Why do 10 minute Grocery Delivery Companies like Gorilla App exist in the world?

Updated On: March 2, 2023

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Do you like fast things? If you like fast things, you might consider using the Gorillas App. Today, when people live hectic lives and have no time to spare for household chores, 10-minute grocery delivery apps like the Gorillas App come in handy. 

These 10-minute grocery delivery companies like the Gorillas App have become integral to our lives today, thanks to Covid-19. But have you ever wondered why companies like the Gorillas App came into existence? Why have these companies chosen to add DELIVERY WITHIN 10 MINUTES to their names? 

Or why are people using the services of companies like the Gorillas App? If yes, this is the time you get your answers quickly. Therefore, this blog will tell you why you would like to use apps like The Gorillas app as consumers. And why you would like to become a 10-minute grocery delivery company like the Gorillas App instead of just a grocery delivery app.

What is The Gorillas App?

A German on-demand grocery delivery company called GORILLAS has developed the Gorillas App. They promise that their Gorillas App will deliver your groceries within 10 minutes of ordering. The Gorillas App provides groceries within 10 minutes with the help of dark stores. As of 2021, the Gorillas App serves more than 55 cities. Indeed, they are true to their claims faster than you or last-mile delivery of essential human needs. 

They have maintained their claims with the help of fulfillment centers, also called dark stores. Besides the Gorillas App, there are several such apps. A few of them are Dija, Deliveroo, and Flink. You will be surprised to know that Getir and Gorillas seek investment rounds of at least $500 million. These investment rounds will value them at $7 billion (Getir) and $6 billion (Gorillas). 

Overview of The Gorillas Company

Industry: An Online platform for convenient delivery Founded: May 2020 in Berlin, Germany Founders: Jörg Kattner, Kağan Sümer, Ronny Shibley (co-founder) Situated in: Berlin, Germany Available in: Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Denmark, and Spain. Number of employees: ~10,000 (2021)

The History of Gorillas 

Kağan Sümer, Jörg Kattner, Jeff Hester, and Ronny Shible founded the Gorillas App in May 2020. Their Gorillas app delivers groceries and other supermarket goods ordered via bike courier at the same prices as they charge customers in the supermarket. It started in Berlin and soon spread over several European cities. 

Currently, the Gorillas App operates in some European cities, including Amsterdam, London, Paris, Madrid, Milan, Munich, and New York, USA. Regarding funding, the company raised $44 million in Series A funding in December 2020. The Gorillas App then raised $290 million in Series B funding in March 2021 and approximately $1 Billion in Series C funding in October 2021. After the last investment round, the Gorillas company or app is valued at 1 billion. Sümer (one of its founders) has said they aim to raise 700 million dollars of new financing this year to scale up the company and turn it into a profitable business. 

Why Order Groceries through the Gorillas App

  1. Fast Grocery Delivery: The Gorillas App rider crew delivers customers' orders within minutes! 
  2. 1,000+ Products: The Gorillas App lets users order anything they can find in their local supermarket, online and fast! They get to choose from 1,000+ products. 
  3. Easy Online Payment: The Gorillas App lets people pay easily and fast using all major credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and GooglePay. 
  4. Retail Prices: All of the Gorillas App's products are delivered fresh at retail prices! 
  5. Contactless delivery: Users can have our rider leave their orders at their doorsteps. 

The Gorillas Apps and The Dark Store

The Gorillas App and the like use dark stores to deliver groceries quickly. Companies like the Gorillas apps use next-door micro-warehouses or own dark stores to fulfill orders through the Gorillas App. Now you might wonder what dark stores are. Well, dark stores are a store that is not open to the public for in-store shopping; they were created to fulfill only online purchases. These stores are often located in the suburbs or on the outskirts of cities, where they can take advantage of low-cost real estate and easy highway access. A typical dark store in the United States is about 40,000 square feet. Also, such stores are known as Dark supermarkets. They have other names like dotcom centers or micro fulfillment centers in the United Kingdom, where such stores first arose, especially when offering click-and-collect services. 

What Grocery Products Can You Find On The Gorillas App?

The Gorillas App offers numerous products to shoppers. You can find fresh fruits and vegetables on the Gorillas App. Apples, Bananas, Oranges, Lemons, Limes, etc., are available on the Gorillas App. Besides fruits and veggies, the Gorillas App also supplies fresh pastries, wraps, rolls, cakes, and other bakery products. You can also order milk, eggs, yogurt, cheese, steaks, chicken fillets, burgers, cooked meats, deli, olives, dips, etc., through the Gorillas App. 

