9 Things To Look Out For While Hiring React.js Developers Online

Updated On: March 30, 2023

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Applications and websites are now an essential component of practically every organization. After all, they serve as a company's online persona and can draw a bigger audience. Even industry professionals believe that having a quality website or application can provide a business owner with the most significant benefits in terms of income and earnings. Online firms now choose technology and developers for their projects with greater caution.

In the field of technology, React is relatively well-known. The second most popular web framework in 2021 was ReactJS.

Therefore, you are aware of the appropriate technology to use for the upcoming project. However, it cannot be easy to locate a qualified react.js developer that can match your product's requirements. 

This blog can be helpful to you in this situation because we have discussed essential things to consider while hiring React.js developers. But let's quickly review ReactJS's introduction before we get started.

An Overview of ReactJS

An Overview of ReactJS

An open-source JavaScript library, ReactJS is used to design user interfaces and fix website problems. Additionally, this technique is most effective for building single-page apps. Several tech behemoths, such as Instagram, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, and others, have now illustrated the advantages of using React in their projects.

The key reasons it is so well-liked are its adaptability, speed, simplicity, and capacity to create applications where the data is dynamic within the view. It can also be altered without requiring a page reload.

React.js is the most used JavaScript library for creating user interfaces, according to data from Stateofjs & StackOverflow. Over 100,000 websites use React.js. Thus there must be a strong reason for this.

Here are the top 5 Reasons to use React.js while creating web applications

Here are the top 5 reasons to use React.js while creating web applications

1. Less Development Time

React.js enables you to divide your web application project into several independent components and aids in writing modular and clean code. As a result, you may reuse code, which reduces overall development time and boosts developer productivity.

2. Easy to Maintain

The modular nature of React.js code is much simpler to maintain and even update than code written in other programming languages. React is also incredibly adaptable and scales well, saving you time and money.

3. SEO friendly

React.js web apps are better optimized for search engines, increasing the likelihood of ranking higher and providing a better overall user experience. It is due to its quick backend rendering.

4. Rich toolset

React.js features a robust toolkit that includes Redux or Flux, npm, and Node.js as its backend because it is open-source.

5. Big community

A sizable community React.js, which Facebook initially developed, is still supported and maintained by the corporation in addition to more than 1,000 independent developers. React.js is completely dependable because of the vast community & corporate backing it has.

React possesses every requirement for creating a high-performing online application. However, it can only be fully utilized if the proper skill is used.

Said, if you want to reap the maximum rewards of adopting React, you must work with the top React.js developers.

9 Things to consider when hiring react.js developers online

Here are the nine straightforward guidelines that you should pay close attention to when choosing to hire React.js developers.

1. Possess the Necessary Technical Skills

One should have a detailed understanding of the skills an ideal React.js developer needs before reaching out to hire them for your project.

Below, we've highlighted the top technical qualities you should seek in a React.js developer.

  • Core Concepts for HTML/CSS
  • JavaScript
  • React optimizing Style Testing Tools

2. They are skilled in ECMA Script and Java Script.

In addition to the technical abilities mentioned above, you must employ specialized React JS app programmers who are well-versed in all JavaScript functions, operations, and syntax. A thorough understanding of hoisting, DOM manipulation, JS scopes, parts, and prototypal inheritance is also required.

Furthermore, ECMA Script is essential for creating React applications. In essence, the ECMA Script's Deconstructing feature facilitates the creation of single-line code and simplifies JavaScript code. So it will be advantageous for React.js developers to be knowledgeable in JavaScript and ECMA Script.

3. They are Knowledgeable in Related Technologies

For a React.js developer, mastery of a single technology or framework is insufficient. Additionally, they must be capable of working with various technologies and React-compatible frameworks.

A backend platform or framework is the first and foremost requirement for hosting a React.js application. The most excellent platforms/frameworks for React include but are not limited to Ruby on Rails, Laravel, and Django.

Therefore, a React.js developer must have an understanding of these backend technologies.

Additionally, given the MERN (MongoDB, Express JS, React JS, Node JS) Stack is currently the most popular for constructing Fullstack JavaScript apps, your prospective React.js applicant should have practical expertise with it.

To create a scalable and dependable React.js application, the React.js developer you hire must possess vast knowledge and experience in related technologies.

4. They are proficient at planning tasks and sprints.

Regardless of whether the React.js developer you hired will report to your project manager or not, they need to be able to organize their duties and meet the timeframe set.

