What are the Top 5 Alternatives to Valuecoders?

Updated On: November 30, 2022

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What are Valuecoders?

This company is one of the leading Software Development and IT Solutions companies worldwide! Clients can avail of Software Engineering, Consultancy, and Outsourcing services from this business as a part of the Valuecoders features. Contacting the Valuecoders team is an effortless task to solve queries and avail services. 

According to the Valuecoders reviews, this company has been in this business for more than fifteen years and has experience working with startups, small businesses, digital agencies, and others. 

Valuecoders pricing involves zero set-up fees from its clients. However, customers don't get free trials, demos, versions, consultations, etc. 

Do you wish to know about the Valuecoders alternatives? Read this blog to find and compare this Software Development and Solutions company with others!

Top 5 Valuecoders Alternatives

Here is the list of the Top five Valuecoders alternatives. We created this list considering multiple factors like Valuecoders reviews, pricing, and features offered by the company to its clients. 

1. Kanda


Kanda Software Inc is one of the Valuecoders alternatives from the USA. 

This Software Development Company builds custom software for its customers and clients. Like Valuecoders features, Kanda offers services for all business types, including small and large companies worldwide.

Kanda encourages startup and small business development and creates teams to support them. 

This company offers the motive, "Accelerating your Digital Transportation Journey."

You understand the positive and negative Valuecoders reviews. Here are a few reasons why this website thinks you can avail of their services.

  • Skilled employees with Multilingual support
  • Domain Expertise and support
  • Experienced team of managers from the US. 
  • Selection of appropriate team for better results

Like Valuecoders pricing, customers can't get free trials or versions from this company. The clients have to buy the services to obtain results. 

Here are some ongoing and successful projects by Kanda!

  • DellEMC
  • Bayer Healthcare
  • Ruelala
  • Nuance
  • College Interactive

2. AppsRhino


AppsRhino is an on-demand Software and Business Development company. Like the Valuecoders reviews, AppsRhino is known for the best quality employees with the required education and experience. 

Clients can contact the AppsRhino Team to avail services for their projects, engage in App Development, create UI interfaces, and gain support at every step of the Development process. 

Moreover, numerous companies can outsource employees from AppsRhino for their Development process per their requirements and necessity. 

Valuecoders pricing offers free trials on their services. AppsRhino allows customers and clients to book demos before starting their product. 

Like Valucoders features, AppsRhino has excellent client support! 

When you face any issues in your Software Development project, you can contact AppsRhino for the best support!

Here are some projects by AppsRhino!

  • Apollo Tyres
  • Skop
  • Khatabook
  • medoplus
  • Bonobo

3. Coastal Cloud

Unlike Valuecoders, Coastal Cloud offers multiple services to its client. This IT Consultancy company engages in Government Cloud, Nonprofit Success Pack, Marketing, Sales, CPQ, Billing, Commerce, Service, Finance & Accounting, Health Cloud, Community, Customer Success, and Data and Integration Services.

You name anything, and it's available for you!

Like the Valuecoders reviews, let's look at the reviews from Coastal Cloud. According to G2, this company earned a 4.8 out of 5 rating on the Salesforce AppExchange!

Coastal Cloud Delivery centers are in multiple locations like Florida, Washington DC, Colorado, etc. 

"Deep Experience, Rapid results" is the motto of this company.

4. Surge


When talking about some of the leading tech consulting firms and a Valuecoders alternative, Surge is a go-to option for numerous clients. 

Customers opt for Surge to get management, industrial, administration, and infrastructural services. 

Here are some Development center locations by Surge from their website. 

  • Boston
  • Denver
  • Portland
  • Chicago

And others. 

Like the Valuecoders reviews, customers love working with Surge and claim to gain profits and unmatched support!

5. TkXel


We have reached the last of our Valuecoders alternatives list. TkXel is one of the leading Software and IT Solutions companies. TkXel is from the USA and has the motto, “We Engineer Software Solutions.”

Like the Valuecoders features, this company offers multiple services to clients. Some of these services are in the list below. 

  • Custom Software Development
  • UI/UX Designing
  • Salesforce solutions and support
  • Data Science
  • Discovering new ideas
  • QA Testing

And a lot more. 


According to the AmbitionBox on the Valuecoders reviews, they received 4.1 out of 5 stars. This company has been bagging repeat customers for its 18 years of business!

"We're an Indian software development company focused on just one thing - offshore software development services." Indeed, Valuecoders have been keeping up with their motto!

You can come to AppsRhino, one of the best Valuecoders alternatives, for any Software Development and Outsourcing needs. Our team is highly skilled and dedicated to their job. Contact us to know more and start your Development journey today!


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