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Node JS works on the back end,

It's an open-source JavaScript environment!

It works on Windows, Microsoft, and Linux.

Node JS is your fix if you need JavaScript outside a web browser!

Do you know about Node JS as the best open-source environment for JavaScript? 

Do you wish to learn about the parts of Node JS? This blog is the one-stop guide for everything you want to understand about Node JS Development!

We'll start with understanding the meaning of Node JS. Further, we'll look at the brief history of Node JS and its features for Node JS Developers. 

Moreover, we'll talk about the usability of this open-source JavaScript environment. 

In the end, this blog will take you through the applications of Node JS with our emerging technology and the companies using Node js for their web applications!

What are Node JS and Node JS Web Development?

What are Node JS and Node JS Web Development?

If a Developer wishes to run their website outside the web browser, Node js is their answer!

Developers started Node js website Development for real-time and push-based architectures. However, this Node js Developers use this environment for traditional websites and back-end APIs!

Node js Development executed using Google Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. The concept may seem complicated for our new readers here. However, let's explain this concept to you in straightforward words.

Imagine a Node js Developer who wishes to create websites with quick maintenance and effortless data handling. They'll have the benefit of opting for Node js!

Let's read the history of Node js in the next section and understand more about this popular platform! 

The History of Node JS

Do you know how Developers started using Node JS? How was this open-source environment formed? Let's understand the History of Node JS with this section!

The initial release date of Node JS was May 27, 2009. Developers used JavaScript, C, C++, and CoffeeScript to create this environment programmers love using these days. 

Do you know who introduced the concept of interactive websites to the new yet dull world of sending text files over the network? 

Brenden Eich introduced JavaScript to the world after the invention of DNS, HTTP, and HTML!

Further, server JS wished "to establish conventions on module ecosystem for JavaScript outside the web browser." Finally, Ryan Dahl developed Node JS as the runtime environment for JavaScript and its websites. 

In brief, Node JS was the reason behind JavaScript becoming a programming language rather than a scripting language for Node JS Developers and companies. 

Features of Node js

Why do companies wish to hire Node js developers? Why do companies invest in Node js Web Development? Let's understand the numerous features of this open-source environment with this section. 

Compatibility with numerous platforms

Compatibility with numerous platforms

We told you about the cross-compatibility of Node js with multiple operating systems in the introduction section of this blog. 

What is cross-platform compatibility?

Any platform that can work with multiple devices and computable platforms is cross-compatible. Why will the developer want their software as cross-compatible? Imagine a customer willing to use one of the applications available on Windows. They wish to use the same software on macOS. However, this platform doesn't work on macOS. You don't want to disappoint your customers, do you?

Node js can work with windows, Linux, macOS, Unix, and others. 

One language for the program

Node js Developers don't switch between multiple languages for front-end and back-end purposes. Programmers require adept knowledge of JavaScript for Node js Development. 

This feature poses the greatest benefit for coders unwilling to use multiple languages for Node js Web Development and other purposes. 

You can hire JavaScript Developers for your company and introduce them to the Node js environment. They will learn quickly and work on this platform efficiently!


Companies prefer scalable software. When a Developer wants to proceed with a Web Development journey with one of the most scalable and effortlessly available JavaScript environments, Node js triumphs!

Another feature of Node js is its horizontal software-splitting nature. This feature allows any company or Node js Developer to reach numerous target audiences with changed customization. 

Swift service deployment

Companies wish to launch their products at faster rates and lead the market. Businesses can deploy tools faster and achieve the required results with Node js Web development. 

If programmers wish to communicate with each other or with multiple clients simultaneously, Node js allows and handles multiple requests together!

The Node js community

Node js is an open-source platform for newbies and experienced developers. The Node js Development community is active, and programmers can post their queries, connect, and exchange tools, files, packages, and other resources. 

Node js Developers communicate on applications and social media sites like Github, StackOverflow, and Reddit. 

Node js Usability

Do you know how Node js programmers can use this open-source environment for effective development? Here is a list of some ways one can require Node js for development. 

App Monitoring Dashboards

App Monitoring Dashboards

You can use Node js Web Development for App Monitoring dashboards. Imagine knowing how the users browse through a website. You can understand their activity while they visit the website and estimate the time spent on each section. 

This method will allow you to analyze the website and identify the loopholes for customers to exit the page. 

Node js programmers can use this real-time environment to track, visualize and develop interactive pages and track their progress. 

Streaming of Data

The system treats and isolates the HTTP requests. However, these requests are streams. You can use Node js to access files and allow their streaming while being loaded. 

The processing and uploading procedure will occur parallelly to provide faster results. 

Chat rooms and windows

Do you know how chat windows are real-time and interactive platforms? The users communicate will each other via these rooms. They can send and receive messages in no time. 

All the chat Apps exist in distributed systems. These applications are lightweight, data-intensive, and have a large user traffic every second.

Node js programmers can develop Chat Applications and websites with Node js effortlessly. This environment allows the system to react to events and take action as they occur with time. Hence, the blend of Node js, associated programming languages, and frameworks results in Chat Application Development!

Companies utilizing Node js Web Development

You understand the advantages and usability of Node js. Do you know that numerous popular companies use Node js for web development? 

Let's learn about these companies and their websites!


Why did Netflix pick Node js? 

Netflix is one of the most popular applications in the country. Users love streaming movies and web series on this application. According to Zippia, consumers spend around 203.8 million hours on Netflix!

Programmers at Netflix understood and were working with JavaScript. Hence, they didn't require learning anything new while working with Node js. They liked Node js Web Development's features and deployed this open-source environment as their development model!

Netflix succeeded in reducing their start-up time with Node js at a tremendous rate!



Millions of people use LinkedIn for job searching and hiring. The community is large, and people spend their time on the web and mobile applications.

The owners and developers of LinkedIn had two priorities. They wanted their web application to obtain scalability. Moreover, communication with numerous other services was one of the required features for this platform. 

Therefore, LinkedIn opted for Node js, an environment based on Node, as a solution!


According to a case study, "Node.js Helps NASA Keep Astronauts Safe and Data Accessible," Node js uses the microservices architecture with API management to move data and secure information. 

Nasa is one of the most popular organizations that works to discover space and reveal significant secrets! And this organization uses Node js for their work and maintaining data for the astronauts and rockets!

Like Netflix, Nasa was initially using JavaScript for its systems. Hence, working with Node js was like two birds with a single stone!


Uber Taxi services are active in multiple cities in numerous countries. This platform has to accept requests from users at the same time. 

Moreover, Uber handles notifications, bookings, cancellations, and other and other tasks. Node js is the environment helping Uber perform all this work without hassle and manage replies and functioning!

Final Words

Do you want to hire Node js Developers? Your Node js employees shall have the required skills and experience. Moreover, they should understand this open-source environment and the associated languages. The employees can know about using Node js in numerous websites and applications. 

While interviewing and selecting employees, check the Soft Skills of Node js Developers. They shall have the necessary communication skills and adapt to the workplace environment. 

Where to find the perfect Node js programmer? Connect with AppsRhino! You can hire us as your Outsourcing company, and we'll provide you with ideal employees for project development. 

Our employees carry every skill you require, and they will support your development at every step. 

Hiring Part-time, Full-time, or Freelancer employees may take time. However, an Outsourcing team like AppsRhino will get you a team of skilled workers ready for development at any time!

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