Working with a Reactjs developer skilled in sprint planning is essential. Furthermore, they should be familiar with task management tools to track and communicate the progress of sprints.

5. They Have a Basic Knowledge of Testing Frameworks and Tools

They Have a Basic Knowledge of Testing Frameworks and Tools

The ability to test is a prerequisite for React.js developers. Unit testing, integration testing, end-to-end testing, and other testing types can all be performed using numerous testing tools and frameworks.

The following testing frameworks & technologies should be given preference when choosing React.js developers, though:

  • Tools/Frameworks for Unit Testing: Sinon, Chai, Jest, Tape, Mocha, Enzyme
  • Tools/Frameworks for Integration Testing - Karma
  • End-to-End Testing Frameworks and Tools Cypress, Selenium, Nightwatch, and Cucumber.js

When developing a React application, all the tools and frameworks mentioned above are the best for avoiding errors and producing high-quality code.

6. They know how to use JavaScript Build Tools.

Installing several software packages and utilities for handling dependencies, running the development server, performance-enhancing asset optimization, and other tasks is necessary while creating a React application.

A React.js developer must use various JavaScript tools to expand the React library.

The most popular JavaScript build tools that a React.js developer has to be knowledgeable about are listed below:

  • NPM: NPM is essentially a cloud-based dependency repository that enables React. Software packages are downloaded and installed by js developers via the npm registry.
  • Webpack: It is a JavaScript module builder that combines all resources into one file and allows for the creation of dependency graphs.
  • Yarn: When installing software packages, managing dependencies, and streamlining npm operations in a React application, Yarn is a package manager that is quite helpful.

7. They've Used Version Control Systems in the Real World

Use a trustworthy version control system to speed up the development process if you intend to create a complex React application that calls for the collaboration of several skilled engineers.

In such circumstances, putting together a competent group of React.js developers with experience using version control systems is highly advised.

There are numerous well-known version control programs to select from, including Git, TFS, and SVN, to name a few.

8. They have a thorough understanding of styling tactics and React fundamentals.

The React ecosystem is enormous and contains innumerable reusable parts. As a result, you should work with a React.js developer who is well-versed in fundamental React concepts and standard styling techniques.

More importantly, they must be familiar with Create React App, a tool created primarily to assist React developers in laying the first foundation for React.js development.

Regarding React's core concepts, you should look for a React.js developer to hire skilled with complementary third-party tools.

In terms of styling, your React.js developer should be knowledgeable enough about React components, CSS techniques, and third-party styling libraries to create engaging user interfaces.

Several significant CSS styling methods for React components are listed below:

  • JSS: It is a CSS authoring tool allowing conflict-free, declarative, and reusable style writing.
  • JS-In-CSS: The style-components React package will be used to create this widely used JavaScript styling technique for React components.
  • CSS Frameworks: MaterialUI and Bootstrap will aid React's quick and simple construction.
  • CSS preprocessors: LESS, SCSS, and SASS are the three finest CSS preprocessors to use when styling React components. These CSS preprocessors adhere to the coding convention known as "Don't Repeat Yourself."

9. They can handle React Workflows with ease.  

State management is React developers' biggest problem regarding front-end development, particularly in sophisticated React apps.

For this reason, we advise employing React engineers with practical knowledge of ReactJS workflows.

Look for proficient individuals with state management tools like Context API, Redux, and Mobx.

These are the most critical & widely used libraries for synchronizing a React application's state across all components.

The Things to Take Into Account When Hiring the Best React.JS Developers

The following step is to consider a few additional critical elements to select the most suitable React.js developer after you are aware of the talents they should possess. For more details, see the points given below.

  1. Choose the Basic Objectives and Requirements
  2. Choose a few developers
  3. Request portfolios
  4. Examine Technical Competencies
  5. Talk About the Project Requirements
  6. Modular Engagement Strategies
  7. Examine and contrast the offers

Last Words

ReactJS is a widely used framework today. Many businesses or developers out there claim to provide you with excellent services. Who do you believe? This blog may be able to assist you in selecting the best React.js developer for your project. You can purchase a high-performing digital product from AppsRhino. Therefore, get in touch with AppsRhino if you're looking for the top ReactJS development business. You may profit fully from this technology with our assistance.

We hope that this blog was helpful. We have tried to give away all the information you need to choose the top React.js developers. Reach out to connect with us if you still have any questions or concerns about anything mentioned in this post. We would be delighted to assist!


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