What makes a good React Native Developer: An Inside look

Updated On: February 9, 2023

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Users of the iOS operating system in the United States are increasingly using the React Native framework as an alternative to native development.

As of 2019, more than 204 billion mobile applications had been downloaded.

Mobile app downloads surpassed 23.4 billion in the first quarter of 2020 across all platforms.

In light of these staggering figures, you may think it's a good idea to utilize mobile applications for your company.

You'll likely need to hire a top-tier React Native developer if you want to develop a unique mobile application for your company.

However, one question remains unanswered: how can you tell if they are a good developer? Is there a specific set of skills that a programmer must possess to be considered a real React Native expert?

Regardless of whether you can answer these questions, don't worry!

We will explore all aspects of react native developers in this article, including some of the skills they must possess, hiring methods, salaries, and so on.

Continue reading to learn more!

What is React Native?

To assist developers in building mobile applications for iOS and Android, Meta created the React Native framework.

React Native creates XML-like markup by combining JavaScript and JSX.

For native rendering, a React Native application employs Java for Android and Objective C for iOS.

React Native can access the phone's camera and location data; kudos to its JavaScript interfaces to platform APIs.

Consequently, React Native allows JavaScript developers to produce top-notch mobile applications.

Who Are React Native Developers?

Who Are React Native Developers?

Facebook created an open-source platform called React Native for creating Android and iOS applications. 

With Reactjs as its foundation, Reactjs developers can easily switch to mobile development while retaining the same programming language and technology stack.

React Native Developers are individuals who are knowledgeable about the React Native framework for building cross-platform mobile applications.

The following companies use React Native:

  • Facebook Ads Manager
  • Bloomberg
  • Airbnb
  • Gyroscope
  • Myntra
  • UberEats
  • Discord
  • Instagram

Why Do You Need A React Native Developer For Your Company?

A remarkable increase in the popularity of mobile devices has been observed over the last decade. According to Statista, 83.96% of people own smartphones. 

Increasing mobile usage has also resulted in an increase in mobile applications, creating a need for React Native developers. 

Businesses can take advantage of this revenue stream by hiring professional and experienced React Native developers.

The process of designing professional mobile applications requires considerable expertise and time. Mobile applications can also be cross-platform, hybrid, native, or web-based. 

React Native developers can support these applications without affecting the user experience. Developing iOS and Android apps is a breeze with React Native. 

React Native enables developers to build dynamic applications at a low cost. Additionally, these applications are simple to maintain, update, and support.

React Native developers can develop Android and iOS apps for companies at a lower cost and save time. 

What Makes A Good React Native Developer?

Many developers are vying for attention as the React Native market becomes more crowded.

However, can you find programmers capable of producing the required quality standards?

The following are some key skills that a top-tier React Native developer should possess:

1. JavaScript


JavaScript serves as the basis for React and React Native. These tools are all based on JavaScript. 

So it is essential to have a solid understanding of this programming language to work with React Native.

2. ES6 and React

All React Native developers must be well-versed in ES6 and React. 

Therefore, a recruiter should inquire about the applicant's knowledge of these frameworks prior to hiring them.

3. Redux

When working with React Native, some knowledge of Redux is also advantageous.

Consequently, a recruiter should be informed of the applicant's Redux competence while seeking them.

4. Navigation

Tools like React Native Navigation can be used to create seamless and user-friendly navigation.

It is essential to correct errors during the application development process and test the app to determine how well it works. 

Therefore, all React Native developers must possess these debugging and testing skills.

5. Knowledge Of Basic React Assumptions

React Native Developers should be familiar with concepts like Virtual DOM, JSX, and component lifecycle. 

Hence, applicants need to be checked to ensure they understand these terms.  

6. Experience With Android And iOS Development 

Skilled React Native developers understand the differences between iOS and Android development. 

Developing an app for multiple devices also requires understanding Objective-C and Swift. 

7. Strong Communication Skills

Strong Communication Skills

Having the ability to communicate effectively is crucial. 

Excellent communication skills make developers far more valuable than those with coding proficiency but no social skills. 

Understanding and appreciating clients' needs are as important for a programmer as writing high-quality code.

Roles & Responsibilities of React Native Developers

  1. Seamless UI: For iOS and Android, developers must create a smooth user interface. React Native must create components from several wireframes and prototypes.
  2. Code conversion: All React Native developers are responsible for writing clean, maintainable code according to client specifications. Additionally, the code must be repurposed.
  3. Quality check: React Native developers must conduct performance tests, and any errors found must be corrected.
  4. Native modules and APIs: Developers must integrate iOS and Android native components whenever necessary. Furthermore, they must use third-party plugins like Entypo, FontAwesome, Andesign, etc.
  5. Cross-functional coordination: To build apps within the timeline, React Native developers must collaborate with cross-functional teams

What Is The Best Way To Recruit Good React Native Developers?

Choosing between a freelancer and an outsourcing company when looking to hire React Native developers is a constant dilemma.

The choice can be influenced by several factors, including project needs, budget, complexity, timeframe, etc.

Freelancing V/S Outsourcing:

In cases where you have a simple project with a flexible deadline and a small budget, you can consider freelancing. 

However, such a developer may not be very experienced. While you can get a project developed here for a lower price, the quality cannot be guaranteed.

If your project is complex and you need it to be completed within a set timeframe, you might consider outsourcing React Native development to a company that specializes in it. 

A talented and experienced development team will handle your project. An assurance of quality backs up their ability to complete projects on time.

As a leading outsourcing company, AppsRhino strives to satisfy the dreams of its clients with an agile development process and a dedicated developer team.

If you choose AppsRhino as your outsourcing partner, they will deliver your projects on time and with the highest quality possible!

Cost Of Hiring React Native Developers

Cost Of Hiring React Native Developers

ZipRecruiter reports that the average salary of a React Native Developer in the U. S. is between $103,500 and $180,500 per annum.

In South America, outsourcing software development is much more economical than hiring U.S. expertise full-time. This is due to the economic differences between the U.S. and South America. 

The average income for senior React native developers from South America is approximately $100,000, while the average income for mid-level developers is $76,000.

According to research, a Senior React Native Developer in Eastern Europe makes an average salary of $100,000. 

A second method of evaluating developer costs is by using hourly rates. 

Developer salaries for full-time, long-term positions are essential, but you may need a developer for just 3-6 months or 6-12 months.

For such projects, one should calculate the cost of a project based on the developer's hourly rate.


Throughout this post, we have discussed the skills, roles, responsibilities, and cost of hiring React Native developers. 

We have learned from this article that it is important to seek a React Native developer who is knowledgeable in JavaScript, ES6, React and React Native.

Nevertheless, finding a React Native development team is not always easy. 

You're better off hiring an existing development team than building one from scratch. 

What better place to look than—AppsRhino?

Over the years, AppsRhino has supported many major projects, building dedicated teams and providing the necessary support. 

AppsRhino, a dedicated outsourcing company, shows how companies can optimize their teams using its dedicated developers. 

By working with AppsRhino, any firm can increase productivity, gain access to cutting-edge creative learning methods, and ensure its foundation is in good hands. Developers can be hired hourly or on a project-by-project basis. 

Contact us immediately if you want to hire react native developers for your project and get high-quality results!


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