How expensive is it to hire a React.js Developers team?

Updated On: November 2, 2022

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Today, the only way to create dynamic user interfaces for mobile and web applications is ReactJS. It is one of the most popular open-source JavaScript libraries. Also, according to a survey, 40.14 percent of respondents used ReactJS to build dynamic interfaces for their projects. It tells how popular ReactJS is; since it is popular, job opportunities in this sector abound. It is believed that between 2020 and 3030, the number of jobs in this sector will grow by 667600. With such a considerable number of ReactJS developers, it will be challenging for people to hire and determine the fees of ReactJS developers. The field of ReactJS requires occupations such as quality assurance analysts, testers, and software developers. If you want to hire ReactJS developers to create excellent products and apps for your organization, this blog will help you with the know-how. The primary question is how expensive it is to employ ReactJS developers. Read this blog to know how to set your budget.

What is the core analysis while hiring ReactJS developers?


 Before you start your hunt for ReactJS developers, it is advisable to be clear about your objectives. When you are clear about your objectives, you can hire ReactJS developers more authentically. Thus, you should ensure that your potential ReactJS developers have profound knowledge of the following things: 


ReactJS developers should know about the following technologies: 

  1. Canvas Web Sockets 
  2. Ajax
  3. XSLT 
  4. SOAP 
  5. JSON


ReactJS developers should know about the following frameworks:

  1. Angular2 
  2. Bootstrap
  3. Backbone
  4. SocketIO 
  5. AngularJS 


 ReactJS developers should know about the following builders: 

  1. Gulp 
  2. Bower
  3. Grunt 
  4. Browersify 
  5. Webpack

Application platforms

 ReactJS developers should know about the following Application platforms:

  1. Confluence 
  2. CMS 
  3. Elasticsearch 
  4. WordPress 
  5. Nginx
  6. Apache 
  7. OpenStack


ReactJS developers should know about the following databases: 

  1. Blockchain
  2. MySQL 
  3. Redis 
  4. MongoDB 
  5. PostgreSQL
  6. NoSQL 


ReactJS developers should know about the following libraries:

  1. Lodash 
  2. MomentJS 
  3. JQuery

Cloud Services

ReactJS developers should know about the following Cloud Services:

  1. Npm 
  2. GitHub 
  3. SaaS
  4. Microsoft Azure 
  5. Amazon AWS 


ReactJS developers should know about the following testing: 

  1. Enzyme 
  2. Karma 
  3. Selenium 
  4. Mocha 
  5. TDD 
  6. Unit-tests 

What are the challenges of Hiring ReactJS developers?

 Everything requires utmost effort and care. Even hiring ReactJS developers requires you to tackle the associated challenges. Here we list some challenges you might face while hiring ReactJS developers.

Competition with Big Businesses

People will like to go to large corporations for employment if you are a start-up. The reason is that renowned companies have excellent working conditions and regular bonuses. Moreover, huge organizations promote their principles, attracting many like-minded candidates.

Increasing costs

If you desire to hire a new in-house employee, you should know that you must pay a large amount of taxes for every new member you get. Apart from that, you will also be required to pay for experts such as accountants and lawyers to handle the necessary paperwork for hiring employees and other legal difficulties accompanying employment. 

Problems with management 

Suppose you are of the mind to hire freelance ReactJS developers. In that case, you might face challenges, such as the inability to discuss some topics in person, variations in your time zones, and a lack of human interaction. 

Lack of Qualified Candidates in Your Area

Chances are that you might not find qualified candidates in your area if you happen to live in areas without educational institutions. You can combat this challenge by migrating to other locations; however, convincing your staff to relocate might be a more significant obstacle.

Low Motivation and Engagement

When the entire team works on the same Project together, team members are more likely to develop a stronger bond than those who work on the same Project afar. Also, witnessing a strong amongst your team members motivates you to fair well. However, suppose your employees work from different locations (in the case of freelance ReactJS developers). In that case, it might be detrimental to your company as these employees are more prone to be unmotivated. It has been found that self-employed people in the USA grapple with long-term depression. 

Exaggerated CVs 

It is not news that people lie on their CVs to get jobs. Some freelance ReactJS developers might falsify their resumes and exaggerate their Experience to lure employers into hiring them. Such a situation demands that you possess some technical knowledge to interview your potential ReactJS developers before you select someone. Or you can also use reputable and trustworthy third parties with a technical background to help you determine suitable candidates.

