Who are Swift Developers and What do they do?

Updated On: April 8, 2023

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Do you know about Swift developers? Do you know what they do? Do you understand the technologies and development platforms they work for? Well, this blog is the perfect place to get your answers about Swift and Swift developers. 

We will start with an introduction to Swift Developers and understand its features and advantages. Moreover, we will talk about the skills of Swift Developers. Finally, we will talk about developer types for hire. If you want to know about Swift development and how to hire Swift developers for your company, you are in for a treat!

This blog on Swift developers will improve your knowledge and will convince you about perceiving Swift development for iOS application development. 

So, why are we waiting? Let's start our journey and learn everything about hiring a swift developer!

Swift Developers- An Introduction 

Let's talk about the history of Swift before moving forward. Swift, a programming language for iOS development, has been available for developers since 2014. Apple released this language to replace Object-C for application development. Swift soon developed popular support among users due to its performance, syntax, and safety features. 

Now, a Swift developer is an individual focused on the development of applications for numerous platforms like iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS. 

Talking about the role of Swift developers, they are responsible for the creation of mobile applications, web applications, and side apps. You can hire a Swift developer to develop delivery apps, games, social media platforms, and other interactive outlets for the users of Apple products. 

A developer shall create, implement, debug, design user interfaces, and perform other tasks involving perfect app development. 

Swift Developers have a background in computer science or other computer-related fields. If you are hiring Swift developers, you shall run a check on your candidates to ensure their education and skills. 

We will talk about Swift's development skills in the next section. 

We can assure you that Swift developers have a high demand in the software development market. A Swift developer with appropriate experience and availability for iOS development is a market requirement. 

A Swift developer is a highly trained professional who is essential for innovative and high-quality application development for Apple devices. Hence, Swift'developers skills, knowledge, and dedication make them invaluable assets to the software development industry.

Features and Advantages of Swift

If you want to know about the job of Swift developers, you shall understand their skills. Moreover, learning Swift developer skills for hiring them is also significant. 

Swift-programming language for iOS development

A Swift developer for hire shall have in-depth knowledge of Swift. We talked about Swift as a programming language for iOS app development. Your candidates shall know about Swift's latest version, Swift 3.0, for a better tool understanding. 

You can ask candidates about their understanding of Swift syntax, control flow, operations, classes, and bugs.

Guidelines for user interface designing

Designs are what appeal to the eyes of the application user. User interface designing is one of the characteristics that every Swift developer shall have. 

While hiring Swift developers, your recruiting team can make sure that your candidates understand design and know how to implement it for development and client usage.  

Git and GitHub

Imagine creating a program using Swift for a delivery application. Now, you want to make minor changes to the code. However, after modifying the code, the application stops working. What will you do? You can't get back to the original code as you can't figure out the particular changes. 

Git and GitHub come into the role here! These developers can save every change they make to the program. Moreover, GitHub users can upload the program and allow other users to fork, save, and modify it per need. 

Core Data

Swift developers can create data-driven apps that are comparatively effortless by the Core Data framework. Core Data accomplishes model object management and relationships by relieving the developer of tiresome and routine chores usually related to the object life cycle and graph management. 

Core Data streamlines these procedures so that programmers can concentrate on the application's user experience and general functionality, which are more crucial components of its development. 

Spatial Reasoning

If your Swift developer can visualize objects, elements, applications, and tools in 3D, your platform has a better chance of success among the target audience. 

In simple words, the Swift Developers shall understand how the application interacts with the users on iPhone, iMac, and other Apple devices. The ability to spatial reasoning comes with practice and learning. 

Xcode IDE experience

Having proficiency in Xcode, the Integrated Development Environment (IDE), is a crucial skill that is mandatory for iOS developers to possess if you are looking to hire them.

In addition to being a mandatory skill for Swift developers, utilizing the Xcode IDE enhances the user experience and decreases the time and cost required for iOS app development. Therefore, when hiring Swift developers, it is important to prioritize those who possess proficiency in Xcode IDE within their skill set.

Soft Skills

A Swift developer for hire shall have the required soft skills. Efficient communication is one of the key aspects of working with a team. Further, problem-solving abilities, leadership qualities, and team management skills are some of the characteristics that every Swift developer shall have for perfection and success in their career. 

Finally, the ability to adapt to work and project environments is necessary. 

Types of Swift Developers for Companies

If you want to hire a Swift developer for your company, you shall understand the numerous developer types. Moreover, you can choose between them based on their advantages and limitations for your company. Let's read about them!

Full-time, part-time, and freelancer Swift developers

One Swift developer type includes hiring full-time or part-time developers. You have to hire these employees after careful speculation. Your company shall send job postings, review resumes, and shortlist candidates. Further, individual project checking and interviews take time. 

You will find the required Swift developers after a lengthy hiring process. You can spend this time on other significant resources and company development aspects!

Moreover, freelancer developers work as per their comfort and availability. Punctual and work-efficient freelancer developers are hard to find.

So, what is the better way to hire a Swift development team? How to overcome the limitations of hiring developers individually?

Outsourcing companies

You can hire Swift developers for your company via outsourcing. What are its benefits? When you outsource employees, you can find and test individual developers. 

You shall find some of the best companies for outsourcing, like AppsRhino, and tell them about your Swift developer requirements. This step will allow the outsourcing company to provide you with the perfect candidates for your project. 

You will save enormous hiring, interview, and training time. Moreover, you will get the required development team that you will enjoy working with without many complaints. 


Hope you have a better understanding of Swift developers now. You can decide if you want to hire Swift developers for your company and what developer type works perfectly for you. Outsourcing and hiring a Swift developer team from AppsRhino will prove beneficial for you. 

Our team at AppsRhino provides unmatched support to our clients. Moreover, our Swift developers have the required skill set, experience, and knowledge of this programming language. We have experience creating delivery applications, cab applications, and others.

You will not regret opting for us for Swift development and creating a project for your company. We will assist you in pre-development and help you in the planning process. Quality assurance testing is a significant step in application development, and we will make sure to take advantage of it. Further, we are here for your in-app maintenance, marketing, and launch of your application. Connect with us today and know more about Swift developers.



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