10 Must Have Hard Skills For Every IOS Developer

Updated On: March 1, 2023

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"Acquiring the right talent is the most important key to growth. Hiring was- and still is- the most important thing we do." as quoted by Marc Benioff, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Salesforce. Hiring new employees is one of the most crucial processes of app development. 

Therefore, after you have made your iOS App Development plan and set budgeting, your next vital step toward a successful application is to hire iOS Developers! For recruiting iOS Developers, you might think about how to find developers with the perfect background, experience, and creative mindset.

For the development of an application that your customers will love and help you obtain profits on the iOS ecosystem, you shall look in the right place. You may hire iOS Developers by finding them on professional networks or outsource developers from another company. Here we have an excellent blog for you! You will be able to find everything to know about the skills to look for while hiring iOS Developers. Let's peek at the top 10 skills an iOS Developer shall have!!

Who are iOS Developers? What do they do?

Who are iOS Developers? What do they do?

An iOS Developer is a software engineer having iOS App Development skills. It requires a deep understanding of the iOS ecosystem with a considerable interest in iOS Development. iOS Developers shall know how applications work on iPhones, iPads, and other Apple devices. They should be skilled in creating and customizing applications on the iOS ecosystem! For iOS App development, the iOS Developer needs a Mac computer. The app developed for iOS goes through a strict quality review before getting on the App Store for download. The central focus and tasks for an iOS developer include: 

1. Understanding the concepts of the application 

2. Doing in-depth research on the market and its needs. 

3. Having knowledge and ability to innovate unique designs and patterns for application building. 

4. Finally, efficient programming skills and the ability to build apps. 

5. Awareness about app testing. All iOS Developers use three primary tools for iOS development. These tools are 

1. Objective-C 

2. Swift 

3. X-code If you have landed on this blog, you may be looking for iOS Developers for your next project in the iOS ecosystem. Well, you have reached the right place! This blog will make you aware of every aspect of hiring an iOS Developer. 

How much does an iOS Developer earn?

 The career for iOS App Development is competitive with the growing number of iOS Developers in the world. Here are a few statistics that will help you determine the average salary of iOS Developers worldwide. 

1. According to Indeed, the average salary of an iOS Developer is $126,941. 

2. PayScale informs us the average income of iOS Developers is $87,332. 

3. As per Ziprecruiter, the mean pay of iOS Developers is $114,614. 

The above data shows that iOS Developers have varying salaries based on skills and employment models. Companies may wish to hire remote, full-time/part-time, or contract-based employees. Additionally, the pay scale may depend on the development project and market reach. Junior iOS Developers may earn comparatively less salary because of less experience and projects in the field of iOS App Development. After the iOS Developers gain expertise in application development and understand more about the concepts, testing, and designing, they may get to handle teams as Senior iOS Developers. 

10 Must-Have Skills for iOS Developers

10 Must-Have Skills for iOS Developers

 Suppose you are looking for the perfect recruiting model to hire iOS Developers. After you have set your application's requirements and have an iOS App Development plan, you can proceed to the next step. You must be asking yourself one question. "How do I hire iOS Developers with the most considerable and usable skills?" We have an answer to your question! Here is the list of hard skills you should look for while hiring iOS Developers. 

Knowledge about XCode

 According to the requirements list on the Apple iOS Developer's website, programmers shall develop all the iOS apps using Xcode 13 and iOS 15 Software Development Kit. Xcode is not a programming language. It is an "integrated development environment." It involves all the tools required to build software and applications per the Operating Systems. Xcode supports the programs iOS Developers write in other programming languages like C, C++, Java, AppleScript, Python, Ruby, etc.) Programmers don't have to worry about using functions and tools from various sources and integrating them using scripts to work together. Programmers can work without needing to write and implement the source code. Your iOS Developer candidate shall be aware of working with Xcode. If iOS Developers have experience utilizing tools through Xcode, they hold an advantage! 

