7 Must-Know Technologies and Frameworks Java Developers Shouldn't Miss Out!

Updated On: February 20, 2023

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Avoid being asleep at the switch when hiring Java Developers! Are you a bit taken aback, wondering how it is even possible to be negligent while hiring them? Do you know how you can prevent hiring incompetent Java developers and save your money, time, energy, and effort?

The straightforward answer is to enlighten yourself with the skills and frameworks that a good java developer must know to do justice to your project.

For instance, when you hire Java developers without carefully sieving through the skills of your interviewees, chances are that you end up hiring someone who has faked their proficiency. They may not be able to do justice to their assigned tasks. Such a situation is undesirable for any entrepreneur or an established organization that wants to roll out an app or website needing Java. One deems hiring the wrong Java developers unpleasant as it causes you to waste your money on liabilities. You waste your precious time and end up with buggy software or website.

However, you can keep such a mess at bay by equipping yourself with the right information on how you should go about hiring your Java developers. All it takes is acquiring the right knowledge to segregate the best from the rest!  

Who are Java Developers?


Who are Java Developers?

We all know Java developers are professionals who use Java Technology to create software, products, and applications. But do you know what Java is?

Java is a programming language based on the syntax of C++ and C and is concurrent, object-oriented, and class-based. Sun Microsystems, now acquired by Oracle, released this programming language in 1995. The basic definitions of Java and Java developers concisely help us understand what these developers do. Let us dive into what their responsibilities look like. 

What do Java Software Developers do?

Hiring Java developers means you must know what skills you need to look for in your candidates. Your ideal Java Software developers must be able to handle the entire development lifecycle of applications well. From the project’s concept and designs to testing them for errors, they must know how to execute these phases keeping in mind the time constraints and the resources at hand. We list their responsibilities below for your reference.

  1. Build app code for Java programs.
  2. Design, implement and maintain various Java app phases.
  3. Come up with technical designs for app development.
  4. Participate in architectural and software development activities.
  5. Suggest changes to improve established java app processes.
  6. Carry out programming, software analysis, testing, and debugging.
  7. Transform requirements into stipulations.
  8. Create, test, implement and handle application software.
  9. Must be able to identify production and non-production app issues.

These are the responsibilities of Java developers, and you, as a recruiter, need to ensure that the ones you want to hire can carry these responsibilities. But the question arises, how will you know what you should look for in your candidates? 

If you ask the same question, you no longer need to rake textbooks to find the solution. Here we list the seven frameworks your Java Developers must know to stand up to your expectations.  

What are the skills you need to look for when hiring Java software developers?

Although your Java developers must know various technologies and possess the right soft skills, a few frameworks exist without which java developers can not ace their jobs.

These frameworks are as follows:


If you are looking to hire Java developers, you should test their knowledge of the Spring framework. The features of Spring that have made it popular are:

  1. Type-safe configuration
  2. YAML Support
  3. Web development
  4. Spring Application
  5. Properties files
  6. Externalized configuration
  7. Admin features
  8. Application events and listeners

Why should you test your Java developers’ knowledge on Spring?

  1. It helps your Java developers fire up web apps without needing a web server.
  2. Your developers can now test the developed apps along with backward compatibility.
  3. Establishing JDBC connections becomes easier with it.
  4. This framework is compatible with XML Configurations.
  5. Using the Spring framework makes your apps less prone to errors, increasing reliability. Even if bugs arise, their number will be insignificant.


The second framework your Java Developers must know how to use is Hibernate. It can extend Java’s persistence API Support and is an open-source, performance-oriented, lightweight, and Object-Relational-Mapping tool.

When your Java developers use this framework, they simplify the app development with the help of Database interactivity, etc.

The following features make Hibernate popular among Java Developers:

  1. 1. Scalability
  2. 2. Lightweight
  3. 3. Caching
  4. 4. Auto-generation
  5. 5. Hibernate Query Language
  6. 6. High performance
  7. 7. Relational Object Mapping

Why must you test your java developers’ knowledge on Hibernate?

  1. 1. This framework’s ORM lets communication happen between the app and any database.
  2. 2. It reduces redundancy via JDBC API.
  3. 3. Using the Hibernate framework improves maintainability and productivity.
  4. 4. It is an open-source framework supporting Persistence APIs.




The third framework your Java developers must be conversant with is Struts. This framework belongs to the Apache Software Foundation. It inherits the Java Servlet API properties, making the entire development process simpler than before.

