What makes a good React.js Developer: An Inside Look 2022

Updated On: February 7, 2023

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In this day and age, it is impossible to survive without mobile and web applications.

The world is becoming increasingly digital. Today, everything is digitized, from booking cabs to making bank transactions to ordering food. 

Because of the frameworks that offer a seamless user experience, this is possible. The React front-end library is one example of such a robust library.

The React.js library is an open-source JavaScript library used for developing user interfaces. 

The main objective of this library is to solve the problem of partially updating web pages. It is imperative when developing single-page applications. 

Among the tech leaders—Instagram and Facebook—use the React.js framework.

In fact, React.js can be used to solve a wide range of development issues. Consequently, many companies end up hiring React developers.

A growing number of companies are looking to hire ReactJS developers for their projects, tagged with specific skills and responsibilities.

In this article, we shall discuss and describe React.js developers, their roles and responsibilities, the cost of hiring them, and much more! Keep reading to learn more. 

React.js: A Brief Insight

The ReactJS library is a JavaScript library maintained by Facebook and several individual developers and companies. 

This popular, open-source, front-end JavaScript library is widely used for single-page web applications. 

This technology can create UI elements in web and mobile applications quickly and interactively. The ReactJS library is also known as React or React.js. 

The salient features of ReactJS have attracted many organizations, particularly Fortune 500 companies. 

The platform allows developers to create large web applications that can be updated without reloading the page. 

Its seamless integration with JavaScript libraries such as AngularJS can be used to build rich web applications.

Features of React.js:

  1. Simple to generate interactive UI.
  2. Predictable and straightforward to debug code.
  3. Building encapsulated elements.
  4. Development of new code without rewriting code.
  5. Virtual DOM and data binding.

Who Are React js Developers?

Who Are React js Developers?

ReactJS developers are responsible for developing and implementing UI elements for JavaScript-based web and mobile applications using an open-source library infrastructure. 

These developers use well-known ReactJS methodologies like Flux and partake in the entire process, from development to extensive testing.

Front-end ReactJS developers provide contemporary UI components to enhance application performance.

They use their JavaScript, HTML, and CSS expertise to build strong and efficient applications and collaborate closely with testers, web designers, and project managers.

ReactJS has been a significant delight for developers and businesses due to its multi-layered framework.

Business owners can now concentrate on their core business activities without having to worry about other IT-related tasks; kudos to the React.js developers.

This has, therefore, significantly increased customer satisfaction.

What Is The Best Way To Recruit Good React.js Developers?

Seeking to hire react.js developers for your company? 

Consider looking at the places mentioned below:

1. From Outsourcing Firms:

From Outsourcing Firms

Software development outsourcing is a common practice since it provides a cost-effective solution for hiring talent.

However what exactly does it necessitate? React.js developers can be hired from offshore software development organizations from anywhere in the world.

The team manages your project remotely from the company's headquarters. 

As a result, office rent, sick days, and holidays are eliminated, as well as taxes. This does not incur any additional costs. 

Outsourcing allows you to resize your development team based on the size of your project. 

Unlike freelancers who have never communicated before, outsourcing teams work together as a team. 

When considering the hiring time and cost, hiring remote react.js developers from AppsRhino would be wise. 

Furthermore, AppsRhino developers provide ongoing support for all of their projects. 

2. From Freelance Websites:

The cost of hiring a freelance React.js developer is lower than that of other options. 

However, the more freelancers you hire, the more communication and other issues you face. Not to mention the slowed development process and the possibility of bugs in the final product.

Freelancers have the advantage of being relatively inexpensive. The reason for this is fierce competition on freelance platforms. 

However, freelancers lack credibility. Freelancers often live in different time zones, which makes it difficult to manage your schedule. 

In addition, it's nearly impossible to prevent freelancers from leaving a project without saying a word. This is the most frustrating nightmare for product owners.

3. From Social Networking Websites:

Looking for React developers on corporate social networks, is a wise choice. You can advertise your job vacancies, invite professionals to apply, and actively seek out experts with the necessary skill sets. 

Roles And Responsibilities Of React js Developers

To achieve the best outcomes, a reliable ReactJS developer must carry out specific roles and adhere to responsibilities.

Here are a few roles and responsibilities of react.js developers:

  1. Utilize React's built-in toolbox to build front-end functionality.
  2. Create libraries, reusable code, and tools for data visualization for prospects.
  3. Integrate designs and wireframes within the program code.
  4. Maintain track of user interaction and transform it into useful data.
  5. Monitor the applications to continue to improve performance.
  6. Write JavaScript code for application interfaces.
  7. Convert designs and wireframes into high-quality code.
  8. Solid working knowledge of GIT, Sigma, Adobe XD, and CSS libraries.
  9. Create a responsive online user interface.
  10. Strong knowledge of the object model, data structures, algorithms, JSX, Babel, DOM manipulation, and event handlers.
  11. Comprehensive knowledge of ReactJS and its core concepts, including JSX, Virtual DOM, component lifecycle, etc.
  12. Optimize components for cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility.

Cost Of Hiring React.js Developers

Cost Of Hiring React.js Developers

The pay scale for a ReactJS developer depends on a number of parameters, some of which are listed below:

  1. Location
  2. Years of Experience
  3. Skills and Roles
  4. Level of Expertise
  5. Organization
  6. Training and Certification

Depending on the aforementioned factors, various geographic locations offer different salary figures. 

In the USA, the average salary of ReactJS developers is $120,043 per annum or $61.56 per hour. Most experienced programmers, however, earn up to $157,500 per annum, whilst entry-level roles start at $82,500.

Neuvoo reports that the typical React Developer income in the US is $121,992 per year or around $62.56 per hour. Entry-level occupations start at $65,000 a year while experienced workers make as much as $171,000/year.


The uses of React.js are numerous. 

React.js is recommended for applications that require a clear navigation system in the first place. 

It is possible for developers to build a great career with ReactJS with the right kind of experience and regular updates with newer features. 

The popularity of ReactJS is evident in the number of apps, startups, and organizations that are using it. 

However, in order to implement a project successfully, you need to hire React.js developers from a reliable source. 

If you are looking for proficient React.js developers, consider it done! Our team of developers at AppsRhino is among the finest in the industry. 

They are available on a freelance basis or on a project basis. If you need a developer for your next project, we can help you out at an affordable rate! 

The purpose of this guide is to help hiring managers find React.js developers who fit their organization's culture and workflow. 

Thank you for reading! 



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