9 must-know Frameworks & Technologies as Android Developer

Updated On: February 21, 2023

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Do you want help with planning? Or want to track your progress? Do you have the perfect tools for App and Website Development at your fingertips? We are here with a blog for you to master your skills as an Android Developer.

If you want to enter the Android World, you have come to the right place! You must be familiar with some languages involved in Android Development. 

Now, you should think about what companies want when they Hire Android Developers. Companies want to welcome Developers that can fulfill their project requests, emerge with creative ideas, and have the required Hard, Soft, and ideal communication Skills. 

Before entering the Android world, you should master one or two programming languages and work on your communication. Secondly, you should understand the evolving Frameworks and technologies you can associate with Android Software Development. 

We have a list of the newest, most used, and most helpful Frameworks for you in this blog. Happy Reading!

9 Frameworks and Technologies you must know as an Android Developer

When you are a part of the Android App Development procedure, Frameworks help you achieve it faster, more efficiently, and in a better way. 

Frameworks are like the skeletons of any program and work as the architectural element in supporting and building the code. 

All Android Developers should know these Frameworks for perfect Android Software Development! Here is the list of the Nine most used and recognized Technologies and Frameworks for you! You should understand their use before starting job applications or freelancing! 


Ionic is one of the most favored Frameworks and Technologies in the Android App Development World. MIT certified Ionic after its release in 2013. 

Like some of the best Frameworks, Ionic helps create interactive and highly rated Websites And Applications per user demands. 

Due to its popularity, Ionic has a large support community with effortless testing features.

One of the most exciting features of this Framework is the "Text-to-Speech" for Developers and users. 

Android Developers have reported enjoying working on Ionic since its release.

Corona SDK

Corona SDK

If Developers wish to start on 2-Dimensional or 3-Dimensional Android Software Development, they should go for Corona SDK. 

This Framework works on the Android Developers' needs using the Lua scripting language. Moreover, Corona SDK is free. This Framework has more than a thousand APIs to help Android Developers and Engineers.

Android Developers in Game Development for Mobile and Desktop Applications prefer this Framework. Some features of this Framework help Developers in numerous ways and have helped Corona SDK to become one of the leading cross-platform Frameworks in 2022! 

This Framework provides Native API access. Additionally, you can replace HTML Canvas with GPL. 

The interviewers who Hire Android Developers may ask you about your understanding of Corona SDK if you apply for Game Development companies and posts.

Dojo Mobile

Dojo Mobile Frameworks wonks on HTML5 format and helps Android Developers build Web-based Applications. A Developer in Web Development should know about this Technology. 

After completing Android App Development for the Web with Dojo, they work best with WebKit-based browsers. (Google Chrome, Safari, IE10, etc. )

Companies choose Dojo as their Android Development framework when they want to focus on creating lightweight Web Apps. You can learn about this Technology and build Apps for users with lower memory spaces. 

React Native

React Native

Android Developers can use "React" from JavaScript's library. Therefore this Framework is easy to use for Front-end Developers. 

If companies Hire Android Developers who want to engage in customized Android Software Development, they should go for NativeScript.

You can build Apps with swift performance and overall quality with this Framework. Moreover, the final product will not be in Native. But, users cannot contrast it from the original product. 

NativeReact has numerous features but isn't the best for complex UI Android Development. Moreover, you'll have to spend time learning the basics. 


Like Dojo, JQuery has its basis on the HTML5 Framework, making it perfect for Web-based Applications. Developers who want to engage in Android Software Development should use JQuery. 

This Framework provides tools to create Apps with lightning speed and complex features. The result Application or Website will be responsive and ideal because of JQuery!

This Framework offers Android Developers an extensive library and options to select from. Moreover, you can get numerous plugins from here for content sliders, image sliders, and engaging pop-up boxes for Websites and Applications.

Less code, more results is the motto of JQuery Framework.



You may have heard of the Flutter Framework and might be familiar with it already. Flutter released its most recent version in March 2021, and Android Developers love it to no extent. 

When companies want to Hire Android Developers, understanding Flutter and its hands-on experience in Android App Development is one of the first questions. 

Companies use this Framework to engage with Google Ads primarily. Therefore, Flutter Android Development is to monetize your Application in the most efficient ways!

This Framework is free for use and works for iOS too! Android Developers can use Flutter with their existing code without significant changes. 

One of the features companies enjoy about Flutter is Hybrid Development. Moreover, Flutter has a Dart Architecture and uses CLI tools to provide programmers with the best Android Development experience.


If a company wants to Hire Android Developers for high-performance Android Software Development that works on all .NET platforms, we suggest they go for Xamarin!

While working on this Framework, there is a link between the shared code and platform code, making communication and programming effortless for Android Developers. 

Xamarin is Develop-friendly, and coders can write the program in one language. 

This Framework may seem challenging for complex graphics but provides a better code writing experience with a time-efficient nature. 



In addition to Android App Development, TheAppBuilder is for iPhone, iPad, and HTML Web Applications. 

An Android Developer with less coding language can effectively build Apps using this Technology.

TheAppBuilder is one of the best White Label Apps in the Android Software Development world. Multiple companies can use White Label Apps with minor edits. Therefore, they are effortless to use.

Moreover, White Label Apps like TheAppBuilder is cost-efficient but may lack customization for iOS and Android Development!

Android Native

Name one Developer who doesn't like Android App Development using the Native Development Kit. You won't find any. 

Android Developers can smoothly build Apps and Software with this Framework with efficient API libraries and tools available to them. 

Every App Development process requires engaging with the Native Code. Programmers write these codes in C or C++ per the requirement. Therefore, while companies Hire Android Developers, they ask for knowledge of Android Native. 

While creating programs in this Framework, Android Developers need to mind the use of external libraries. The Android Native USP has the most secured and rapid tools for the efficient building of Apps, Websites, and games!

Final Words

Here's how Developers and companies choose between the ideal Technologies and Frameworks for their Android App Development. 

First, they check what the Technology or Framework exactly is.

Secondly, the Android Developers check how the Framework works, its features, and how it will specifically help them in creating a program. 

Next, companies check the disadvantages of using the Framework and its cost for the project, if any.

Finally, Developers compare numerous Frameworks and select the ideal list for themselves and their project.

Companies wish to hire Android Developers with the most suitable Technical Skills (Hard Skills) and Soft Skills. While continuing with Android Software Development, you shall brush up on your basics and advanced knowledge. 

AppsRhino is an App Development Platform. Moreover, we outsource Developers per companies' requirements. Our Android Development Team is skilled and great at communication. You'll love to work with us. Book a Demo today to get an experience yourself!

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