10 Must-Know Technologies for IOS Developers 2022

Updated On: January 4, 2023

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Before we start this discussion about the 10 Must-Know Technologies for iOS developers, let's understand the benefits of having Developers for iOS App development in your company!

According to Appinventiv, AppStore releases more than 2,540 apps every day! Most businesses want to launch Apps on PlayStore and AppStore. 

iPhone Apps have more return on investment and better opportunities than Android Apps. According to Flurry Analytics, Android Apps have 24 percent revenue compared to AppStore Apps. 

Moreover, iOS Developers can create apps for users' every need with iOS Development. 

Businesses consider iPhone and Mac OS users as tech-savvy towards technology advancements. Therefore, iOS Development proves business-worthy and profitable. 

Follow this blog to read about the ten Must-know Technologies for every iOS Developer for hire. Look at this list and ensure your candidates for hire have them. Moreover, you can hire the best iOS Developers from the lot by carefully selecting and screening. 

Apple's name and logo

Have you ever wondered by Apple named itself after fruit and its logo is half-bitten?

Before moving on to the Technologies, every iOS Developer should know, let's understand the story behind Apple! Exciting, right? 

Let's talk about the logo first. Why does it look like someone took a bite from an Apple? Rob Janoff was the creative mind behind this famous logo. 

In an interview, he specified that Apple's logo is for the scale so that the symbol looks like an Apple and not a cherry. The reason is simple yet surprising. 

Walter Isaacson wrote a biography about the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs. In this biography, Isaacson specifies that the Apple founder was coming back from an Apple orchard when he thought of Apple being a funny and unique name for the company! So interesting!

10 Must-Know Technologies for iOS Developers

Here is a list of the 10 Must-Know Technologies for every iOS Developer. Recruiters should ask questions about these technologies in personal interviews, group discussions, and assignments to analyze candidates' abilities. 

Swift and Objective C- Programming Languages for iOS Development

Swift and Objective C- Programming Languages for iOS Development

Every iOS Developer needs to understand the two iOS App Development programming languages. 

Swift is new when compared to C, Java, and C++. Therefore, it has advanced features for perfect App Development. 

Here are some characteristics of Swift for iOS Developers. 

  1. Useful Error detection
  2. Functional programming
  3. Control flow of programs
  4. Saving memory

C led to the Development of Objective C language for iOS Development. It is one of the first iOS App Development languages. Objective C is an object-oriented language that supports data hiding, abstraction, etc. 

Xcode (IDE & Editor): The Must-Know Integrated Development Environment

Every company should Hire iOS Developers who understand Xcode. Apple uses Xcode as its Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Moreover, Xcode helps in cross-device Development. This Technology compiles Swift, C/C++, and Objective C to fulfill iOS and macOS development. 

As a recruiter, you shouldn't compromise on iOS Developers who don't understand Xcode. This technology helps you create customized instruments for code error detection and more!

Flawless for App Designing

Do you want pixel-perfect layouts for iOS App Development? You should go for Flawless. This technology helps you create Apps with effortless design and breathtaking outputs. 

With Flawless, you can create designs, compare two patterns, analyze results, capture and find animated screenshots, and look at motions and moving visuals. 

iOS Developers don't need additional software or set-ups to download Flawless on their devices. You can download the Flawless Application on any iOS or macOS device!

Parse for Back-end services

After Parse was initially shut down, Facebook relaunched it as an open-source platform. This technology offers mobile back-end services. 

Today Parse has its own community of iOS Developers. With Parse, Developers can store their programming data in the cloud, allow push notifications, and record progress through their dashboard. 

The companies should hire iOS Developers who know Parse, even if they are not efficient on it.   

Flutter: A comprehensive app Software Development Kit 

Flutter: A comprehensive app Software Development Kit

The best feature of Flutter is its readily available features and tools for every iOS developer. Do you want your iOS Developers to engage in App Development with visual characteristics, fast usability, and working on multiple devices? You should go for Flutter!

