7 skills to look for while hiring React native developers

Updated On: February 7, 2023

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Applications for macOS, iOS, and Android

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Check the skills of React Native Developers you hire

Their qualities, their skills, and their education inspire!

React Native is one of the most used languages in the application development field. Developers can create apps on Android, macOS, Android TV, iOS, tvOS, Web, Windows, and UWP using this framework from JavaScript. 

If you want to create an application using React js and are willing to hire developers for the same, here's a great start! You shall learn about React Native skills required in every employee you recruit. 

Let's read about these skills together and understand what you are looking for in candidates. 

You can not compromise the quality of employees you bring to your company as a recruiter. You can always reach AppsRhino for assistance per requirement! Our team is here to support you in any possible way.

Let's start reading and know the best for your company!

Skills required for React Native Developers

Skills required for React Native Developers

If you want to hire the best React Native Developers for your company, you shall look for these skills in the candidates.

You may also interest yourself in candidates willing to learn and improve themselves while working on React native projects. 

In-depth JavaScript knowledge

React Native is a JavaScript framework used for application development. If a developer does not theoretically and practically understand JavaScript, they can not succeed as a React Native Developer. 

Building and organizing components, thinking logically, solving problems, and creating a base are some things every React Native Developer learns while experimenting and learning this programming language. 

Moreover, you can check the candidate's knowledge of website development languages like HTML and CSS as basic knowledge of concepts. 

iOS and Android Development: Must-know aspects

iOS and Android Development Must-know aspects

If a React Native Developer is building an application on Android or iOS platforms, they shall understand languages like Swift, Kotlin, and Objective-C. 

React Native Developer's skills include understanding platforms like windows and iOS as well. 

Tools and Technologies involved.

Do you know about the tools to make React Native applications successful? You can make a list of tools that your company uses to work while engaging in application development. 

Some of these technologies are here. 

  1. Bitrise: For automation and maintaining workflows. 
  2. Sentry: Deployed by developers to track errors and fix crashes. 
  3. Redux: For management of the global state of any application. 
  4. Jest: A JavaScript code testing ready-to-use framework

And other helpful Tools.

Writing code in the best possible way

Did you learn about the Airbnb JS Style Guide or the Google JS Style Guide? Do you know why keeping the program managed, clean, and visible is significant? 

You shall hire React Native Developers who understand the meaning of elegant code and apply the rules while creating programs, applications, and projects. 

Third-Party Dependencies

React Native might be one of the most known and used frameworks for application development on numerous platforms. However, it may have fewer features than required. How do developers solve this problem?

React Native Developers shall have experience using Third-Party Dependencies helpful in adding features to the application where React Native cannot. 

Moreover, API knowledge can be necessary for cross-platform integration!

Soft Skills

Finally, every employee shall have soft skills. You want React Native Developers to work together as a team to achieve the best results. 

You can hire a React Native Developer who understands how to express their ideas and communicate well with co-workers and senior employees. 

One of the most significant soft skills is Problem-solving capabilities.

While using React Native or any other programming language to write codes, issues may occur. The application may not work and show bugs, even during the development stage. 

You shall hire React Native Developers who can detect and solve the errors to receive the best customer response. 

How to hire React Native Developers for your company?

How to hire React Native Developers for your company

You shall know about the three ways to hire a React Native Developer for your upcoming projects. As a recruiter, you may understand the technical and soft skills, qualifications, education, and other aspects necessary before hiring. 

Moreover, you may clear your priorities about full-time or contract-based projects per clients and customer requirements. Let's talk about the ways to hire React Native Development team for your business!

Part-time or Full-time Developers

You can open and approach any of the job-finding or social media platforms to hire React Native Developers. You'll specify the details and job description while entering the job opening. 

Further, your company can look over the resumes and CVs to shortlist candidates for further rounds. You'll have to spend time evaluating the React Native Developer skills and knowledge. 

Finally, you'll train hired candidates and help them become familiar with the work environment and surroundings. 

You can choose between hiring part-time and full-time React Native Developers per requirements and budget. In most companies, full-time employees are entitled to insurance, health benefits, and other advantages after recruitment for the projects. 

Freelancers or Contract-based React Native Developers

Freelancer React Native Developers will work per their time and comfort and deliver your work per necessity. 

However, finding and hiring ideal Freelancers and React Native Developers is not an effortless task. As a recruiter, you must select candidates carefully and hire the best talents. 

Contract-based employees work on particular projects, send updates, and wait for the next project assignment. They do not work like In-house employees and can perform for multiple companies at the same time!


The final React Native Developer hiring type is via outsourcing. Are you looking to hire a React Native Developer team without spending time on recruitment? Do you want to ensure having the best candidates from the lot to work on your projects?

Outsourcing React Native Developers is your answer! You can inform them about your employee requirements, and the outsourcing team will provide you with the perfect React Native Developers!

What is the best Outsourcing team? AppsRhino! Companies around the world know us for our employee qualifications, skills, experience, and education!

Interview Questions for React Native Developers

Here is a list of questions you can ask your candidates before hiring them for your company. These questions will determine the in-depth knowledge and qualification of React Native Developers. 

You can select employees for your projects per answers from the short-listed candidates. 

  1. What do you know about JSX?
  2. What is "state" in React Native?
  3. Explain the difference between React Native and ReactJS. 
  4. As a React Native Developer, how do you deal with the element size?
  5. Tell me about the CSS functions and properties that React Native does not support. 
  6. Write down the code to create a button in React Native. 
  7. What do you know about Flexbox? Explain its features.
  8. Why did you start learning and using React Native?
  9. What do you know about threads in React Native? Give definitions and types. 
  10. Tell me about Redux in React Native. 
  11. How will you manage a conflict with your co-workers?

Final Words

If you are looking for the best way to hire React Native Developers and know about your candidate requirements, outsourcing is for you. As mentioned in the above section, AppsRhino is the perfect company for you to outsource React Native Developers!

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Moreover, you can connect with us and tell us your requirements, so 

we send you the best React Native Developer of your interest for hire and development. You can shortlist candidates from our provided list, take interviews to decide the pay, and discuss part-time, full-time, or contract-based employment. 

Finally, you can start your projects without delay and develop with React Native towards success!

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