Other things that users can order through the Gorillas App are as follows: 

  1. Cold drinks 
  2. Lemonade 
  3. Energy drinks 
  4. Juices 
  5. Flavored water. 
  6. Ice Cream 
  7. Cereals, 
  8. Bread loaves 
  9. Jam spreads 
  10. Frozen food items 
  11. Snacks like crisps, popcorn, biscuits, etc. 
  12. Users can also find milk alternatives and meat alternatives. 
  13. All the baby products 
  14. Toiletries 
  15. Cleaning supplies 
  16. Laundry products 

How Does The Gorillas App Work? 

The Gorillas App is easy to use. All you need to do is download the Gorillas App and add your favorite products to the cart. After you have added everything to the cart, proceed to place your orders. You can even track the order status while waiting for the groceries. And within minutes, you will find your groceries at your doorsteps. 

The Gorillas App: Controversy

Workers working for the Gorillas App have criticized the working conditions. They complained about having inadequate equipment, high delivery pressure, and heavy deliveries that cause back pain. The Gorillas App workers complained that they were not paid correctly or on time. Besides this, the Gorillas App Company fired dozens of its employees for participating in the strike. Now, the Gorillas Company has started working on improving its working conditions. They have purchased over 1,200 state-of-the-art e-bikes for their cyclists to meet the cyclists' needs. Gorillas has also renewed its cyclists' equipment, including PPE. Further, The Gorillas App Company has offered its 12,000+ employees benefits like health insurance, a salary above the minimum wage, paid leave, and a complete riders' kit. Also, The Gorillas App has introduced a bonus scheme for those who complete numerous orders. This bonus is available for workers working in the countries like Germany, the Netherlands, and England. 

Why do people need 10-Minute Grocery Delivery Apps Like Gorillas?

Companies like the Gorillas apps have flourished well. People have accepted them with open arms. The reason people found these apps like the Gorillas Apps helpful is the pandemic. The company started when the pandemic was in its initial days. People did not want to step out of their houses for anything, not even grocery shopping. So, apps like The Gorillas App help people, who do not want to go out, shopping. Also, the elderly find these apps helpful as they can get groceries without exerting themselves. Last, apps like the Gorillas App help people who need groceries or anything at the last minute. 

What Challenges Are Ahead For Grocery Delivery Apps Like The Gorillas App?

Many retail industry executives and experts doubt the rise of these 10-minute grocery delivery apps. Some believe that apps like the Gorillas App are not a risk and not long-term competitors to their businesses. They also think the gradual reopening of economies after extended lockdowns will threaten to stunt such apps' growth. Deliveroo, an app like the Gorillas app, has seen its share price slump 36% since its IPO in March.

Artificial Intelligence and The Gorillas App

Apps like the Gorillas App can do wonders when combined with Artificial Intelligence. You can make your app calculate traffic, route optimization, demography, and delivery dynamics. You can achieve all this by using geospatial data and geo-intelligence. You can even deploy a workforce for packing and delivering goods at the nearby houses where the orders have been placed. You can even inform the grocery of the orders through technological advancements (Location Intelligence). Also, Business Intelligence and machine learning technology can help you discover consumer behavior and buying patterns. 

How Do Grocery Delivery Apps Like The Gorillas App Train Their Delivery Guys?

Companies like the Gorillas App can equip their packers and delivery guys with intelligent gadgets such as tablets and smartphones. These gadgets help the delivery guy know the exact location of buyers and dark stores/ cold rooms. Delivery guys can even deliver under 10 minutes when equipped with these gadgets; these apps let them find the optimum route to the destination. Moreover, these guys can be positioned near dark stores and cold rooms to make the purchase quickly. Besides, such gadgets and technologies help delivery guys discover the routes during peak hours. 

The Gorillas App Not Delivering Within 10 Minutes Anymore?

You can not find the delivery within 10 minutes service claim on the Gorillas App Website. Instead, they now state delivery within 10 minutes service. The Gorillas App Company made the step to avoid putting the lives of their delivery guys at risk. People argue that delivery guys could and might have jumped a red light, exceeded the maximum driving speed, etc. They feel that delivery guys put their and pedestrians' lives at risk. Thus, as an answer, the company decided to stop advertising itself as a delivery within 10 minutes service. 


Indeed, companies like the Gorillas App revolutionized the grocery delivery game recently. Despite being new, seeing how much investment the Gorillas App Company received is impressive. And many such companies have also emerged to take benefit of the current public demand. Get a diligently-made app if you want to venture into such a field. Contact AppsRhino today to get an app like the Gorillas App and see people order through such apps. 

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