Why Offshore Development Centre Is Important For Canada-based companies

Updated On: February 7, 2023

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Are you considering establishing an Offshore Development Center for your Canada-based business? Well, you clicked on the perfect blog! This blog will tell you everything about investing in Offshore Development Centers. 

You may wish to know the benefits of ODCs for your business. Moreover, we'll talk about the components involved in your Offshore Team and their roles. 

You might think of Offshore Software Development Centers as additional spending. However, you shall understand why numerous companies thought about this idea! 

Multinational companies know the long-term advantages of ODCs. They prepare their budget considering the involvement of Offshore employees and their necessities. 

ODCs proved to be one of the major proficiency-improving agents for most companies. 

Hence, you should know why your business requires an Offshore Development Center for good! 

Let's read this informative blog together and understand the meaning and pros of Offshore Software Development Centers. 

What is an Offshore Development Center?

Let's understand the meaning of Offshore Development Centers before moving forward with the benefits for your business in Canada.

Imagine having a Tech-domain company in Canada. You develop commodities and appliances for your customers. You connect with the customers personally as they use your products, provide customer support via multiple methods, and engage in the development and growth of your business.

You hire developers and other employees to handle numerous tasks and plan the progress model for your business.

Do you require trusted assistance for your company? Offshore Development Centers are here for you! 

ODCs means hiring a team in another country to handle your business requirements and company resources efficiently!

What companies require Offshore Development Centers?

What companies require Offshore Development Centers?

What type of business do you own in Canada? Do you require an Offshore Development Center as a necessity? Here is a list of businesses that benefit from having an Offshore Development Center for their company!

  1. Web Development
  2. QA Testing
  3. Mobile Application Development
  4. E-commerce websites
  5. Software Development
  6. Web Application Development
  7. Custom Development
  8. UI/UX Designing
  9. Machine Learning Projects
  10. AR/VR Development

And others. 

Benefits of having an Offshore Software Development Centre for your business in Canada!

Why would you want to invest in Offshore Development Centers for your business in Canada? 

Let's understand some advantages and perks of establishing or hiring ODCs in countries like India!

Cost Efficiency

You work for your customers. You want to expand your business and satisfy their technological needs regularly. Hence, you may want to save and invest them in further progress. 

How can you improve your cost efficiency rate? Imagine having an office in Canada. You hire employees and work on primary engagements here. Further, you have an Offshore Development Center in India. You hire Indian developers and employees for this office. 

Think of the money you can save! We understand the one-time investments in setting up the Offshore Development Centers and hardware. However, you'll preserve long term!

Companies establish Software Development Centers in countries with low developers' salaries. Moreover, hardware purchase costs comparatively less in regions. 

 If you are careful in resource investment, you'll achieve cost efficiencies with Offshore Development Centers. 

Diversity with Worldwide Talents

Do you want to hire talent from around the world for your company? Offshore Development Centers allow you to explore and hire skilled candidates for the parent company!

You can hire candidates with the appropriate skills and qualifications at low costs. Moreover, you can ensure that they adapt to the ODC environment and deal with the customers effectively. 

English is the globally accepted language for the corporate environment. If you partner with an Offshore Software Development Center in countries like India, Poland, and others, you will find candidates with fluent communication and customer management skills. 

Product efficiency

You shall understand that the in-house and Offshore teams will work on the project together. Maximum participation provides better results. Therefore, one of the benefits of having Offshore Development Centers for your company in Canada is Product efficiency!

Skilled Developers and employees will integrate their inputs to provide better project outcomes for the candidates!

Focus on development and further projects

Focus on development and further projects

While the Offshore Development Center focuses on proceeding with the ongoing project, the in-house team initiates further work and increases client-number. 

Additionally, you can review the commencement of client meetings and significant projects and plan strategies for necessary outcomes. 

Extended Working Hours

Imagine having an in-house team in Canada. Further, you have an Offshore Development Center in India. These countries have a time-zone difference of 10 hours and 30 minutes. Hence, you can ensure that the project work doesn't stop even after the working hours end for the Canadian employees. 

Additionally, you can make updates, provide feedback, and assign work within the standard working hours for both countries. As a result, your company can achieve maximum yield in a reduced time!

How to set up an Offshore Development Center? A Step-wise guide

How can your Canada-based business establish Offshore Development Centers? 

Here is a list of steps you can follow. If you face issues or require assistance, you can always contact AppsRhino!

  1. Planning is one of the key steps to developing ODCs. You can consider the budget, need, and scope for the best results. 
  2. Further, choose a location. You shall enquire about the city, region, and country for your ODC. 
  3. Consider the challenges you might face while working with the chosen Offshore Development Company. You shall ensure they agree to your requirements and process the best results. 
  4. Further, select your team members and ensure their qualifications and experience. 
  5. Clear the legalities from both countries to allow the exchange of information.
  6. Finally, confirm timely work submission and work per instructions from the Offshore Software Development Center employees!

Offshore Development Center Components

Let's understand the components of Offshore Development Centers. The numerous parts of an Offshore Development Center come together to form one identity to assist the parent company in any possible way! They handle the resources, handle uncountable tasks and report to your company in Canada.

Manufacturing Team

Imagine your Canada-based company is developing software. Your on-shore employees formulated the perfect software, and you want to create more per your client's request. The Manufacturing team will allow you to manufacture and export required hardware for the company. These workers will perform work per your instructions from an Offshore Software Development Center in another country!

The Developers will work in the program per the company-opted language, and QA Testers will ensure its quality for the customers.

A team for Customer Support

A team for Customer Support

Do you require employees to tackle your clients and customers? Offshore Development Centers are your go-to solutions! You can ensure and hire employees with efficient technical knowledge and communication skills. 

Further, you can train them about dealing with consumers.

Finally, you can deploy your User Support services to Offshore Development Center employees and reduce your workload to focus on progress!

Research Work

As a Canada-based business, you do research before starting new projects. You collect details for your target audience, budget, software usability, world statistics, and other topics. The research work is significant, and ignoring it can cause difficulties later.

Searching for data takes crucial time and effort. Hence, your Offshore team can take over and ease your work!

Additionally, they can send the collected information to your company in Canada for final-making and implementation.


Digital Marketing is one of the best sources to reach your target audience. You can let your audience understand the use and benefits of becoming clients for your business. Companies can opt for an in-house Marketing team, Outsourcing marketing services from freelancers, or include it with the Offshore Development Center tasks. What's the most effortless way, according to you?

You can train employees from your Offshore Development Centers to create blog posts, engage users on social media applications, and write quora answers for the customers.

Project Management

Project Management

How will the Offshore Software Development Center report your Business in Canada about work and updates? Who will approve the employee's work before sending it? The project Manager role is necessary for any ODC. The parent company can coordinate with them and answer your queries. You can hire a responsible and qualified employee for the Project Manager role and ensure smooth processing!

Final Words

While investing in Offshore Development Centers, you shall ensure employee quality and rates. Moreover, you may consider the investment costs, location, environment, and workers' dedication!

India is one of the perfect countries to set up Offshore Development Centers. This country has qualified candidates, experienced developers, and required communication skills. 

Do you want to establish an Offshore Development Center in India for your Canada-based company? If you don't know where to start, you can reach AppsRhino!

We'll assist you through every step in developing an Offshore Software Development Center.

You can tell us about your needs, and our team will be ready for you! We are famous for our Customer Support and dynamic payment plans for your company!

Connect with us today to know more and start your Offshore Software Development Center establishment journey! We are rooting to obtain the best for your company in Canada.


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