Programming language efficiency: Swift

 If iOS Developers want to program applications for iOS, Swift is a necessary programming language. Syntax and primary functions of Swift are popular among iOS Developers compared to other iOS Development programming languages. The reasons why programmers prefer using Swift in iOS development are: 

1. Swift is comparatively more stable and streamlined in running the program. 

2. Swift is an instinctive language and is more accessible. 

3. Swift runs and works on programs X 2.6 faster than Objective- C. 

4. Swift is concise and effortless for working. The above-cited reasons are why your potential iOS Developer shall have a profound understanding and work experience with Swift.


 Like Swift, Objective-C is a coding language for macOS and iOS App Development. When you hire iOS Developers for your next application, you shall consider the candidate's knowledge of Objective-C. Objective-C is compatible with C++ (like added layer atop C). Although Objective-C is one of the first for iOS Development, the programmers shall understand its characteristics thoroughly. You may ask candidates about the basics of the above programming languages to know about the iOS Developers' skills. 

1. Syntax 

2. Header files 

3. Switch Statements and applications 

4. Compatibility of the programming languages with iOS App Development 

Crucial Guidelines for Designing

An iOS Developer shall follow the Apple Design Guidelines while creating iOS applications. One of the reasons why users want to use the iOS applications is because of their attractive features and user-friendly interfaces. Customers buy Apple products and services to acquire the advantage of interactive software and apps on their devices. When you hire iOS Developers, you shall evaluate their innovativeness. Although efficient programming knowledge is a must for developers, creative minds can make a difference! 

Core Data- Familiarity and acquaintance*

 Core Data is a necessary framework in iOS App Development! Imagine spending hours creating a program and losing it all the moment you go offline! Core Data helps iOS Developers to save their progress, create cache storage for temporary data and programs, and sync data along multiple apple software applications. Core Data is a memory container for considerable data users and programmers store on apple devices. Your iOS Developer shall understand the Core Data, its usage, and integration while syncing with devices. 

Experience in UX/UI Designing

Experience in UX/UI Designing

First, let's talk about what UX and UI do. For Android or iOS Developers, UI is responsible for creating an interface for any applications, and UX is for navigation and control. If you hire iOS Developers that have learned about UX/UI Design, they will be able to update themselves about the trending technology and make changes in various aspects of the program as per need! These aspects of the app include optimization, attractive user interface, etc. 


Github is a software development service platform for developers. Android and iOS Developers use Github for version control and performance. You shall hire iOS Developers that are familiar with using Git and Github. Github provides an edge to developers for iOS App Development. Therefore, you shall ensure the candidates know about Github. And even if they don't, they shall be willing to learn and use Github in the future. 

Networking and Inter-communication

Developers share data through networking. Developers send and accept data through inter-communication between networks. Ensure that your iOS Developer understands networking to share data and resources among the team. 

Grand Central Dispatch

 If the iOS Developer wishes to work on multiple tasks simultaneously, Grand Central Dispatch, also known as GCD, is the answer! Grand Central Dispatch allows the execution of tasks concurrently. iOS App Development requires using Grand Central Dispatch to share data through the network, present screen information, accept inputs from the programmer, etc. Therefore, your ideal candidate must understand the need for it. 

Visual-Spatial Intelligence

 iOS Development requires thinking 3-dimensionally to create apps for users' best interest. Efficient iOS Developers shall visualize their project before starting the building process. You shall hire iOS Developers that understand what the user will be looking for while using the application. 


According to a report by Zippia, 5786 iOS Developers are working in the USA. The number of developers for iOS App Development keeps increasing as you read this blog. Your goal is to sort the best iOS Developers from the lot. And for the same, you shall find appropriate hard skills in the candidates. But, along with the hard skills, you shall look for the soft skills that an iOS Developer must acquire while working as part of a team! Developers will interact with co-workers and employers while working. An iOS Developer shall have the following soft skills. 

1. Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving 

2. Time Management 

3. Conflict Management 

4. Emotional Intelligence 

5. Communication and social skills Find Developers that seem most suitable for your application and customer reach! We have services to offer if you want a proficient iOS developer for your next project. AppsRhino can provide you with skilled developers who will be a perfect fit for your project/team. Kickstart your iOS app development journey. Contact appsRhino today!!

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