What are the top benefits of having a beer delivery service?

Updated On: August 24, 2022

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Beer is one of the most preferred beverages among adults (Hard drink). The drink alone amounted to a revenue of USD 121,300 Million in the US and USD 130.4 Billion in China for the year 2022 alone. A further assertion of the statement can be made from the fact that the average spending on beer is USD 362.4 annually. While the average consumption volume is around 71.33 L in the year 2022. (Source: Statista. com)

The Industry is only expected to grow by 6.37% CAGR for 2022-25 period while there has been a 11.3% Y-o-Y growth in 2022.

But did you know you can get beer delivered to your house? That's correct. Instead of rushing to the liquor store, you can relax on the couch and wait for your bottles to come to your door.

However, beer delivery services provide more than just convenience; they also transform the food and wine industry for both customers and business owners.


Most of us have been obliged to use delivery services due to the coronavirus outbreak. We prefer to pay a few rupees extra for restaurants, groceries, and even prescriptions than to go out by ourselves.

Beer lovers were having difficulty finding what they desired. Because of the coronavirus fear, you and thousands of others could not purchase anything, whether it was for special events or their daily beer dosage. Fortunately, beer delivery platforms stepped in to help consumers by delivering beer to their doorsteps.

Now, to assist you in understanding why beer delivery can be advantageous, in this article, we'll go through some of the advantages of using beer delivery during and after the coronavirus outbreak.

  • Top benefits of beer delivery service
  1. Save the time of both businesses and consumers
  2. Reduce consumers’ alcohol consumption while driving
  3. More convenient to host parties at home
  4. Additional branding possibilities
  5. Ordering bottles anytime
  • Delivery modes of on-demand beer delivery platforms
  1. Collect/take away
  2. Delivery to the doorstep
  • How to make profit from an online beer delivery service?
  1. Advertisements
  2. Premium subscriptions
  3. Commissioning the transactions
  • Things to keep in mind while creating an on-demand beer delivery app
  1. Check for necessary licenses
  2. Make technological investments
  3. Use proper packaging
  4. Advertise your beer brand

Top benefits of a beer delivery service (For businesses)

1) Businesses and consumers save time

Today's finest beer delivery apps, like these on-demand food delivery apps, make ordering faster and easier for clients. Pre-ordering beer allows you to get your favorite beers considerably faster.

Employees at the store can pack orders ahead of time for customers, freeing them up to assist clients in the store and reducing the number of people waiting at check-out. Furthermore, customers may place orders from home and have things delivered in less time than if they went to the store first.

Reduced travel and purchasing time fosters a solid commercial relationship between the brand and its customers. Alcohol delivery services benefit everyone by lowering the time consumers spend waiting in lines and checking out at stores. This has been aided by an increase in the same-day delivery and door-to-door service across the world during the Pandemic.

2) Increased market size and consumer base

Going online helps businesses increase their market size beyond the limits of their physical periphery. This in turn helps them acquire new customers and increase their potential business.

3) Missing out on competition

More and more businesses have started to create their online presence and make their services available through online portals. There is a high chance that you might miss out in the long run if you do not choose to take advantage of the Online mode of business now.

4) Additional Branding Possibilities

Having an online presence in today’s world gives your business a holistic view. If you own a beer-selling firm, beer delivery services can help you diversify your marketing strategy. Significant brands are working with beer delivery service apps to increase brand awareness through tailored ads, exclusive discount codes, and features that explain their most essential items. They even exchange fruit beer and craft beer recipes.

Without using email blasts or aggressive ads, beer delivery services assist businesses in providing unique bonuses and incentives to their customers.

5) Order a Bottle Right Now

Beer delivery services make ordering your next bottle of beer much more accessible. A beer delivery service ensures high-quality items reach fast. With in-app ordering and online delivery, you can stay safe at home and spend more time socializing with friends instead of rushing to the store.

As more individuals learn about the appealing features of beer delivery, we expect this market to develop. So, which bottle are you going to get first?

Which delivery modes does your on-demand delivery platform support?

