Why is joget perfect for your low-code app dev needs?

Updated On: March 23, 2023

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Do you know about the exponential growth and upward trajectory of the no-code app and web development platforms within companies? 

According to a report by Gartner, companies will start using no-code platforms for 65% of their app development needs. No-code companies like Bubble, Airtable, AppSheet and Joget gained exceptional profits while assisting businesses without code. 

Let's start this blog by understanding the meaning of no-code platforms. A no-code platform like Joget allows the developer/user to create websites and applications without typing the actual program. No-code developers can drag and drop elements, tools, and other functions, and the platform will automatically generate the code. Exciting, right?

Do you want to know the reasons why you shall engage with Joget for app development? Read this blog with us to find all answers!

What is Joget?

Briefly, Joget is an open-source platform that companies are using for no-code development. Developers do not require a deep coding understanding of programming languages and can build forms, workflows, and databases effortlessly. Some of the reasons why Joget is powerful include its simple and adaptable nature. Moreover, you can create customized business applications swiftly!

Joget was released as a no-code platform in 2009. Joget is one of the most user-friendly and growing platforms in the industry. Joget developers can integrate numerous systems like databases, enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and others to create applications. One of the well-known features includes its support for multiple programming languages like HTML5, Java, and JavaScript.

Why is Joget the perfect platform for your company?

You must wonder about the reasons why Joget is the perfect no-code platform for your company. Let's read further to know why! We are sure that you will be fascinated after understanding the advantages of Joget. 

Drag and drop form builder

One of the features that help Joget stand out is the drag-and-drop form builder. Users can use this element to design unique forms effortlessly with numerous field kinds, like text fields, date pickers, and drop-down menus. Joget developers can create workflows for their applications using the workflow builder as well and modify them per requirements and client needs!

Pre-built templates for everyone!

The Joget platform offers a plugin selection and ready-to-use templates. Users can expand their app capability and options without much coding. Let's take an example of a user willing to integrate Google maps into their application. They will have no problem adding that plugin! Joget developers can add social platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams to their apps for the users.

Mobile application development support

Joget developers can create applications for desktop and mobile.

A user can develop mobile applications with a mobile theme that automatically adjusts the application's layout and design suitable for the screen size of the connected device. 

A Joget developer can install mobile-oriented features like GPS, camera, and barcode scanning. They can create mobile-specific forms and workflows with Joget. This no-code platform is for apache cordova native mobile app creation!

Flexible and customizable

Another significant feature of Joget includes flexibility. Users can implement features on-premises or in the cloud. Joget supports multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS. Users and Joget developers know this platform for its adaptable nature allowing them to design distinctive interfaces with numerous logos and colors in applications.

Joget GitHub

Let's talk about the open-source edition, Joget GitHub. A developer can find the source code of Joget workflow platforms, plugins, and example applications. This work is available in the Joget Workflow repository of GitHub. 

A user can fork the Joget Workflow platform's source code and modify and expand it per preference. You will find that the GPL open-source license governs the use of Joget Workflow on Github, and they shall abide by the license's guidelines. 

The Joget GitHub repository documents everything, including starter code, the Joget workflow platform's build, deployment, configuration instructions, and other details. 

Developers and users can monitor problems and report bugs using the issue-tracking tools available along!


Do you want to create a web or mobile application using no code? Believe us, your app will be ready quickly! Joget is the perfect platform for you! So the next question that comes to my mind is where to start with Joget development. AppsRhino is the answer to all your app development-related questions. How? You are right! You can hire some of the most skilled, experienced, and outstanding developers with AppsRhino! Don't wait! Connect with our team, and you can know more! Our team provides unmatched support, and we will love working on your project!


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