctors within minutes and keep a record of your Medical history and plans with the help of this Healthcare App.

Advantages of using Sydney Health

  1. Interactive robot to guide you while using the app.
  2. Customers can use this Healthcare App at home or on the go.
  3. Sydney Health takes care of the customer reviews and initiates changes to their app accordingly. The updates make the app better.
  4. If you require the use of a pharmacy, Sydney Health is there for you! You can order medicines whenever necessary.
  5. After booking an offline appointment with any doctor, you can pay through the app, download your receipt, and then show it to the doctor when visiting them.

Limitations of using Sydney Health

  1. There have been reports of customers facing problems booking appointments. They reached blank pages after payments and never got to book their appointments.
  2. The customers may have to visit the website to gain information about the coverage that is not available on the app.
  3. The customers face issues while using features in the app.

Teladoc - Telehealth & Therapy

PlayStore: 4.3 AppStore: 4.8 Price: Free

Users can connect to medical experts and doctors with the help of one of the best Healthcare apps, Teledoc. This telemedicine service lets you book appointments and sessions, opt for long-term care, and choose your wellness and health.

The appointments you make with doctors will be online. You don't have to visit specialists physically for treatment. This Healthcare App provides you with a comfortable healing process from your home.

Advantages of using Teledoc

  1. Users can contact more than 50,000 specialists from the app. You can take advice and second advice from doctors anytime.
  2. If customers have insurance, they have to pay $0 per visit. And if they don't, the fee is $75.
  3. Users can make appointments 24*7.
  4. Customers can make appointments for the same day with any doctor.
  5. This Healthcare App allows customers to have therapy sessions without insurance.

Limitations of Teledoc

  1. Consultation and Therapy cost is high if you don't have customer insurance.
  2. This Healthcare App does not let the patients have a follow-up after the appointments.


PlayStore: 4.5 AppStore: 4.9 Pricing: Free

Allē is of the best Healthcare Apps in 2022. You can get information about treatment and curated content. Allē gives you a wallet (Allē Wallet) to manage your payments through the app.

Advantages of using Allē

  1. Push notifications are available for the patients and doctors.
  2. Customers find this app affordable and easy to use.
  3. Allē provides multiple periodic offers to its customers.

Limitations of Allē

  1. According to reviews, some customers find the app not well enough to work.
  2. This Healthcare App's customer support is not satisfactory for the customers.

BetterHelp - Therapy

PlayStore: 4.7 AppStore: 4.8 Pricing: Free

BetterHelp is one of the greatest and top Healthcare apps in 2022. This app offers virtual therapy and assistance for the customers via phone calls, video calls, or chats. The app is available on Android and AppStore.

Advantages of using BetterHelp

  1. You can get monthly membership on this app and cancel anytime!
  2. The patients have 24*7 access to the therapists. They can book an appointment anytime they want.
  3. If the customers don't find a therapist satisfactory, they switch to another.
  4. This Healthcare App ensures that you get experienced therapists (minimum experience in the field: 3 years).
  5. Customers have found the services affordable.

Limitations of BetterHelp

  1. Insurance does not cover therapy services for the patients. This policy may become problematic for some customers.
  2. You may need other medical help along with therapy. Therapists can talk to you but not find medical illness.
  3. The app does not provide treatment for kids and teenagers.


PlayStore: 4.7 AppStore: 4.8 Pricing: Free

You can have control of your health record with this Healthcare App. FllowMyHeart makes tracking your health super-easy and fun! You can get your health summary, set reminders, and use other functions in the app. FollowMyHeart is available on Android and iOS Platforms.

Advantages of using FollowMyHeart

  1. Customers find medicine delivery fast and effortless.
  2. Patients may have access to their test results and know-how their body is performing.
  3. You can keep track of your appointments and medicines and ask questions when required.

Limitations of FollowMyHeart

  1. The customer support can be better.
  2. Some customers found the updated version of the app to crash after log-in.

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

PlayStore: 4.7 AppStore: 4.9 Pricing: Free

You can create a timeline of your baby's anatomical development, informational articles, food, and medication with the help of this Healthcare App. Forbes listed Ovia as one of the best healthcare apps in 2022 and gave it a 5-star rating. This app is available on Android and iOS.

Advantages of using Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

  1. Customers can add doctor appointments, medication, and expected dates through the calendar feature in Ovia.
  2. The app can collect robust data by using the app.
  3. Customers can go through health partnerships, track their pregnancy progress, and obtain health benefits from app features.

Limitations of Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

  1. Customers found the app's user interface out of the arrangement.

Final Words

As the world has now advanced beyond anyone’s imagination, there are apps for nearly everything. Though healthcare has been slow to move to digital, it is now one of the leading industries in the world of on-demand apps. There are so many Healthcare Apps available on the PlayStore and AppStore. With so many applications in the market, only some apps receive recognition and demand from the customers. The factors that make any healthcare app successful are extraordinary features, reachable customer support, user interface, easy payments, etc.

If you are considering building a Healthcare App, you should take care of the features you add to your app. The key is to make your customers and patients happy. 30% of smartphone users rely on Healthcare Apps for their fitness and health. It would help if you focused on expanding your reach and providing the best at affordable rates.

AppsRhino is an on-demand app development company that provides services at the most affordable prices. With experienced developers specializing in app development, AppsRhino helps businesses rule the market. Use AppsRhino to create the best Healthcare App today!

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