What skills to look for while hiring java developers?

Updated On: February 22, 2023

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Java Developers use the Java programming language for application and software development. They coordinate daily with fellow application development, website developers, designers, quality assurance testers, and coworkers!

Do you want to hire a Java Developer who can engage with new ideas and technologies and develop the perfect applications for your company? You shall remember to recruit the ideal employees considering your project requirements, business model, application platform model, and other necessary details. 

If you want to recruit Java Developers for your company, consider their skills, experience, education, and background before making decisions. 

Why are we waiting? Let's read this blog and understand the skills a recruiter and company like you shall look for while hiring Java Developers. Moreover, let's know where to find Java Developers and how to recruit them with this blog. 

Skills for Java Developers

As a recruiter, you shall understand the list of skills your candidates have before hiring them for the Java Development role. You will find all the technical and non-technical skills and qualifications of Java Developers in this section. 

In-depth Java Knowledge

If you are hiring Java Developers, your candidates shall understand Java from start to wherever it leads. A Java Developer knows the features, qualities, and ways to work efficiently with this language. 

Understanding Java includes working on the following topics. 

  1. Java is an Object-oriented programming language; hence a Java Developer shall know about OOPS (Object-Oriented Programming System). 
  2. Your company will benefit if your employees know how to work in an integrated development environment. 
  3. They shall understand design patterns and Java technologies used. 
  4. They can learn about serialization. 

How to know if your potential employees for Java Development have an unbeatable Java understanding? You can ask them questions about the language or any project they submit. You may examine the answers and throw follow-up questions at the candidates. 

Additional Technologies with Java

Imagine a situation where you hire Java Developers and interview numerous candidates. Candidate A understands Java, and candidate B knows Java, SQL, and another programming language useful for your project. 

Who will you hire?

You can recruit Java Developers who understand multiple programming languages, including Java. These coding domains involve HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, and others.

Kotlin for Android application development

Why are you hiring Java Developers? Does your company want to create an application now or in the future? 

A Java Developer shall know about Android Application Development and the languages used, like Kotlin. 

Companies may use other programming languages for Android development, but they are shifting to Kotlin rapidly. Hence, Kotline knowledge for Java Developers will be a plus if you are creating apps for the future. 

Model View Controllers like Spring framework 5

Companies worldwide are using Spring for their Java applications. This framework is like a library for working with classes and queries to get desired results. 

You want to recruit Java Developers for your team who understand the required frameworks, including Spring, to work with Java projects at your company. 

You may ask the candidates about the frameworks and technologies they know and understand. Further, you can ask questions and know their interest in learning further. 


Robert Martin created five principles of object-oriented programming and design, referred to by the acronym SOLID. Let's discuss these principles and their significance for every Java Developer you hire. 

  1. Single Responsibility Principle: A class should have only one reason to change, meaning it should have only one responsibility.
  2. Open-Closed Principle: The O in SOLID stands for Open-Closed Principle. This concept states that a class or state can be open for extension and closed for modification. 
  3. Interface Segregation Principle: A client shall not depend on the interfaces they don't use. 
  4. Dependency Inversion Principle: The dependencies can be abstract and not specific. 

You can know if your Java Developers understand OOPS in SOLID if they grasp the concepts theoretically and practically. 

Soft skills

You can analyze the candidate and their will to work for your company by taking interviews. You shall see how the candidate replies to asked questions, provides them with situations and looks at results. 

A company shall recruit Java Developers with team building and conflict management spirit. 

Moreover, your Java Developer shall know how to speak their mind, think about innovative ideas, and convince the team about their thoughts. 

You can hire a Java Developer who respects fellow employees and coworkers. Moreover, they shall be deadline specific and efficient with time management. 

How to identify the soft skills of your candidates? You can ask them tricky questions without correct answers and examine their reactions and replies. 

How to find and hire Java Developers?

You can find numerous ways to recruit Java Developers for your company. You can go for part-time or full-time employees or choose to outsource. No matter what method you select, you shall know to hire a Java developer with both methods. Moreover, you shall explore which way suits best for your business model. 

Part-time, full-time, or Freelancer Developers

You can hire Part-time, Full-time, or Freelancer Java developers by posting a job opening on social media websites and applications like LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and others. 

You will post the openings, wait for responses and resumes, analyze the CVs, and contact candidates after short-listing. 

Further, you will take assignments, ask for projects, and decide the Java Developers you want in your team. 

Finally, recruiters can interview candidates and know them personally before hiring them for your Java Development projects. 

Additionally, the senior developers or managers train employees. This process allows a Java Developer to become familiar with the work environment, project needs, and atmosphere.

It seems like a lot. You may find and hire the perfect Java Developers for your company, but you will spend time finding them. 

You can spend this time working on the projects and other resources. 

How to proceed?

Outsourcing to hire a Java Developer

Outsourcing is the perfect method to recruit a Java Developer for your company if you want to save time and hire the best candidates instantly. 

You can list the specifics about the Java Developers you want. You can inform the Outsourcing firm about their qualifications, skills, and education, and you'll get the Java Development team for your company!

You can leave the recruitment to the Outsourcing team and focus on other significant things.

How to find the perfect Outsourcing team? Well, contact AppsRhino! We assist you at every step of pre and post-project development. Your company can tell us about the Java Developers' requirements, and we'll provide you with the perfect candidates for the job.  

We have dynamic pricing models, and companies and clients know us for your user support. 

You'll be in good hands for recruitment with AppsRhino!

Interview Questions for Java Developers

Here is a list of interview questions you can ask your candidates before hiring them for your company. These inquiries will test their knowledge and abilities and how they work and answer under pressure. 

  1. What do you know about JDK, JRE, and JVM? Explain their differences. 
  2. What is public-static mainstream in Java?
  3. Tell us about the meaning of array and vector in Java. 
  4. What is a super keyword? When can you use it?
  5. What do you know about HashMap and HashTable?
  6. Please explain to us the meaning of reflection in Java. 
  7. How will you call a constructor of class inside another constructor?
  8. What do you know about synchronization in Java? 
  9.  Why did you start learning and experimenting with Java?
  10. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
  11. How will you handle a conflict within your team?
  12. Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses. How are you trying to overcome your weak points?


You understand the skills necessary for Java software and application development. Moreover, you know the methods to recruit a Java Developer for your team. 

As a recruiter, you understand that you are responsible for getting the best candidates and employees for your company. You shall check if your Java Developers have skills and experience. Additionally, you may hire employees who can handle the work pressure and multiple projects at once. 

An outsourcing Team like AppsRhino will ensure you get the required results with ideal candidates for your team. We are known to maintain the quality of candidates we provide. Believe us; you will not regret working with AppsRhino. You will enjoy partnering with our team as we work toward perfection!

Why are you waiting? Contact AppsRhino today and create a future for your project!


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