Flutter allows the fast deployment, extensive access, reusability, effortless maintenance, and hot reload! Here are the reasons iOS Developers prefer Flutter for iOS App Development support. 

  1. Creating iOS Development prototypes is more manageable with Flutter. 
  2. Flutter has an Android Studio, the perfect choice for iOS App Development!
  3. Dart is one feature that makes programming so effortless that it seems magical!

CodeRunner (IDE and Editor): Efficient code writing

You are looking for iOS Developers for your upcoming project. This development-based project will focus on reaching the customers and may contain complex features. 

Hence, CodeRunner is your best option!

Developers love CodeRunner due to its code-compiling abilities. No matter how complex or lengthy the code is, CodeRunner has you covered!

Some of the features of this iOS App Development Technology are here. 

  1. Premier Test Editor 
  2. Built-in console
  3. Customized key binding
  4. Lightweight structure and built
  5. Error live checking 

While recruiting an iOS Developer, ask them questions about CodeRunner and similar Technologies like AppX, PhoneGap, etc. 

AlaomoFire for Libraries

AlaomoFire for Libraries

AlaomoFire is one of the most used libraries by iOS Developers for creating Apps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac OS devices. This iOS App Development Technology provides Apple's networking stack and an HTTP network-based library for the users. 

Developers should be adept in Swift for working with AlaomoFire. An iOS Developer can handle iOS and macOS requests with this technology. 

Here is a list of features from AlaomoFire. 

  1. JSON parameters
  2. Response serialization
  3. Authentication services
  4. Network enhancement

And more. 

RxSwift for Libraries

Many iOS Developers have claimed for RxSwift as an ideal Technology for libraries and additional iOS App Development requirements. Like AlamoFire, iOS Developers require an understanding of the Swift language to work with RxSwift Technology.

Here are some features of this Library based technology! 

  1. Functional type operators
  2. Asynchronous code creation (Perfect for smooth and responsive iOS Development)
  3. A sequential platform for writing code

Ask your candidates about the above two Technologies that iOS Developers use for libraries primarily. 

Native React: The ideal cross-platform tool

Native React: The ideal cross-platform tool

Native React is one of the most used Technology by Android and iOS Developers alike. 

Facebook developed this cross-platform Framework in 2015, and Native React has been in the programming world since.

Popular Apps like Instagram and Snapchat used this Framework for their App Development on Android and iOS platforms. 

Native React helps iOS Developers in iOS App Development with the help of Javascript and other website Technologies! 

One of the many reasons every iOS Developer loves working with this technology is its multiple-use feature. 

Moreover, the building process of programs gets faster and better with NativeScript.

When companies like yourself Hire iOS Developers, they check if the candidates know about Frameworks like NativeReact that are ideal for Android and iOS App Development. 

Peckham for Plugin

iOS App Development requires the addition of additional codes and functions without altering the host program. You are rooting for efficient programming services to achieve the best outcomes from your iOS Developers. 

Therefore, Peckham is the perfect selection for you! Hire iOS Developers that are familiar with Plugin Technologies like Peckham. 

An iOS Developer can add statements and functions with multiple short-cut keys and commands. 

Your company can adopt any Plugin Technology used with Swift and Xcode for iOS Development. 


Along with Technologies and Hard-Skills, Soft-Skills and knowledge about social communication are crucial. 

When iOS Developers start working with you, they'll have to interact with other employees, share ideas at meetings and be officially and unofficially social. 

Therefore, programmers should understand to maintain a healthy community and social environment with iOS App Development.

An iOS Developer should be creative and logically innovative about solving daily problems. You may face program-related queries or communication barriers while working with the same people and Apps daily. 

The candidates you hire should be efficient and dependable for the team. Moreover, leadership and motivational qualities will be the cherry on the cake!

If you want to hire a perfect team of iOS Developers, you can reach out to AppsRhino! We take pride in our group of iOS Developers and Engineers. They have excellent communication skills, so you never face any issues. 

Contact us today to know more!


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