When should someone opt for freelance ReactJS developers?

Suppose you want to hire freelance ReactJS developers. In that case, you should know that hiring freelancers depends on several factors, such as your Project's budget or complexity, etc., and you will need to define all the concerns before you initiate your hunt for freelance ReactJS developers. A few things that you need to know are as follows:

  1. It is advisable to go for freelance ReactJS developers if you have Experience working with freelancers before and are comfortable with them. 
  2. Hiring freelance ReactJS developers will be good if your Project has limited scope accompanied by minimal bug fixes.
  3. Also, most people working as freelancers work from remote places. As a result, if you are comfortable with arranging meetings in different time zones, hiring freelance ReactJS developers is an excellent idea. 

When should someone opt for a ReactJS development agency?

You should hire a ReactJS development agency if you have a long-term project involving complex work. Another benefit of hiring an agency is that it will possess all the needed resources under one roof, which makes the interaction process simple. 

  1. An agency gives you access to the best minds who will validate your ideas and suggest things to improve your product. 
  2. Agencies are reliable development partners as they will handle all the management processes themselves.
  3. Hiring a ReactJS development agency is advisable if the Project demands multiple specific developments. 

Hiring cost ReactJS Developers: Cost to hire ReactJS developers.

 Here we list the cost of hiring ReactJS developers. 

United States of America

The yearly average is $10000- $125000, whereas the hourly average is $50-$60. 

United Kingdom

 The yearly average is $65000-$75000, whereas the hourly average is $35-$45. 


The yearly average is $90000-$110000, whereas the hourly average is $30-$40. 


 The yearly average is $40000-$50000, whereas the hourly average is $15-$25. Besides the location of ReactJS developers, other factors affecting the cost of hiring ReactJS developers are as follows: 

  1. ReactJS developers' Experience 
  2. Your Project's complexity Also, the choice between freelance ReactJS developers and a ReactJS development agency is essential in determining the cost of hiring ReactJS developers. 

Hiring cost ReactJS Developers: Cost to hire a ReactJS development agency.

  1. Western Europe: $37-$42
  2. Eastern Europe: $22-$27
  3. United States: $65-$70
  4. India: $20-$25 5. Australia: $40-$45 

Hiring cost ReactJS Developers: Cost to hire freelance ReactJS developers.



  1. United States: $65-$72/hour 
  2. Asia: $47-$50/hour 
  3. Europe: $55-$65/hour
  4.  Australia: $68-$72/hour 

What are the crucial steps before hiring ReactJS developers?


Analyze Project Requirements

 When you decide to commence the hiring process for ReactJS developers, it is advisable to comprehend the needed aptitude of your Project. Doing so will assist you in categorizing the Project's requirements. It means you will be sure about the number of experts you require for your project and the number of professionals you should recruit having the intermediate skills of ReactJS. The following steps will help you finalize the exact budget for hiring ReactJS developers. 

Draft A Project Description

 This step demands that you represent the precise version of your Project's description to your potential ReactJS developers, as it will help you reflect the true potential of your employees. This representation will help your potential ReactJS developers comprehend your integration requirements, and you can specify your desired developers' required skill set, Experience, and interests. These two steps will help determine whom to hire; freelance ReactJS developers or a ReactJS development agency. 

Analyzing React Developer Salary

Also, you will need to decide on the salaries of your ReactJS developers. Here we will help you determine the wages you should give your ReactJS developers. **Salary of Remote React Js Developer** Glassdoor states that you can hire remote ReactJS developers for a $74k-$83k salary. 

Salary of Senior React Developer

 According to the Zip recruiter, senior ReactJS developers receive $125,000 to $149,000 yearly. 

Salary of Junior React Developer

 For Junior ReactJS developers, Zip Recruiter says the average should be between $72,000 and $94,939 annually.


Your Project is like your baby, whom you want to nurture with love and care. A carefully devised product and its successful launch bring you profits. And what is better than receiving rewards for your sweat and effort. However, you can accomplish this feat only when you pick the required resources carefully. And if you want to develop dynamic interfaces for your web and mobile apps, you need ReactJS developers. [Hiring ReactJS developers]( and setting a budget is tough, but with these things in mind, it will be a piece of cake. And you can cut down the required effort by approaching AppsRhino, as our ReactJS developers are incredibly competent and professional. Contact appsrhino  today to get started.

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