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Updated On: February 8, 2023

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The demand for software development is booming as traditional businesses continue to optimize their internal departments and operations and—as online enterprises compete to attract more customers, increase revenue, and improve their brand reputation.

The market for application development software was estimated to be worth USD 168.71 billion in 2019 and is anticipated to grow to USD 1039.89 billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 25.54%.

The rise in demand for Swift developers to create innovative and cutting-edge programs for the Apple ecosystem is directly related to the popularity of Apple products like—the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and others.

Nevertheless, do you know how to capitalize on this lucrative Swift market? 

An experienced team of Swift developers can assist you in creating and developing an application in a way that provides your customers with a unique experience.

Are you in the pursuit of hiring Swift developers to work on your project? Fret not! 

In this article, we shall discuss swift development, some must-know tips you should adhere to while hiring swift developers, and their roles and responsibilities.

Continue reading to learn more!

Swift Developers: A Brief Insight

Swift Developers: A Brief Insight

Swift, a programming language influenced by C, Objective-C, and other current programming languages, is used to create iOS and OS X applications.

Swift combines the greatest features of some traditional programming languages while maintaining a concise and contemporary syntax.

A Swift Developer specializes in iOS development and is typically responsible for writing and maintaining iOS and OS X software.

They not only create applications but also integrate them into the back-end systems. Objective-C and Swift proficiency is necessary for all skilled Swift developers.

Swift developers primarily work on iOS projects but also develop software for macOS and tvOS.

Some Swift programmers may also have concurrently mastered web frameworks like Kitura, Vapor, and Server-Side Swift.

Top 8 Tips For Hiring Swift Developers For Your Company

The top 8 tips that every recruiter must know before hiring a Swift developer for their project are as follows:

1. Understand The Company Needs Before Hiring

Understand The Company Needs Before Hiring

Before employing a Swift developer, a recruiter should determine the organization's demands.

There are plenty of attractive portfolios available; therefore, it may be easy to become captivated by them.

Researching typical usability issues as well as the solutions they provide would be a bright idea.

Before interacting with the swift developer, be sure of what you really want—in order to avoid hiring someone who won't be able to assist you in resolving your issues.

2. Look At The Developer's Portfolio

Portfolios are more than just online samples—they also provide insight into the candidate's work pattern and perspectives on the rapid development in general.

It can also assist a recruiter in determining whether the project is a good fit for the programmer. This is because there are a few specific features that you could want them to focus on.

Before beginning any project, you should always check out the Swift developers' portfolios.

3. Ensure That The Designer Has The Latest Skill Set

A recruiter should expect a Swift developer to have a polished skillset with knowledge about the latest tech developments. If not, then you would have to look somewhere else.

Find out if they can build prototypes and wireframes in C and Objective-C.

When hiring Swift developers, recruiters can ask them the following questions:

  1. Do they have a good understanding of Swift and Objective-C?
  2. Are they able to write clean code?
  3. Can they easily integrate multiple libraries into a project?

4. List The Necessary Hard And Soft Skills Required

Discovering applicants with particular hard and soft skills should be one of the critical fundamental hiring criteria.

However, what should you do when a candidate's resume doesn't list all those skills?

It is especially prevalent in the development of web applications since Swift programmers frequently change employment.

Making a list of all your essential criteria in this situation can be beneficial.

If the Swift developer doesn't meet the requirements listed on their resume, the recruiter may inquire about how they intend to bridge such knowledge gaps before hiring them.

5. Hiring Swift Developers Who Deliver Quality Work

When employing Swift developers, learning how to spot high-quality work is imperative.

Examine samples of the developers' work before recruiting them.

Even in this day and age, when most people have greater development knowledge than they did in the past, it can still be tough to predict competent programmers from bad ones.

Consider looking at their portfolios and enquire about the qualifications they have obtained; however, make sure qualified assessors issued those certifications.

6. Check If Their Software Is Up To Date

The software they utilize to perform their tasks is just as imperative.

To compile code for iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS, essentially all developers use Linux and macOS.

However, it's not good enough to simply be aware of the tools they utilize.

Check that the Swift developers are using the most recent versions of their software to ensure that you won't experience any technical hiccups while working on your project.

7. Essence Of Support and Maintainance 

Swift development does not follow an all-or-nothing paradigm. A brilliant idea can indeed exist alongside a subpar user experience.

Support and maintenance, however, are essential if you want your customers to continue using your product.

If you hire Swift developers who don't offer support, it could seem as though no revisions are required. Avoid falling for that ploy!

If support is not provided from the beginning, future developments will probably be problematic. Hire Swift developers with experience in development and are prepared to offer continuing maintenance services.

8. Evaluate the Developers' Communication Skills

Evaluate the Developers' Communication Skills

Before recruiting a Swift developer, assessing their communication skills is vital.

However, a developer's communicative abilities may not be fully represented in a portfolio.

You can find out if someone is an excellent communicator and updated on technology by interviewing them about specific software tools.

Additionally, make sure you have a telephonic conversation with them before and after recruiting them. This way, you can gauge how much of what they profess will happen.

Roles And Responsibilities Of Swift Developers

Listed below are a few of the roles and responsibilities of a Swift developer:

  1. Develop applications for iOS and OS X.
  2. Ensure that the apps are of a high-quality and function properly.
  3. Produce innovative features in cooperation with a workgroup.
  4. Identifying and repairing defects and bottlenecks.
  5. Contribute to the upkeep of the organization, quality, and automation of the code.
  6. Swift proficiency and understanding of Swift ecosystems.
  7. Strong object-oriented programming skills.
  8. Understanding of OS X Cocoa APIs.
  9. Working familiarity with multi-threading and memory management.
  10. Handling various network data stores and integrated databases.
  11. Knowing of connecting back-end services via RESTful APIs.
  12. A strong understanding of UI design and a user-oriented approach. 
  13. They must have a thorough understanding of Apple's interface and development ideologies.
  14. Working familiarity with code versioning tools. (e.g., Mercurial, SVN, Git)
  15. Good communication and management skills.


Swift developers would be able to find a market for their work and support businesses to succeed as the world gets increasingly digitalized.

However, recruiting Swift developers that support a corporation's vision and work towards making it a reality is perplexing.

Swift developers can be found on numerous freelance websites and at tech events, yet none can provide collaboration opportunities like—AppsRhino.

This market-leading platform provides customers with great flexibility and transparency thanks to its agile development methodology.

At AppsRhino, Swift developers are thoroughly screened, interviewed, and then given adequate training to help them become true software experts capable of handling circumstances both—within and outside their general area of expertise. 

You can be certain of the tremendous potential and outstanding abilities of AppsRhino's Swift developers.

So what are you waiting for? 

Contact us right away and get started on your dream collaboration!  




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