10 Must Know Hard Skills For Every MEAN Stack Developer

Updated On: February 9, 2023

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When it comes to professional 'versatility,' no one represents it better than a Full Stack Developer. 

Full-stack developers utilize the MEAN stack as one of their JavaScript stacks for constructing websites and web apps. 

MEAN stack is the framework that supports JavaScript programs for managing server-side and client-side execution.

An expert in both frontend and backend web development, MEAN stack developers, are highly sought-after by companies and brands alike. 

With the advent of the digital era, more and more companies and organizations are creating an online presence. 

Due to the exponential growth of the web development industry, the need for experienced and skilled MEAN stack developers has risen significantly. 

Wondering what essential skills MEAN stack developers possess? Let this guide demystify the MEAN-stack skillset for you.

Keep reading to learn more!

MEAN Stack Development: A Brief Overview

A group of JavaScript technologies used to create web applications is referred to as the "MEAN Stack." 

As a result, JavaScript is used across the whole system, from the client to the server as well as from the server to the database. 

A full-stack development toolkit called “MEAN”—is used to create web apps that are quick and reliable.

MEAN is an amiable stack that makes it the best choice for creating dynamic applications and websites. 

Rapid prototyping for web-based apps may be done quickly and efficiently using this free and open-source stack.

Four distinct technologies that makeup MEAN:

M: MongoDB express—a schemaless NoSQL database.

E: Express JS—a framework used to build web applications in Node.

A: AngularJS—a JavaScript framework.

N: Node. js—a server-side JavaScript execution system.

Top 10 Hard Skills Every MEAN Stack Developer Should Have

The following are some essential hard skills that all MEAN stack developers should possess:



Web applications are structured or skeletoned with Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). Your website is made up entirely of HTML.

With HTML, a MEAN stack developer can design a static website using basic stylings like background color, text color, font styles, and font sizes. HTML and CSS are used together for advanced styling of web applications.

2. CSS

In order to style a web application, MEAN stack developers use Cascading Style Sheets or CSS. It is the heart and soul of any webpage or website. CSS plays an important role in making a website look more attractive and alluring.

CSS handles margins, padding, white spaces, colors, image formatting, and text formatting. CSS is responsible for the basic to advanced styling of a website. 

3. JavaScript

JavaScript is responsible for the functioning of a website. You can think of it as the muscles of a web application.

JavaScript is a high-level programming language that provides dynamic functionality to websites using an object-oriented approach, unlike HTML and CSS.

4. Frameworks and Backend Technologies

  1. Back-end development relies on JavaScript runtime environments. Due to its compatibility with JS, Node.js is the most preferred framework.
  2. As Python gains popularity in the web domain, it remains a prominent player in the framework environment. The modules that Python provides, make it unique.
  3. Back-end technologies include C#, PHP, Perl, and Ruby.

5. Designing

  1. Every MEAN stack developer must have a basic understanding of the UI/UX principles.
  2. A developer can find the best methods for improving user experiences by using the fundamentals of design.
  3. The most popular tools among MEAN stack designers are Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

6. Database Storage Technology

Database Storage Technology

The database is an essential part of any MEAN developer's toolkit. A database is essential for server-side development since it stores data from HTTP requests such as—GETs and POSTs.

In the market today, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and Oracle are some of the most popular database management systems (DBMS) available.

7. Package Managers

A package manager is a tool or collection of tools that help a MEAN stack developer package and deploy their project. 

The tool allows you to import external dependencies into your project. Some of the most popular package managers are—NPM, JSPM, and Yarn.

8. APIs

The Application Programming Interface (API) is a link between software that enables multiple applications to communicate with each other. 

It is due to an API that you can chat with a friend on several social media platforms. 

APIs are a necessary skill for any MEAN stack developer.

9. Version Control System (VCS)

To manage the project files, a MEAN stack developer needs a version control system or VCS. They assist you in keeping track of all your work. A majority of developers use Git as their preferred VCS.

The developers can manage their GIT repositories and folders on GitHub, a cloud-based platform that offers many features, including repository editing.

10. Web Hosting Platforms

Developing and deploying web applications is done using a hosting platform. Being a MEAN stack developer includes being familiar with the best web hosting platforms since you will need them on a daily basis.

Some of the leading web hosting platforms of this decade are AWS, Heroku, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

What Does It Connote To Be A MEAN Stack Developer?

A JavaScript application programmer that focuses on the MEAN stack is known as a MEAN Stack Developer.

A MEAN stack developer must have an in-depth understanding of JavaScript since they work on both the front and back ends of the program, both of which are dependent on JavaScript.

Being a MEAN stack developer is a highly sought-after and demanding profession.

Therefore, one can succeed as a MEAN stack developer if they are prepared to work on a varied skill set and have expertise working with a variety of coding languages and applications.

After accumulating expertise as a MEAN stack developer, one may easily go into the field of application architecture (technical architect).

The Future of MEAN stack developers 

The Future of MEAN stack developers

MEAN stack development appears to have an outstanding future with great potential for growth and lucrative salary packages. 

If a developer is proficient in both MEAN-stack and DeVos development, they may be a valuable addition to any corporation.

A MEAN stack developer continues to be at the top of employers' lists since generalists are more in demand than specialists.

It is becoming increasingly common for companies to be tech-inclusive, and even those that aren't particularly tech-savvy still require web development in some capacity. 

The cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR) for full-stack developers would increase by around 13% through 2026, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Compared to other positions in the software development business, this increase is significantly larger.

In conclusion, MEAN stack developers have a bright future!


Today's highly digitalized world ensures that full stack/MEAN stack developers will find a market and contribute to the bottom line of a business.

The challenge, however, is finding developers who share a company's vision and work toward making it a reality. 

We hope that this article gave you an idea of the hard skills that all MEAN stack developers should possess.

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