What skills should I test while hiring an AngularJS developer?

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Around 845382 companies use Angular, predominately dealing in computer electronics and technology, arts and entertainment, news, and media. The tech spending of such companies is approximately USD 10000, and their location is in the USA. The companies use Angular, which is highly compatible and runs smoothly on Android, iOS, and major mobile OSes. If you want to develop apps, you might consider using Angular, as it is an effective cross-platform development tool. It helps you create high-speed and performance apps. Its current market share is 0.30%. So, suppose you want to develop angular apps and need to hire angular js developers. In that case, this blog is definitely for you then. Reading this will inform you of the skills you should test while hiring Angular js developers. So stick around to know more.

Top Angular Developers Skills


1: Node Package Manager (npm)

The first package you need is npm or Node Package Manager, as it is the required tool to install thousands of client-side web development packages. Angular sprawls across multiple npm packages, and it is apparent that you also will need to install other necessary, non-angular packages. Thus, your angular developers need to know how to use Node Package Manager.

2: Angular CLI

Angular developers should install Angular Command Line Interface with Node Package Manager. Yes, you could install angular packages individually but using Angular CLI makes the process of writing codes easier and guarantees that your apps stick to the accepted best practices. Moreover, CLI lets you add modules, new components, and services to existing apps without hassles.

3: HTML and CSS

The angular framework requires a thorough knowledge of HTML and CSS. These are the most fundamental web development technologies and help angular developers render these apps in a browser. Angular and several different libraries help angular developers swiftly deliver apps. However, HTML and CSS let them tweak things to achieve the app's detailed looks. 

4: Angular

To become an excellent angular developer, you must know how to use Angular. Angular is indeed an extensive framework, and you are not required to know everything about it to get started developing apps. To build a full-featured production app, angular developers should learn how to add and connect different forms, components, modules, and services. 

5: TypeScript

Typescript, a superset of JavaScript, is a recommended language for creating an app with Angular. Reduced errors and increased ability to refactor one's code confidently are a few reasons to opt for Typescript. Besides these advantages, using Typescript enables one and one's team to use variables and functions the way they intend. It leads one to refactor one's code without fears and help evolve it as per the changing user needs. 

6: RxJS

 RxJS is independent of Angular though it comes with the framework. This library is for reactive programming with observable streams and helps do common tasks such as HTTP requests for data. Angular developers use observables and other features that RxJS offers to furnish a consistent API for performing asynchronous tasks. 

7: Git

Your angular developers should know and use Git as creating even a simple application without source control can be perilous. Like TypeScript, Git lets angular developers experiment with new features and coding techniques confidently. Suppose, while working, you end up writing an erroneous piece of code. In this situation, you can go back to the previous working state/ version of your code with the help of Git. Therefore, one should know how to use Git as an angular developer as it lets one evolve one's apps in a secure environment sans losing the sound code. 

8: Empathy

Empathy is also essential for angular developers. Every chat they have with different users will bring new perspectives they might not expect and would not have known otherwise. Apart from talking to different users, they also need to interact with every development team member, and every person has different skill sets and experiences. Therefore, an excellent angular developer is empathetic, tries to learn from everyone, and complements one another to develop great software.

9: Tailwind SCC

 Tailwind SCC is another thing that helps angular developers create a responsive web design. You can create various designs of different types and have them in your markups, such as Flex or Pt4, all thanks to Tailwind SCC. 

10: Docker

 Docker is a free program that simplifies Angular deployment. The Docker system creates containers to make deployment more accessible and quicker. One must have the following on one's computer to use Docker: 

  • Code (Docker requires code) 
  • Runtime Modules 
  • System tools 
  • System libraries installed on computers 

11: Jenkins

Jenkins is a popular tool that every angular developer should know. Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery is how one integrates software components into an application program by performing CI/CD. This excellent tool is free to download and install and includes thousands of plugins to make angular developers' lives easier. Also, the Jenkins community furnishes support.

12: Firebase

Firebase is a platform with which angular developers must be familiar to create mobile and web applications. Firebase has a software development kit that aids in the creation of tools and infrastructure. Further, these tools and infrastructure enable angular developers to offer functions on varied platforms more efficiently and effectively. 

13: Time Management

Time management skills are a must for everyone, and Angular developers are no exception. Almost all angular developers work under stringent deadlines and have well-defined timelines for every app development phase. Thus, they must know to estimate the time required to complete each stage from the inception of the project development as it helps them meet their task in time. Suppose you are looking forward to hiring angular developers. In that case, you need to ensure that they have the following time management skills: 

  • Organization 
  • Planning 
  • Goal setting 
  • Stress management 
  • Prioritization 
  • Flexibility 
  • Delegation 

14: Communication Skills

Angular developers should have top-notch communication skills as they must communicate regularly with their team members. They are responsible for creating websites and apps employing the Angular framework. Also, angular developers constantly interact with numerous stakeholders to obtain and get insights into their requirements. Apart from communicating with individuals for different purposes, they need to be able to write correctly. They usually create documentation and manuals during various development process stages. Thus, as a hirer, you should look for someone with strong written and verbal skills. Moreover, it is cheery on the cake if your candidates know how to communicate non-verbally, listen actively, and manage stress well. 

15: Testing and Debugging

Angular developers ought to know how to test codes and debug errors whenever they arise. They need to test their codes to check the viability and functionality of their developed codes. For instance, angular developers perform functional and unit tests to see whether the code does what we intend. Therefore, your aim should be to hire Angular developers who can test and debug their codes efficiently and can use the following testing frameworks: 

  • Mochajs 
  • Karma 
  • Jasmine 

16: Responsive design

Today, angular developers can not excel sans the knowledge of responsive web development. They need to know how to use Responsive web development to develop web applications that adjust well with several devices. It is because digitization has led people to use web apps on different devices.

17: Javascript

JavaScript is an essential skill that angular developers should know by heart as it is a powerful tool for any front-end developer. While HTML and CSS help embellish websites with beautiful looks, it is JavaScript that adds interactive features such as high-quality animations, audios, videos, etc. Therefore, angular developers must know how to use JavaScript to create attractive and interactive websites.

18: JHipster

When you hire angular developers, ensure whether or not they know JHipster. This free and open-source software lets angular developers develop web applications with structured source code employing CRUD operations. In addition, JHipster has several options for user management and microservices in this app, thus, simplifying development. JHipster supports the following: 

  • Elasticsearch 
  • OpenShift 
  • Auto-deployment to Heroku 
  • Websockets 
  • AWS 
  • NoSQL databases


This Angular Developers recruitment guide is sufficient to let you know what skills you should test while hiring an AngularJS developer. From nmp and angular CLI to time management and communication skills, every skill holds a significant value in determining the worth and competency of angular developers. So, ensure your potential angular developers have all these qualities and abilities to help you make a successful app. But you do not need to commence your search for Angular developers and assess them as the Angular developers at AppsRhino master every skill mentioned earlier and are utterly professional. Contact us today to get started.


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