You can provide convenience to your consumers by using one of two delivery types that help your online beer delivery business:

Click and Collect/Takeaway

Customers can choose and order products from your store online, but they must pick them up from your physical location. Customers can order and collect their drinks using this approach instead of waiting for the product to be picked and packed.

Delivery to your home

Customers can order beer online and have it delivered to their homes. This approach can have two segments: same-day delivery and scheduled delivery, where clients can choose a preferred date and time for their beer bottles and cans to be delivered.

How can you profit from an online beer delivery service?

Here are some of the most profitable revenue streams for your beer delivery service:


Advertising is a significant source of money for any online platform. Businesses can increase traffic and revenue by partnering with other platforms or adding discount and promotional banners to their marketplace. It is a fantastic approach to increasing revenue while also improving product visibility.

Premium subscriptions

Businesses should focus on creating repeat customers so they may place orders regularly to earn a balanced revenue. Offering premium memberships to clients and vendors is a fantastic way to boost revenue in this case. Premium memberships can come with various perks, like no transaction costs, free delivery, and a percentage off on all orders, among others.

Every transaction has a commission

Charging a commission on every transaction is the most crucial source of revenue. The administrator offers the beer with a platform on which transactions may be done. The company can then earn a commission for each transaction that is completed.

Things to keep in mind while creating an on-demand beer delivery app

#1 Double-check that you have all of the necessary licenses

Before delivering beer, double-check that you're following all local regulations. Check with the local government guidelines to see if any off-premises alcohol sales or consumption regulations apply to you, and get any necessary licenses and signage. It's better to be cautious than sorry!

A license from the local council is required for selling beer via online delivery or click and collect on-premises. Restaurants in the United Kingdom, for example, will need both premises and a personal license, which most restaurants, pubs, and bars already have. Most US jurisdictions also divide clearances between on-premises consumption (bar and restaurant) and off-premises sales (bottle).

In some places, you must clearly outline to the relevant authorities. The steps you will take to ensure your products must not end up in the hands of anyone under the legal drinking age when applying for these licenses to sell beer online or set up a beer delivery service.

#2 Make technology investments to improve operational efficiency

Depending on the nature of the business, there are various approaches to establishing beer delivery.

In a year marked by dramatic market shifts, restaurateurs, pub owners, and bar owners have had to embrace new technologies to react to changing customer preferences. Having modern and effective technology at your disposal can help your company grow.

If you want to start a beer delivery service, you'll need the necessary gear for the job.

#3 Use the proper packing

When delivering to customers, it's critical to ensure that their alcoholic beverages are entirely safe to consume. It is the simplest method to accomplish it, especially if you're selling craft beers.

Cover the glass in a protective material such as bubble wrap if you're delivering beer by the bottle. The last thing one wants is a wet delivery bag and a lot of broken glass showing up at your customer's door. It is an obvious choice.

Finally, don't forget to personalize your alcohol package. Even if the beer is from a different brand, adding your logo on the delivery bag or takeaway cup will help clients remember your brand and increase the likelihood of returning business.

#4 Make your beer known

Any beer you put up for delivery, like any other commodity, will require some promotion. If your internet clients aren't interested in purchasing beer from you, they'll go somewhere else. Attract guests with special package deals such as an After-Work Special featuring finger food and drinks, a Weekend Brunch Deal featuring unique brunch brews, or a Holiday Special featuring freshly produced beer. You can also create an online happy hour, offering alcohol discounts during peak hours.

You could even team up with other local businesses. Today's #supportyourlocals movement is massive. People nowadays choose to support local companies rather than global corporations or large chains. Mix it up and collaborate with local businesses to create a hyper-local, limited-edition novelty drink.

Your alcohol licenses spell out your responsibilities for promoting responsible alcohol consumption, and they apply online just as much as they do to your physical facilities. Consider this when considering how to encourage your brew best.

Beer delivery is here to stay

With the rise of delivery services in the COVID-19 age, online beer ordering and delivery will likely continue to gain traction. This additional money stream is here to stay, so why not get in on the action?