What is the best way to recruit good PHP Developers?

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Are you starting a new project? Do you wish to hire PHP Developers for the same? PHP is a "go-to" programming tool for building websites and applications. It is one of the top 10 programming languages in the world!

Big companies like Facebook and WordPress use PHP as their core language. It is crucial to find the precise characteristics of your next PHP Developer. The quality of the website or application your PHP Developer build can decide the long-term future of your company.

If you are thinking of hiring PHP Developers and don't know where to start, you have reached the perfect place! Here is the PHP Developer hiring guide for your upcoming project!


If you are wondering about creating a website or application for your customers, PHP is the language for you! And to make a perfect application, you need an ideal PHP developer for your company!

Here is a PHP Developer recruitment guide for your company!

Skills of a Good PHP Developer

  1. Knowledge of PHP Programming Language
  2. Use of HTML and CSS
  3. Knowledge of JavaScript
  4. Familiarity with MySQL Databases
  5. Control-System Knowledge
  6. Object-Oriented Programming Knowledge
  7. Content Management Systems

Where to find PHP developers?

  1. Job Portals
  2. Freelancing websites
  3. Outsourcing Agencies

Cost of Hiring PHP developers (Average rates)

  1. The USA - $93K per year
  2. The UK - $64K per year
  3. Canada - $80K per year

The salary of PHP Developers depends on

  1. Skills
  2. Education
  3. Experience
  4. Project
  5. Working hours

An Introduction to PHP

For those of you wanting an inside of this scripting programming language, follow through! PHP is a programming language used in back-end development. You can build various websites and applications using PHP.

According to GitHub, PHP is among the top 5 popular languages in the PYPL. You can embed PHP to HTML and add more functionality to your websites and pages.

There is the use of PHP in the leading Operating Systems like

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • macOS
  • RISC OS, etc. If you are looking for PHP developers, finding back-end or full-stack developers will work the best for you. You have to follow through the steps below to know the full PHP Developer hiring guide!

Skills and Characteristics of a Good PHP Developer

Skills of a Good PHP Developer  .png

PHP developer recruitment can be time-taking. But if you can find the accurate person for the job, all your hard work will be worth it! Are you wondering why PHP Developers are different? Here are a few skills you shall be looking for while hiring PHP Developers and add it to your PHP Developers hiring guide.

Knowledge of PHP Programming Language

It is obvious to look for developers who know PHP Language. Your potential candidates shall understand and use the extensions, syntax, variables, operators, RegEx, and other functions required in PHP.

Use of HTML and CSS

HTML and CSS work together to create attractive websites for the users. If a developer understands the use and importance of these two languages and can integrate the same with PHP, it is the perfect candidate to consider.

Knowledge of JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the core technologies used along with HTML and CSS. More than 90% of websites use JavaScript for the user interface. Javascript allows easy attachment of external files. While JavaScript is front-end and PHP is back-end, the knowledge of Javascript is necessary for your PHP Developer to create a successful website.

Familiarity with MySQL Databases

MySQL is a database system that runs on a server. The use of MySQL is on the web. While developing an application, platforms like MySQL/ SQL provides impeccable support and easy automation for data retrieving. Therefore, if your PHP developer is familiar with working with open-source Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) like MySQL, it's a plus point!

Control-System Knowledge

Control Systems like SVN and Git are essential to track project files and folders and changes in them. While working with other PHP developers, these control systems allow changing of files without overwriting. To work on systems requiring PHP, using control systems is beneficial.

Object-Oriented Programming

OOP or Object-Oriented Programming is a programming model that uses data and objects to organize software design. OOP does not use functions and logic. Since OOP is faster and easier to execute (as it uses objects) than traditional programming, it helps keep the PHP code DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself). With OOP, the debugging and maintenance of the program are effortless.

Content Management Systems

You can view, edit, integrate, and publish digital content by using Content Management Systems (CMS). Examples of CMS software are

  1. WordPress
  2. Drupal
  3. Joomla

How to find PHP Developers for your Company?

Where to find PHP developers_  .png

The perfect PHP Developer for your next project would not come to you. You will have to find the right developer who would fit your work environment. You can find PHP developers from traditional job portals, look for freelancers or reach out to outsourcing agencies. You may have to follow a PHP developer hiring guide that is mentioned above.

