How to hire an Android and an iOS app developer for your company?

Updated On: February 8, 2023

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How to create an app that your customers love? While building an application, your priority will be making your customers happy, gathering support, and gaining profits. Your app cannot succeed if the users don't get what they want. 

Therefore, to create a fulfilling app, you should have the following objectives. Your app's idea should be worthy. It should be a solution to customer problems or should introduce a new insight into the world. After coining the idea, you and your team should create an outline plan for its execution. 

You must take care of the budget, legal conditions, reach, etc. Hiring developers will be your next step. You should hire the best Android and iOS Developers to build your project. Add features that suit your business the best. The final step is product testing by Testing Engineers and its launch in the market. Let your customers review your app so you can fix bugs, if any. 

The most crucial step is to hire Android/iOS developers. How to hire the perfect developers for your Application? Let's find out!!

Things to consider before hiring Android and iOS Developers

Hiring developers is not a one-day job. There are various ideas and thoughts to contemplate before the hiring process starts. According to 8allocate, hiring software developers can take up to 4 weeks or more of a company's time. Here is a list for you to consider, 

Freelancers or Full-time employees

 A professional app development team has 5 to 7 Android and iOS developers. 

1. You may want to hire in-house developers if you have a set budget. In-house developers are best for small or mid-sized. 

2. You may also wish to involve freelance developers to engage in your project. Freelancers prefer working at their agreeable time but provide quality work for the Application. 

3. If you are looking to develop an application at the enterprise level, you should hire full-time employees. You can interview candidates and spend time hiring Android/iOS developers, or you can take help from a third-party agency. These agencies work to provide you with development employee services.

 If you are new in the development business, it's best to ask for professional help. The foremost thing is to consider app and business requirements. 

App Development budget

Using too many resources is never worth spending. You must first set a rough budget for your Application. Setting a budget would help you clear your priorities for the app. You must confirm your app type, features, design, development cost, investments, customers, and templates. After deciding on your budget, you should analyze how much you can spend on your Android and iOS developers. You can not spend too much on one side of the Application and too less on the other. You should maintain an equilibrium with your app-building. 

Features of your Application

 You are making an android/ios application for your users. It would help if you had an idea about the features you wish to add to your Application. Remember to add only necessary features and not fill your app with too many of them. The app-using experience shall be a smooth ride for the customers, not a complicated one. 

Skills to look for in Android and iOS Developers

Everyone wants the best developers for their company. While hiring developers, you shall look for the skillset of your Android or iOS developer. Here are skills that you should check while hiring Android/iOS developers. 

Knowledge of Programming Languages

 Every Android or iOS Developer should be familiar with working with different programming languages. 

1. iOS Developers should be able to use Objective-C, UI Kit, and swift. 

2. Android Developers work on Java and Kotlin majorly. They must also understand Python. Developers need to know languages for front-end development to create a wholesome website. 


 Software like GIT allows Android and iOS Developers to work with the latest technology and systems for application development. Developers can use the latest features, learn new programming techniques, and enjoy upgrades in their systems. GIT is a handy tool for every Android and iOS Developer who should be familiar with it. 

Problem-Solving Skills

 Every Developer should know how to solve problems effectively whenever required. Your Android and iOS Developers should have good decision-making skills. They should be able to introduce new ideas and solutions for the project. They should also be able to find bugs and mistakes in their code before execution. Analytical Skills A developer should understand the customer's needs and create a program as a solution. A skilled developer can find the company's and user's requirements and form constructive solutions.

Analytical Skills involve

1. understanding the sensitivity of a problem. 

2. Creating a report based on problem analytics. 

3. Collaborating with a team to get insights. 

4. Finally, creating a solution and testing it. 

Communication Skills

What if a developer is facing issues while creating an application? What if your Android/iOS Developer does not understand the project requirement in one go? Effective communication is a crucial soft skill in every field. Your Developer should be able to communicate and tell you about any problems they face while creating a program. You can find a solution in a better way if the Developer backs it up with communication and mutual understanding. 

Android and iOS Developers hiring guide

Here are the steps you may follow while hiring Android and iOS Developers. You would receive a positive response by using the following steps. The idea is to hire the best Android and iOS Developers for your company! 

Defining Project Requirements

Your first step should be to list product and application requirements. You shall also add your budget and the features you want in the Application. The above procedure will inform you about the type of Developers you may need to execute the project. Once you are clear about the project, budget, and developer type, the admin team of your company shall have a meeting to finalize the plan. 

Posting Job requirements on online portals

 Android and iOS developers won't come to you if they don't know you are recruiting and looking for developers. You can post the job requirement online on Job Portals like LinkedIn and Indeed and accept resumes from eligible candidates. 

Examining Candidates

You are hiring employees for Android and iOS development. Therefore, you may want to examine the candidate's skills before continuing the hiring process. You can evaluate candidates' skills and experience by giving them an assignment and test to complete within a week. If the Developers can complete the task correctly within the desired time, you may proceed with the interview. 

Interview and Final Screening Process

 You used the assignment to find the technical and time-management skills of the Android and iOS Developers. If you want to test your candidates closely, you may want to take an interview. You can ask questions from the candidates and give them hypothetical situations. The interview will help you to know the candidate. You can also analyze your company's future developers' soft skills, communication, and language proficiency. 

Offer Letter and Hiring

If the candidate suits your project's needs, you may send them the offer letter via mail and introduce them to your company. Ensure the candidates agree to your terms and conditions to avoid future challenges. After the Android or iOS Developer agrees and accepts the offer letter for the job, you can start with the onboarding process and hand out the task to them. If you think of outsourcing Android and iOS Developers, you may skip the scanning process and directly proceed to interviews and work. 

Interview Questions for iOS Developers

Here are some interview questions you may use to evaluate candidates for the iOS Development job. 

1. What is property? 

2. Explain the Media layer and Service layer. 

3. What do you mean by computed properties in iOS Development? 

4. How much do you know about using Objective-C? 

5. What are your main responsibilities as an iOS Developer at our company? 

6. What is Deep Linking? 

7. Explain core data. 

8. Explain the difference between copy and retain in Objective-C? 

9. What is the controller lifecycle? 

10. What is "=="? What is "="? 

Interview Questions for Android Developers

Here is a list of interview questions you may ask potential Android Developers for your company. 

1. Tell me something about Android application components. 

2. What do you mean by AndroidManifest.xml? 

3. What are Activity and Fragment? 

4. Can you integrate SQL with Kotlin and Java? 

5. What do you mean by launch modes? 

6. Tell me something about Canvas. 

7. What is Broadcasting? 

8. Tell me about JobScheduler? 

9. How will you deal with team conflicts in the company? 

10. What do you know about Bitmap? 

Final Words

According to Statista, there were more than 218 billion app downloads in 2020. People love downloading and using applications for their comfort. In such times, you need the best suitable Android and iOS Developers. 

Your Developers should be able to create apps that stand out! You must research the market for problems and create an application to give them solutions. 

Hiring Android and iOS Developers is not an easy job. Hiring requires effort and analytical skills. You may start by specifying your job requirement, and potential Developers will come to you!