The reasons for this free and open-source framework being famous are as follows:

  1. Theme and template support
  2. Configurable MVC components
  3. AJAX support
  4. POJO Based Actions
  5. Various result types and tag support
  6. Integration support

Why should you look for Java developers who are proficient in using Struts?

Java developers who know how to use Struts benefit in the following ways:

  1. They receive XML type of files for a centralized configuration.
  2. Using the Struts framework reduces the overall development time.
  3. The framework helps Java developers with application management.
  4. The documentation of these frameworks is based on active web developers.
  5. It follows MVC-based application development.


This list  is incomplete without the Wicket Framework, a component-based app development framework. Jonathan Locke developed it.

This framework is popular amongst Java developers for the following reasons:

  1. Theme and template support
  2. Configurable MVC components
  3. AJAX support
  4. POJO Based Actions
  5. Various result types and tag support
  6. Integration support

Why should you look for Java developers familiar with Wicket?

Wicket offers the following advantages:

  1. Developers find this framework easier to use as it is based on JSP.
  2. The framework follows a component-oriented structure.
  3. Using Wicket means they do not require complex XML files anymore.
  4. It is lightweight, swift, and follows the POJO (Plain Old Java Object) model.




To hire Java Software developers for Web Application Development, you must assess whether your candidates know how to use Vaadin.

Vaadin is an open-source Java framework that uses HTML 5 to set app starters and necessary tools for Web Application Development. The reasons why this framework is famous are as follows:

  1. 1. Java-only type-safe development
  2. 2. It lets developers switch between light or dark mode.
  3. 3. Navigation without reloading the page
  4. 4. Bac button and deep linking supported
  5. 5. Java API for all web-based components
  6. 6. Developers receive two built-in themes: Material and Lumo
  7. 7. Java EE 7 and Java EE 8
  8. 8. Style alternatives from Java

Why must your Java Software developers know the Vaadin framework?

A few of the compelling reasons why your potential Java developers must know Vaadin are:

  1. It supports JVM.
  2. This framework has built-in Spring Framework support as default.
  3. It becomes easier to establish client-server communication automatically when your Java developers use Vaadin.
  4. The framework comes with a nested route router and parameter support.
  5. Java developers can bind data as Vaadin supports it via MVP and MVC.


Blade is another framework a Java developer must know how to work with. This framework is light and performance-packed MVC architecture-based. 

Java Developers who do full-stack web application development must know this framework based on Java Version 8.

The following features of the Blade framework make it one of the most useful Java frameworks we have today:

  1. The framework supports JDK 1.6 or higher version.
  2. It has an embedded jetty server and template engine support.
  3. Lightweight and modular.
  4. Blade supports multiple configuration files and a plugin extension mechanism.
  5. The restful style routing interface.

Why should you look for Java developers familiar with the Blade framework?

The blade comes with the following advantages:

  1. It lets developers create miniature MVC applications.
  2. The Blade framework supports the configuration of multiple files.
  3. You can use it in Defence support for cross-site scripting.
  4. Besides enabling Plugin extensions and Web JARs, the framework also possesses cross-site request forgery.


This framework is one of the simplest and lightest Java frameworks that lets developers build Java Web Apps without hassles. Thus, to build operations-friendly, high-performance, RESTful web services, you must look for developers with experience using the Dropwizard framework.

The following features make Dropwizard one of the rewarding Java frameworks:

  1. It supports monitoring with the help of a metrics library.
  2. The framework uses the Hibernate Validator API.
  3. Java developers can do logging by employing Logback and SLF4J.
  4. Using Dropwizard, you can package every application as a jar instead of a war file.

Why should you look for Java developers who know how to use the Dropwizard framework?

The Dropwizard framework has several advantages and makes the development process easier in the following ways:

  1. The framework supports the creation of MicroServices.
  2. Using Dropwizard allows for rapid prototyping of apps.
  3. It is operations-friendly and has the Quick Project Bootstrap.
  4. Java Developers’ work becomes easier as it supports open-source and external libraries.


One can not fight a battle without the required weaponry. In the same way, you can not develop an excellent Java-based app without acquiring the right Java developers.

Java developers are a dime a dozen nowadays. However, knowing the basic concepts does not qualify anyone as a proficient java developer. One needs to add more knowledge to one’s arsenal to create apps that leave an indelible impression on everyone.

These seven Java frameworks help Java developers deliver what is expected of them by making the development process easier. Thus, whenever you look to hire a java software developer, you must ensure that they know at least one of these seven frameworks.

When handled carefully and honestly, you need to understand that your project will reach the zenith of its success and bring credibility to your business and services.

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