You can start looking for PHP Developers only after understanding your needs for your next project. Before hiring, find out

  1. required experience
  2. required education
  3. payment model and budget
  4. need of the project
  5. urgency of hiring

Once you are clear about the above domains, you can start looking! Finding the perfect match isn't easy and might take time. The key is to be patient and stick to your requirements. As per a report, there are more than 5 million PHP developers across the globe. Why compromise then? So buckle up and start looking!

Job Portals

With the increase in the online job-finding environment, potential candidates post their profiles on traditional job portals like

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Indeed
  3. Job Builder
  4. Monster, etc.

Post a detailed job description on such Job Portals. You can wait for people to respond and apply for your company. You can also look for job profiles that match your requirements. You have to look for the former experience and skills of the candidate.


Since developers can work comfortably and do not have to commit to any company or attend meetings, they prefer freelancing. Freelancing has become an ideal option for remote developers, and they work for you only if they require work or are unoccupied.

The work quality of freelancers is often good, and they charge you on an hourly or project basis. Freelancers post their profiles on the Freelance market places. You can reach out to them and discuss further your company, project, and requirements.


If you deliver your requirements to any outsourcing agency, they will find you PHP developers. You will be paying the agency and not the developers directly.

Outsourcing saves you time and provides you with developers in urgent need of any project. Outsourcing agencies are there in South America and Asia. You can hire PHP Developers at reasonable rates and get your final project according to your conditions.

Cost of hiring PHP developers

Cost of Hiring PHP developers (Average rates)  .png

After you have decided on the source and skills for the development job at your company, you have to fix a budget for your project and your employees (PHP Developers). The salary of PHP developers can range from low to high as per the position and work. The salary of a PHP developer depends on

  1. Skillset
  2. Project requirement
  3. Working hours and environment
  4. Education and Experience
  5. Competitors
  6. The popularity of your company


The average salary of PHP developers in the United States is $93K/year. The salary bar ranges from $50L for Junior Developers to $150K for Senior PHP Developers. As per reports by telent. com, Washington and California pay the most salary for their PHP Developers.

Freelancers' hourly rate ranges from $40 to $160 in the US.


The average salary for PHP developers in the UK is around $64K/year. The pay ranges from $45 to $100K based on the developer's position. The highest salary for PHP developers is in London ($83K/year) Freelancers in the UK earn around $25 to $80 per hour.


Junior PHP developers in Canada earn around $70K/ year, while the income reaches $110K for senior developers. PHP developers earn around $80K on average. In Canada, freelancers earn $90 an hour (average).

What to ask during the interview for PHP developers?

The interview is the final step of every hiring process, and you can analyze the work of your candidate before recruiting them for your company. You don't want to regret hiring someone. Moreover, the interview helps you interact personally and know strengths, team skills, and knowledge about the domain.

If you are wondering about the questions you should ask your potential PHP candidates, you can choose from the questions below!

  1. What do you mean by a session in PHP?
  2. Give differences between variables and constants.
  3. What is the difference between $message and $$message?
  4. Is PHP a case-sensitive language or not?
  5. Give an example of naming a variable in PHP.
  6. Why would someone 'not' use PHP for programming?
  7. Give an example of integration between HTML and PHP?
  8. Explain different types of Arrays in PHP.
  9. What are errors?
  10. Do you know JavaScript? If yes, how does a front-end language like Javascript work with PHP?
  11. What is escaping?
  12. How to create a database using MySQL?
  13. Explain the steps to link a URL in PHP.
  14. What do you know about type hinting in PHP?
  15. Name the scripting engine in PHP?


According to Statista, 21.98% of programmers across the world use PHP. If you are looking forward to creating an attractive website or application to boost your business and you require a PHP developer for the same, start looking now!

As a start to PHP development recruitment guide, you have to take care of your budget, project requirement, and abilities you want in your PHP developer. Next, you have to search for PHP Developers and interview them. Select the developers that suit your need and hire them for your project.

PHP is a fast, portable, and easy-to-use scripting language. Integrating PHP with HTML, CSS, and Javascript helps you create an enriching website. We are rooting for you to hire the best PHP Developers for your company!

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